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Monday, 28 February 2011

2PM to attend Blackberry "Live & Rockin" concert in Indonesia

May be taken out with full credits.

TRANS/SUMMARY: "Buy Blacberry Smartphone and get to VIP concert tickets Suede, Taio Cruz, 2PM & Shontelle.

Get the Ticket right now!

Buy BlackBerry ® Curve ™ smartphone 3G, BlackBerry ® Bold ™ 9780, or BlackBerry ® Torch ™ 9800, and be the first customers who redeem a VIP invitation to the concert Live & Rockin 'featuring superstars such as Suede, Taio Cruz, 2PM, and Shontelle!"

Concert will take place on March 19th at Arena PRJ Kemayoran in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Thank you to ONEDAYisLOVE and @alynn0814 for help on collecting all the info also! :)

For live updates, you can follow the event organizers: @SoundRhythm and @IsmayaLive!!

JiSook is too cute for selcas!

Rainbow's Ji Sook shared new selcas on Cyworld.

These photos were taken when she attended variety show MBC Bouquet.She is really cute here with her face expressions.No Eul joined her in the first picture as well,hope to see the girls coming back soon!

Big Bang's Secret Garden Parody English Subbed!

Are you curious of the 'Secret Garden' parody by big bang?! Watch it below with DAILYMOTION!
Thanks to JAMJOOsubs

Swings to remake "By Instinct" featuring Taeyang!

Digitial Single out on March 9. Swings originally sang this with Yoon Jong Shin:

Credits: Bestiz / & Vic @ Big Bang Updates

Updated! Celebrities who attended Big Bang's Big Show 2011!

Celebrities who were spotted at BIGBANG's Big Show concert:

Beast, Teen Top, TVXQ (not sure which members), Choi Jong Hoon, Eugene, Gain, Choi Tae Joon, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, Park Bom

Ahn Seon Young, Lee Min Woo, Park Bom, Gain, Jang Hyun Seung, Kim Yoo Jung

Shim Eun Ha, Ha Ji Won, Brian, Colleen Park, Lee Soo Hyuk

Last year, a lot of celebrities watched the concert too. See list here.

Credits: via flibbertigibbet @ 6theory & Vic @ Big Bang Updates

Netizens uncover the touching story of Yoo Jae Suk’s love for his mother

Gagman Yoo Jae Suk wrote an article some time ago detailing a powerful story about his mother during his elementary school days. A copy of that article was recently posted up on various internet community boards, and netizens were so touched by its contents that it quickly became a hot topic.

Featured in the magazine “Good Friend” (which was discontinued in 2004), his article was titled “The Class President’s Mother Who Cleans”. It reads:
“When I was in elementary school, our family had to move three times because of financial issues. I was unusually shy around people, and it took me a long time adjusting to my new schools. However, I soon became used to my new school life and participated in school events. Sometimes, I’d even say something funny in the middle of class and make the classroom turn into a sea of laughter.
When I was in sixth grade, I became the class president. My mother was extremely happy for me, but also worried. She told me, ‘Since our Jaesuk is the class president, I should visit your school teacher sometime and even help out in the track and field meets.’
However, a parent can not meet with a school teacher empty-handed, and since she is the mother of the class president, she needed to give donations to the track and field organization as well. I think that was pressuring for her, but at the time, I did not know. I had no idea why her face expression suddenly darkened when she said those things.
At the time, my father was a postman and did not make much. And since he is a man who refuses all bribes, there weren’t any perks or extra income to his job either. To my mother, it was difficult to even use that income to provide her sons with a proper education.
After that incident, I soon bumped into my mother at school. She was cleaning the main entrance. ’Mom, why are you cleaning the school?’ She laughed and replied, ‘Since our Jaesuk is the class president now, I think I should help in some way too…’
I later found out that my mom didn’t have enough to donate, and offered to clean instead. I have no idea how much I cried after I found that out.My mother’s love for me is so big, I could not repay it, even in an eternity. I’ve never expressed it, but I will quietly shout it now: ’Mother, I love you.’”
Netizens commented, “I become so moved every time I read this,” “Why is Yoo Jae Suk suddenly so handsome to me now?,” “That’s why family environment is so important…,” “Who knew there was such an impressive mother behind his success,” and “To me, Yoo Jae Suk is Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung & miss A’s Suzy share their thoughts on concluding “Dream High”

On the morning of February 28th, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and miss A’s Suzy expressed their feelings on finally concluding their much-loved drama, “Dream High.”

Suzy, who played the role of ‘Hyemi’, expressed, “I feel both refreshed and upset. It was my first project as well as leading role, so I worried over a lot of things. Fortunately, I’m able to conclude ‘Dream High’ amidst the love and support of my drama family. I know I was lacking, but I’ll work on my skills in order to improve as an actress and meet you all again. My ‘Dream High’ family, my miss A unnis, and all of those who loved ‘Dream High’, thank you. I will never forget the winter I spent life as ‘Go Hyemi.’”

Ok Taecyeon, who played the role of ‘Hyun Shihyuk’, commented, “It was an opportunity for me to work with seniors, as well as grow as ‘actor Ok Taeyeon’. I was worried over whether I’d be able to do okay since I was playing the lead role in only my second project, but through the help and support of my friends, my acting junior J.Y. Park, and all of the staff members who helped the drama shine, I was able to take part in a meaningful project. It was very cold filming in the winter, but I spent a winter which was just as beautiful.”

Wooyoung, who played the role of ‘Jason’, concluded, “How could it be, ‘Dream High’ is already coming to an end!! I was nervous, especially since it was my first acting debut and because of the amount of English lines I had, but I was able to overcome it all thanks to the help of 2PM’s Taecyeon, and my seniors and directors. It was an extremely meaningful start and experience, so I’d like to thank all of those who supported and loved ‘Jason’.”

Check out the final episode at 9:55 PM KST!

Source: OSEN via Nate

Credit: allkpop

‘The Big Bang Show’ rakes in high ratings

Big Bang’s comeback took over the airwaves with a big bang!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, SBS’s hour-long special ’The Big Bang Show” achieved a 5.7% rating when it aired on February 27th. It’s actually a high figure, considering that its airtime was after midnight. In comparison, ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’, which originally airs in that time block, only achieved 3.3% last week.

The boys excited their viewers by performing their original hits, as well as tracks from their fourth mini-album. After kicking off their set with the lively “Hands Up“, Big Bang moved on to “Somebody to Love“, “Cafe“, “What is Right“, and “Tonight“; they also performed “Lie“, “Sunset Glow” and “Last Farewell“.

In addition to the performances, the group also took part in a hilarious parody of SBS’s hit drama, “Secret Garden“. Viewers saw G-Dragon take on the role of ‘Gil Ra Im’ (originally played by Ha Ji Won), while T.O.P played as Hyun Bin’s ‘Kim Ju Won’.

As the cherry on top, the boys also unveiled the music video for their title track, “Tonight“.  Considering all the treats SBS delivered for the Big Bang fans out there (and for those who just wanted to learn more about this hot group), it’s no wonder that the boys managed to rake in big figures for their hour-long special.

If you haven’t watched their special yet, be sure to check it out here, and peep their music video here!

Source: Asiae
Credit: allkpop

J.Y. Park delivers a touching thank-you note for ‘Dream High’ fans and colleagues

J.Y. Park revealed his thoughts about his acting debut through KBS2TV’s “Dream High“.

On February 28th, the multi-entertainmer wrote on JYP Entertainment’s official homepage, “Hello, this is ‘Yang Jin Man‘. We finally finished filming ‘Dream High’. I had to cry comically for a scene but because I was thinking that this was the end, I cried very hard, though I didn’t put in artificial tears“.

He added, “Bae Yong Joon, who I co-produced this drama with, asked, ‘Are you happy? Sad?’ and I said, ‘I’m thankful. I’m thankful towards everyone’. I’m very thankful to my friend Yong Joon for liking my idea and developing it when it was just an insignificant idea of mine“.

J.Y. Park also thanked the production and film crews, as well as his fellow actors IU, Eunjung, Kim Soo Hyun, Um Ki Joon, and many others.

Turning towards his agency, J.Y. Park said, “I’m also thankful towards my kids Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Joo, and the JYP family“.

He also added, “I’d also like to give my thanks to the viewers, who loved and stuck with ‘Dream High’ until the end, even though it lacked so many things. I learned so much by making my first drama. I’ll do my best to make my second drama a better work. Until then, all of you should ‘dream high’ to achieve your goals. Now we’ll start the last episode in a little while“.

He displayed affection for his character until the very end, closing his letter with “From Yang Jin Man“.

“Dream High” is set to air its last episode on February 28th at 9:55PM KST. Be sure to tune in!

Source: Star News via Nate
Creedit: allkpop

Handsome People releases MV teaser for debut single, “Shall We Dance”

On February 27th, indie label Fluxus Music released a music video teaser from their latest rookie trio, ‘Handsome People‘.

Titled “Shall We Dance“, the song was written by the band’s keyboardist, Choi Young Ho, and features an urban sound with acid tones and a disco base which come together for a melody that’s easy to follow and hard to forget.

The music video was produced by famous director Hong Won Ki, and it’s got everyone buzzing over the scenes of hot ladies dancing in a sophisticated club.

Unfortunately, the teaser’s been met with some controversy, as netizens believe that it may be too sexually suggestive with all of the erotic focus on the close-ups. Some have speculated the full version to be even more suggestive, judging purely from the content of the teaser.

Netizens commented, “It’s really too much,” “A very 19+ video,” “It’s something you can see often in clubs,” and “The video fits well with the music.”

Representatives of Fluxus Music clarified, “The music of Handsome People is about fun rhythms. The music video was only meant to focus on the natural club culture of the youth.”

The full music video and debut single album will be released on March 3rd.

Stay tuned to allkpop for updates!

Source: Fluxus Music YouTube, Newsen via Nate
Tip: May

Credit: allkpop

Super Junior-M releases Korean version of “Too Perfect”

Super Junior fans were elated when they discovered that Super Junior-M had made a Korean version of “Too Perfect“!

The entire single was put up for purchase on Korean digital music sites today, which features all six tracks from the original

Mandarin release, along with the additional Korean version of “Too Perfect”. The physical release of the mini-album will hit stores on March 3rd.

We’ve attached both the Korean and Mandarin versions of the song, so tell us which version you prefer!

Mandarin version.

Credit: allkpop

CNBLUE releases comeback teaser photo

On the morning of February 28th, CNBLUE’s official homepage unveiled a teaser photo of the group’s comeback concept.

The four members are seen dressed in chic outfits with a black-and-white theme.

Fans are ecstatic at finally seeing some physical proof of the group’s impending return; they were originally scheduled for a February 28th comeback, but were forced to push back their return date due to production delays for their music video.

That being said, their first teaser video will be released on March 7th. CNBLUE’s representatives revealed, “CNBLUE has prepared a lot of things for their first album. As much as the album has been delayed, we hope to deliver a higher level of perfection and satisfaction.”

The group is scheduled to make make their comeback on March 21st.

Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates!

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver, CNBLUE
Credit: allkpop

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Victoria and Nichkhun confess that they would like a kiss scene

f(x)’s Victoria and 2PM’s Nichkhun recently confessed that they would both like to kiss, but they just haven’t been given the opportunity to yet.

On this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”, viewers were able to watch the behind-the-scene preparation for the couple’s dance at the “2010 MBC Gayo Daejun” that was broadcast a couple of months ago.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a special appearance in the episode to help the couple for their dance practice, but he was able to sneak in a few questions about the Khuntoria couple’s love  life.

Eunhyuk asked, “It’s been six months since your marriage, and you guys still haven’t kissed yet?”

Although the couple chose to not answer his question at first, the couple finally gave in to Eunhyuk’s persistence, as they answered, “We have thought about kissing, but we haven’t been given the opportunity to do it.”

To this, Eunhyuk replied, “That is because of the lack of effort in your marriage,” and even gave a short explanation on how to kiss.

U-KISS’s Kim Kibum provides further detail on withdrawal on KBS’s “Entertainers”

Following the news of U-KISS’s Kim Kibum and Alexander leaving the group due to the agency desiring member replacements, Kim Kibum recently made an appearance on KBS’s “Entertainers” to explain the current situation in a bit more depth.

You can read the transcription of his interview down below.

Hello, this is Kim Kibum.

First of all, I’m very sorry for having to meet everyone for this news.

And I’m immensely sorry for having to reveal my no make-up face… I’ve been having a hard time you see… (Laughs)

Q: What is the current situation?
A: My contract with my former agency has been cancelled. Around February, the agency told me that they would like to do some member replacements, and when I asked if it was me who was to get replaced, they replied yes.

First of all, they said my vocal role in the group was weak. I respected my agency’s opinion and agreed to cancel my contract.

Q: What is the reason behind “Kim Kibum withdrawing” being such a hot topic of discussion?
A: (Laughs) Well, I think there were a lot of areas I lacked in. I think my capability as a singer was lacking.

Q: There is talk that you withdrew to focus on your business?
I don’t know how that rumor came about. Because my activities ended after my contract was cancelled, for about a month I didn’t participate in activities during U-KISS’s promotions.

To be honest, I didn’t say anything in that time because I didn’t want it to affect the other members. I think that caused the misunderstanding. Our fans were misunderstanding the situation, and were saying things like, “Has he stopped U-KISS promotions because of his business?” and “If you’re going to put your focus on your business, then just become an entrepreneur. So I think that misunderstanding came about during that one month.

Q: What is the response from fans?
A: There are a lot of fans who’ve told me to come back, and there are a lot who say it’s not U-KISS without seven members. I’m apologetic towards the fans because of how this situation came out to be. They believed in me, so I’m hurt that Alexander and I had to withdraw from U-KISS. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to stay on my will.

If U-KISS becomes more successful with member replacements, then I guess I’m fine with that.

Q: What was your brother’s reaction to the situation?
My brother seemed really hurt that we couldn’t go right till the end together, and that I ended up getting off the bus halfway through. He said to me, “I wanted you to do well, I don’t know how the situation came to be like this.”

I was okay with it, but my brother got angry (Laughs). But he said that things like this can happen, and told me to always have strength.

I’m planning to push forward with my personal activities, and I’ll working hard to achieve success with my character business.

I’m very sorry that I had to show myself in a situation like this, but I will do my best to show a better image of myself.

Tip: Yella
Credit: allkpop

The ‘Yongseo’ couple have a wedding shoot together

On this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”, the “Yongseo” couple took part in a goregeous wedding photoshoot, which got CNBLUE’s Yonghwa making comments about how proud he is of his beautiful “wife”.

The moment Yonghwa saw Seohyun enter in her elegant wedding dress and natural waves in her hair, he couldn’t stop his jaw from dropping. Even his fellow band members complimented her beauty, as they said, “She looks like a goddess.”

Yonghwa then said, “Your legs look longer in the wedding dress. What is your body length to head size ratio?”, to which Seohyun wittily replied, “22:1″.

Many viewers are hoping for a kiss scene next week, as the teaser for the next episode shows the couple lying together on the ground and Yonghwa nervously saying to the director, “Pl… Please shoot it in one go!”

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Daum
Credit: allkpop

B2ST unveils Japanese version of “SHOCK” MV

After a long wait and much anticipation, B2ST’s music video for the Japanese version of “SHOCK” has arrived!

Four versions of their Japanese debut single will be released this coming March 23rd, of which their three limited editions will contain a combination of T-shirts, stickers, and DVDs of their MV and live performances.

You can read more info on their debut single release by clicking here.

Check out their MV down below!

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip!

Credit: allkpop

2PM’s Taecyeon says goodbye to his ‘Dream High’ role

Earlier this week, 2PM’s Taecyeon took a moment to thank the ‘Dream High‘ team after the ‘Dream High’ special concert. According to Taecyeon’s latest tweet, it appears the he has finished filming for the last episode of ‘Dream High’.
On February 26th, he tweeted,
Now, goodbye Jin Guk/Shi Hyuk~ I’m 100% Taecyeon!!! yohohohohoho Arrived in Okinawa!!
Fans commented, “We will miss Jin Guk but we also love Taec-oppa“, “100% Taecyeon so cool“, and “You have been such an awesome actor as Jin Guk“.

Source: Taecyeon’s Twitter (@taeccool)
Credit: allkpop

B2ST’s Dongwoon’s father weighs in on B2ST’s refusal to wear kimonos

While B2ST has been praised for their refusal to wear kimonos at a recent fashion show in Japan, member Dongwoon’s father has garnered attention after revealing his opposing opinion.

Earlier this week, B2ST walked the runway in Yumi Katsura’s fashion show in Tokyo, Japan. When they were asked to wear kimonos, they requested that they not wear them, saying, “Please consider the feelings of Korea.” Therefore, their request was accepted.

Korean netizens who heard of this news complimented B2ST, however, Dongwoon’s father, Son Il Rak, a professor of hotel management at Cheongju University, expressed his opinion on the matter through his minihompy under a post titled, “B2ST and kimono“.

Professor Son posted,
Since B2ST was scheduled to participate in the fashion show, the problem regarding the kimonos should have been addressed by both parties prior to the event.  How would it have worked out if the hosts considered the anti-Japanese sentiment, which has arose due to the issues surrounding Dokdo Island, and refrained from requesting the use of kimonos?

At the same time, I don’t think it is advisable for our nation’s fans to be ignorantly appaulding B2ST for refusing to wear kimonos. What would you have done if a Japanese celebrity strongly appealed against wearing a hanbok during a fashion show held in Korea? Strictly speaking, doesn’t the wearing of traditional costumes have nothing to do with the problem with Dokdo or other such matters? Honestly, are they not problems that should be thought of separately?

It is proper to believe that B2ST should have firmly refused to wear kimonos, but if you look at it from a broader perspective, it is also proper for B2ST to have worn the kimonos.
Source: TV Report via Nate
Crerdit: allkpop

TVXQ’s photoshoot from GQ Japan revealed!

Via tokyohive:
allkpop wrote about TVXQ covering the March edition of GQ Japan back at the end of January, but the full black-and-white spread from the publication hasn’t been covered until now.

The boys look quite gentlemanly indeed, piercing through the monochrome pages with their fierce gazes and chic clothing. The aura of the photoshoot intended to give off the same strong vibe as their recent comeback track, “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”.

Check out TVXQ’s spread below!
Source: Hudie Credit: allkpop

SM Entertainment’s Kim Young Min on the success behind the SM system + future plans

Thanks to the efforts and achievements SNSD made in their Japanese advancement, the Hallyu market and the Korean music industry have been revitalized. Previously centered around dramas, the Hallyu wave is now being led by idol groups and singers. SNSD’s overseas success has raised SM Entertainment’s yearly profits to four times what was made the previous year.

It was only through trial and error of the groups (and a soloist) such as H.O.T, S.E.S, BoA, and TVXQ that industry representatives believed the birth of SNSD was possible. At the center of their success, however, lies the CEO of SM Entertainment, Kim Young Min.

Ever since he was six years old, he grew up in Japan and is more knowledgeable in the Japanese entertainment market than any other. “The birth of a star is much like refining a gemstone into a diamond. After you pick a good gemstone, you pay close attention to what type of clothes it’ll match. I believe our success lies behind the individual talents of the nine SNSD members, SM’s system, which gave them the skills to develop into great ‘content,’  and digital media, which spread the girls globally.”

CEO Kim was quick to point out that the success behind SNSD is none other than their exceptional skill set, but it was only through the combination of digital media and SM’s system that really allowed them to gain momentum. Before SNSD’s official debut in Japan last year, SM released SNSD’s Japanese music video for the first time through YouTube, allowing

Japanese fans quicker and easier access to their content, which, in turn, raised awareness for the group.
Their system was obviously a success, as their “Gee” single managed to sell 66,000 in the first week and rank #1 on the following week’s Oricon singles chart.

Kim continued, “In the past, groups were contracted for both management and music distribution, but starting last year, SM Japan used their experience and research of the Japanese market in individually managing our artists’ performances, advertisements, and promotions. They’ll be more flexible this year, but will be trying their best in order to make sure that SNSD is able to gain firm status in the Japanese market.”

Although the girls debuted last year, this year will mark their official start. They recently contracted with a Japanese advertisement CF, which will be followed by an official album and their own concert.
When asked about SM Entertainment’s plans for the new year, Kim replied, “As opposed to extending our business field this year, we’ve placed a priority on developing singer trainees, as well as a focus in the domestic market. It’s only after the domestic market is stable that we’re able to advance overseas without any trouble. We’ll be working persistently in producing Korean albums and other related content.”

Ever since 1990, SM Entertainment has placed utmost importance and investments in the development of their singers. Every Saturday, not only do they go through Korean auditions, but also auditions overseas in the USA, China, Thailand, and other locations in order to look for hidden talents.

Once accepted, each trainee is given a schedule catered to their individual needs that involve training in singing, dancing,
acting, and foreign languages.

The company is also planning to debut a new rookie this year. Kim claimed that his goals and priorities for the new group this year were to launch the group in Korea first, and help them achieve a comfortable foothold in the domestic market.

Kim’s second goal for the coming year is carrying over Korea’s distinctive and characteristic ‘360 business model’ overseas. The ‘360 model’ requires one agency to control every aspect of a celebrity’s career from production to management; a sort of one-stop system that handles everything from auditions to training, album production, promotions and concerts, and even movie and drama castings.

SNSD managed to pilot the business model for the first time overseas with their Japanese debut. Their senior labelmates, such as TVXQ and BoA, were all promoted and managed by a separate Japanese company. SNSD, on the other hand, was managed by SM Japan.

When asked to describe the driving force behind SM’s Hallyu, Kim replied, “Instead of being satisfied with just success, we consistently researched and reinvested in ourselves to develop the system that we have now. We stress the importance of the development that went on in creating the star, not just the star itself. It’s vital that we continue to produce and plan a variety of different contents in order to create another star like SNSD under the system.”

Kim emphasized that the continuation of the Hallyu wave depended not on the stars, but on the production and mechanism behind the stars such as SNSD. More spotlight, he claimed, must be put on venues such as YouTube and SM’s production system in order for the Hallyu wave to last.

Source: BNT News via Nate
Credit: allkpop

Big Bang to reveal their songs through ‘Big Bang TV Live’

Having a comeback after two years and three months away, group Big Bang teased their epic return through Mnet’s ‘Big Bang TV Live‘.

On February 26th, Mnet announced, “On March 3rd at 7:30 PM, Big Bang’s comeback special ‘Big Bang TV Live’ will be broadcast.

The title song of Big Bang’s 4th mini album, ‘TONIGHT‘, as well as five other songs included in the album, will be broadcast on TV for the first time.

The members impressions about their comeback, as well as the album making process and behind-the-scenes footage will be shown, finally satisfying the thirst fans have felt while waiting for Big Bang’s return.

‘Big Bang TV Live’ has been created by the producers of ‘Big Bang TV‘ and ‘2NE1 TV‘.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

KARA temporarily return to Korea for “emergency Korean schedule”

On February 26th, KARA returned to Korea through Gimpo Airport after completing their Japanese activities.

Due to the controversy surrounding their lawsuit against DSP Media, the girls were met with media attention immediately upon their arrival. Remaining silent, they stayed behind their bodyguards and left the airport.

The girls were originally scheduled to stay in Japan until March 20th, but returned due to an emergency Korean schedule. They’ll be leaving again two days later in order to film for TV Tokyo’s “URAKARA.”

Leader Gyuri will be attending the press conference for “Alpha & Omega” on the 27th, and will be leaving with the rest of the KARA members for Japan on the 28th.
Source: Star News, Seoul NTN via Nate Credit: allkpop

Friday, 25 February 2011

4Minute's Hyun ah trust Jia completely!

Jia and 4Minute's Hyun ah have shown great friendship since training ship in JYP until today. Jia is the sweet girl that you can depend on, especially when it comes to something like the Chinese language. She will not be the one to trick you. 

On the episode 4 of 4Minute's Mr. Teacher, they were asked about what does Malaysian people greet each other on new year. the hint they received as in chinese, so they received a phone call. 4Minute's maknae So Hyun suggested Miss A's Meng Jia. And it was Hyun ah who used it to call Jia, knowing that she would sincereley help out 

@04:14 is when they start to mention Jia. 

credit: 4minutesubs
reported: Adora