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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Kang Sora mentions Super Junior’s Leeteuk on CulTwo’s radio program

Kang Sora referred to her former ‘We Got Married‘ husband Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

The actress appeared on the March 26th airing of SBS Radio‘s ‘Two o’clock Escape Cultwo Show‘ and spoke about Leeteuk, who is currently serving in the army.

She shared, “A few days ago I went to see the musical ‘Promise‘, and I got to see Leeteuk. He looked really good.”

Kang Sora added, “His body looked good. He got some muscles and became more manly. Maybe he was made for the army,” causing listeners to laugh.

Do you remember Kang Sora and Leeteuk as husband and wife on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married’?


Lee Kwang Soo, A Pink’s Eunji, and TEEN TOP’s Niel to form ‘Fantastic Idols’ for ‘Fanta’

Lee Kwang Soo, A Pink‘s Eunji, and TEEN TOP‘s Niel have been chosen as the new endorsement models for Coca-Cola‘s ‘Fanta‘.

‘Fanta’ will continue with the ‘birth of fun and wild idols’ concept with the three stars forming the ‘Fanta-stic Idols’ group from ‘Fanta Entertainment’. Lee Kwang Soo will play the leader of the group and CEO of the agency, and consumers will also engage in the campaign as the staff for the debut of this group.

Coca-Cola stated, “Lee Kwang Soo is the exotically friendly orange flavor, Eunji is the sweet yet bubbly pineapple flavor, and Niel represents the various charms, including the dancing and singing wit, of the grape flavor. We anticipate that the ‘Fanta’ brand will have a more refreshing and effective image to the consumers.”

The advertisements featuring the new models will be revealed later next month. The debut music video for ‘Fantastic Idols’ will also be released this June!

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Park Ji Yoon compares SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment to schools

During the recent filming for ‘Ssul Jeon‘, the topic of, ‘If your child became a celebrity?’, led the MCs to conduct an analysis of the ‘Big Three’ entertainment agencies in Korea, SM-YG-JYP.

The MCs went into a detailed discussion of the CEOs, artists, and training system of these three respective agencies. Announcer Park Ji Yoon compared the agencies into different types of schools sharing, “SM is an academy of thorough training (like a military school), YG is an alternative school that emphasizes each students’ individual colors, and JYP is home schooling that is taught in the way of J.Y. Park.”

Huh Ji Woong also compared the founders of each label to tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) restaurant owners and stated, Lee Soo Man is the grandma of a traditional tteokbokki store, Yang Hyun Suk runs the franchise that gains popularity with its new menu, and J.Y. Park is a tteokbokki store owner who gives half air, half tteok [rice cake].”

Catch this interesting episode on the 28th at 11PM KST on jTBC! Do you agree with their views?
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T-ara to launch subunit made up of Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum

There is some exciting news in store for Queen’s!
Idol group subunits seem to be the trend these days, and jumping on the bandwagon will be T-ara with their very own unit consisting of 4 members!

Who will be in this currently unnamed subunit? Apparently it will be Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum, and they’ll be kicking off promotions with a song by one of the hottest producer teams these days, Duble Sidekick!

Core Contents Media broke the news on the 27th, stating, “A unit made up of Jiyeon-Eunjung-Hyomin-Areum is scheduled to launch.” 

However, unlike other subunits that try their hands at a different concept or style of music than their original groups, this T-ara subunit will continue with ‘T-ara-like’ performances. The agency added, “They’ll be approaching the public with an even more familiar image.”

According to the rep spoken with, the unit has big plans in store as they hope to create a ‘national dance’ that the whole nation will be able to dance along to, much like the way everyone knows how to do the ‘Y.M.C.A’. The rep added with laughter, “We are expecting to see a song that will be like the next ‘Gangnam Style’.”

As for the other members, Boram, Qri, and Soyeon, they’ll be focusing on individual activities for the time being. After the concluding of unit and individual promotions, the group will reunite and stand together on stage again for their Japanese arena tour.

The subunit is said to be aiming for launch around April or May, so keep an eye out for updates!
Are you excited for T-ara’s new subunit?

Source: eDaily
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G-Dragon and Daesung talk about keeping promises

G-Dragon and Daesung talked about making and keeping promises on that latest episode of ‘Incarnation‘.
The two were guests on the show with Kim Kyung Ho and Kahi. During the interview, they talked about the reasons on why breaking up was difficult. Daesung brought up the topic of promises that weren’t kept, saying, “I usually can’t break up with a girl first. The times when I’m the most sorry are from the small things. Like when you watch a movie, say something related to the Tokyo Tower, she’d say things like, ‘Next year, I wish we could go to the Tokyo Tower’. And of course I’d say, ‘Yeah, let’s do that’. I’d feel sorry that I couldn’t keep those promises.” He added, “I make a lot of promises, like, ‘I’ll always be next to you, or ‘I’ll be your last man’.

The topic then turned to G-Dragon, who said coolly, “I don’t make promises.” He explained, “You don’t know what will happen in the future. The reason why I haven’t made promises is because rather than making promises I can’t keep, I would rather do my best in the moment.

MC Yoon Jong Shin then wanted to know the promises Daesung had kept. He hesitated for a second and revealed, “Once I made a promise to be by her side whenever she was sick.” He then turned to G-Dragon and burst out laughing, who was confused as to why Daesung would laugh. Daesung explained, “One day, Big Bang was headed to Japan. But that day, my girlfriend was really sick. At that time, we had Japanese activities starting from the next day. It was okay for me to go to Japan a day after everyone. I pretended that I lost my passport so I could stay with my girlfriend for an extra day.
His confession surprised G-Dragon who had thought Daesung had actually lost his passport at the time. G-Dragon couldn’t shake off the surprise, and he stared into space for a while as the MCs poked fun at their awkward situation.


Leeteuk sends a message of encouragement to Yesung on enlisting

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk sent Yesung a message of encouragement on his plan of enlistment.
On March 27, Leeteuk was appointed a PR ambassador along with Sangchu at the Seoul Military Manpower Administration’s 10th annual military ambassador ceremony. At the ceremony, Leeteuk said, “When I was out in society, I was able to eat and do anything I wanted. After I enlisted, I realized I was happy and appreciated for all the small things. I also realized how precious people were. Yesung is going to enlist soon, and I want to tell him to have strength. I know Yesung must be nervous, wondering if he’s going to do well. But I was the same, and anyone can do it. I want to tell Yesung, ‘Yesung, have strength, and do your best as a member of Super Junior in the time you have left.
Meanwhile, Leeteuk is scheduled to be discharged from the army on July 29, 2014.


Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung would rather be called an artist than idol

Girls’ Generation debated whether they were artists or idols.
The girls recently participated in a documentary on Japanese channel, MBS, where they talked about their Japanese activities and tour. During their interview, the girls were asked, “Is Girls’ Generation an idol group or an artist?“.

Jessica answered, “To be honest, it’s an honor to be called an idol. The word ‘idol’ is like that. But recently, the meaning has changed a little bit. Now, if you’re young, you’re just labeled as an idol. Idols and artists are considered different.

Sooyoung stated, “It’s hard to differentiate between idols and artists, but I want to be called an artist.Yuri added, “I don’t think you can differentiate yourself as an idol or an artist. We’re just following people’s perceptions.

Source: Star News, Newsen
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[Updated] Cube Entertainment and DSP Media confirm break up of Junhyung and Hara couple

The agencies of Hara and Junhyung have now confirmed the news of the couple’s break up after getting in contact with the idols themselves.

Several insiders in the music industry revealed that the two had parted and decided to remain as friends, and fans have been looking to Cube Entertainment and DSP Media to offer comments on the matter.
Having contacted the idols, reps of both agencies have received word that the two stars have indeed decided to go their separate ways.

DSP Media reps commented, “Due to their busy schedules and KARA’s stay in Japan for their promotions, their meetings have become scarce, and eventually they drifted apart… They decided to remain as good friends in the music industry.”

Cube Entertainment also offered similar comments, stating, “Junhyung and Hara have recently ended their relationship… The two will continue to remain good friends.”
[Update - In addition to their initial statement given over the phone, DSP Media has released their full statement on the matter through a press release.
The press release reads:

"Hara and Junhyung have ended their relationship, which they've maintained since June of 2011, and have decided to remain as good sunbae-hoobae in the music industry, and oppa-dongseng. The two continued their relationship under the interest of many fans and the public as the music industry's 'official couple'. However, with their meetings becoming less and less as they each carried out their own activities and handled many domestic and international promotions, the two naturally drifted apart.

On the 15th, when the news of the two unfollowing each other broke, they were at a state in which they had not yet finished sorting out their relationship matter. After this day, having decided to go their separate ways after much thought, the two even exchanged text messages with one another even after breaking up to ask how each other was doing, and currently have a good sunbae and hoobae relationship. Please give the two your encouragement and words of support."]

Source: Star News, Mydaily, TVdaily, Xsports
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lee Hi Star News Interview (130326)

An exclusive interview with Lee Hi for the music video filming of her title song ‘Rose’ from her first studio album.

The young singer Lee Hi seems quiet yet solid. Unlike her outer appearance, this girl who is still in her teens is someone with strong dedication especially when it comes to her favorite music genre. Her quiet confidence also influenced her success last year. How could you not be interested in this music enthusiast? Her success is of course due to the full support given by one of the nation’s biggest agencies, YG Entertainment (in short YG).

Lee Hi who placed second in K-Pop Star last year, joined YG, and made her debut later in October with ‘1,2,3,4’ that swept various music charts. Earlier this month, she released her first solo album ‘First Love Part 1’ and the title song ‘It’s Over’ captured the hearts of many fans. Her full album is scheduled to be released on March 28 with the addition of five tracks to Part 1 including ‘Rose’, ‘Fool’, ‘Because’, ‘I’m Weird’ and ‘1,2,3,4’.

Lee Hi recently filmed for the music video of the title song ‘Rose’ from her first album in a studio located in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. In the dreamy-like set, Lee Hi who was dressed as a goddess in pure white was seen immersed in her acting.

Even though the shooting took place overnight, there was no sign of her wearied at all. The more times you shot the same scene, the harder it would be. Born in September 1996, this sixteen year-old girl already know how to enjoy music.

Lee Hi met with Star News on the filming site of Rose. She threw a shy peculiar smile yet her eyes lit up when talking about music.

“This third music video is less awkward than before. Shooting music videos is fun. ‘Rose’ is a lot different compared to the previous songs. It has this dark and mature feeling. This time I’m gonna show a whole new color contrary to the songs that I’ve sung in ‘K-Pop Star’. Through this song, I want to prove that I can do a variety of music. It looked difficult during the recording but it actually ended faster than I thought it would be. So I think it’s a really good song and it fits me well. Haha.”

Just like Lee Hi said, ‘Rose’ is of R&B House genre composed by YG producer Teddy and the lyrics were written together with Song Baek Kyeong from 1TYM. The song has strong beats and the rhythm is fast but has a sad melody. Compared to the retro-soul ‘1,2,3,4’ and the jazz ‘It’s Over’, this song is of the type that one would expect from YG. On the other hand, it’s a new challenge for Lee Hi. For this music video, she had to change into more than ten costumes to try several transformations.

“The title is ‘Rose’, and roses are beautiful but they have thorns. Apart from its meaning that is about woman’s love, I was also stylized as rose. So it’s fun to look at the costumes and details of the props. Oh I’m on a diet right now and I got praised a lot that I looked prettier than before so that makes me think that I should work harder on my singing instead. Because I am a singer.”

Lee Hi’s serious stance for music have increased the expectations of the staff involved in the music video filming.

This time ‘Rose’ is directed by Han Sa Min who also filmed Big Bang and 2NE1 music videos as well as Lee Hi’s previous songs ‘1,2,3,4’ and ‘It’s Over’.

Director Han said, “This is my third work with Lee Hi and I can see that her emotions and facial expressions have improved a lot,” and “it seems that she did a lot of practice,” he praised.

“Roses are beautiful but prickly just like Lee Hi even though she’s still young and innocent there’s also a side of her that is mature and lyrical. So we’re trying to showcase her multiple charms by expressing her as a rose in the modern and dream-like atmosphere.”

Big Bang’s stylist Ji Eun, who was in charge of Lee Hi’s fashion said, “In ‘Rose’ music video, we want to give the impression that Lee Hi is more mature than before.” “But it doesn’t necessarily mean than her existing appeal will disappear, so we still shoot the music video with the the ‘feminine girl’ concept,” she smiled.

The staff that participated in the filming of ‘Rose’ music video is already looking forward to Lee Hi’s ‘Rose’ promotional activities.
On the other hand Lee Hi’s ‘Rose’ music video and first full album will be released on March 28.

Source: Starnews
Translated by: twosecondsdifference@flyhayi

(Source: flyhayi)