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Monday, 31 October 2011

More photos from Halloween party with Brian Joo, Jo Kwon, Min and more

It’s that time of year again, when costumes, candy, and scary stories come into play, and kpop celebrities were no exception to the Halloween festivities. An hour ago, we reported that 2AM‘s Jo Kwon revealed photos celebrating Halloween.
Brian Joo also tweeted the picture above with the words, “Me, @missA_min, & @2AMkwon in our Halloween costumes~ I’m supposed to be a waiter;)”.
The Halloween party also included guests like U-KISS‘ Kevin & former member AlexanderG.NA and Hyung Joon.
Check out more photos of the gang below:
After seeing the pictures, netizens commented, “Happy Halloween ^_^”, “min young unnie looks so scary. good job”, “WAHH YOU GUYS LOOK CUTE HEHE..NICE PHOTO!”, “Just awesome. xx”, “Trick or Treat !!!!”.
Source + Image: Twitter
credit: allkpop

Yesasia will now be counted towards Hanteo Charts

We’re happy to announce that YesAsia is now a Hanteo Chart Family Shop. Korean music sales at YesAsia will count towards the Hanteo chart.
Frequently Asked Questions about Hanteo & YesAsia
Q: From when do YesAsia sales count towards Hanteo?
A: Korea Version music orders fulfilled (i.e. shipped out) on or after October 26, 2011 are reflected on Hanteo chart.
Q: Do the albums I bought before count?
No, albums sold before Oct 26, 2011 are not (and cannot be) reported to Hanteo.
If you ordered/preordered an album before Oct 26 but it’s not yet shipped out, or was not shipped till Oct 26 or later, then it does count. We report sales when the order is fulfilled (shipped out).
Q: Finally! Why did it take so long?
A: Hanteo previously only included domestic shops in their chart. As YesAsia is a Hong Kong-based site that sells internationally, we were unable to join the chart. Because we knew many customers cared about Hanteo chart, we continued to talk to Hanteo about the matter, and recently reached an agreement.
Source: Yesasia Official Twitter
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JYJ discusses their Europe tour + their wish for recognition in Korea

On October 29th, JYJ became the first Korean artist to hold their own concert in Spain. 3,000 fans from all over Europe made the journey to Barcelona to cheer on their beloved idols and take part in a dream coming true.
JYJ held a press conference with both the Korean and Spanish press, answering questions about their limited appearances in Korea as well as their hopes for their European tour.
Reporters asked, “Although you’re promoting in various parts of Asia, the Americas, and Europe, even in places where Korean singers aren’t well known, it seems that we have the hardest time seeing you perform in Korea. Do you have any wishes about being able to promote without restrictions?”
Yoochun replied, “To be honest, I don’t think broadcast appearances are something we should think about… If I had a wish, it would be to be treated fairly. Although I know we can’t do anything about the fact that we’re missing from charts and such… From one perspective, those things are the results and repayment for our Korean fans who buy and listen to our album, so for those results to be missing – it’s upsetting. I wish things like our album sales and other numerical figures that represent the amount of love we’re receiving from the public could be recognized.”
The members also discussed the reasons they chose Spain and Germany as locations for their first Europe tour.
Junsu stated, “Although it’d be nice if we could tour all of Europe, we aren’t able to do that yet… We started receiving love calls from various European cities since last year, but we weren’t sure how far our influence had reached, so rather than coming up with irrational figures, we decided to pick countries that would be easy for fans to gather at… The best locations were Spain for Western Europe, and Germany for North and Eastern Europe. If a second Europe tour is possible, we’d like to perform in more countries.”
When asked whether they had anything special planned for the concert in Spain the next day,Jaejoong replied, “We’ve worked on some passionate performances and acrobatics with a famous local choreographer, Rafa Mendez.” Jaejoong also added that they plan to show themselves as who they are, rather than putting on a different front just for the Europe venture.
He stated, “This Barcelona concert will have about 3,000 audience members. Although it’s small, we think that the majority of the audience will be of JYJ mania fans. Instead of seeing something that got reinterpreted to fit Spain or Europe, I think that they may want something more authentic and ‘Korean’. That’s why even though this is our first European concert, we don’t feel a pressure that’s any different from the usual.”
Junsu agreed, “The order of performance also hasn’t been changed too much from the earlier tour in the Americas… We are coming as K-Pop and Hallyu singers, so I think that there will be a lot of fans who want to see our way of holding concerts. We didn’t try to make a special change. We will try to show ourselves as we are.”
In addition to their concert in Spain, the members were also invited to perform at the Spain Manga Festival. The boys will now move on to Berlin, Germany, for their concert on November 6th.
Source + Photos: Osen 123
credit: allkpop

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk wants to be like MC Yoo Jae Suk?

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk revealed that he aspires to become like MC Yoo Jae Suk.
Eunhyuk guested on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, and their theme that day was “Stars who have gone over the Great Wall“. As such, he was invited along with fellow member Donghaeand 1st generation Hallyu stars Jang Suh Hee and Lee Jung Hyun.
Even though they’re busy tackling their schedules in both China and Korea, Eunhyuk and Donhae revealed that they still watch a lot of Korean variety shows.
Eunhyuk revealed, “I want to become like Yoo Jae Suk’, and jokingly cited Yoo Jae Suk’s ‘average looks’ as the point of his aspiration. Donghae joined in and said, “I want to be like HaHa, adding to the fun.
Be sure to catch the full broadcast when it airs on October 31st!
Source: My Daily via Naver
credit: allkpop

[English Subbed] SBS Deep Rooted Tree Interview – Kibum

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Poseidon’s Lee Si Young cries bitterly: Choi Si Won becomes a bad guy?

There are warning signs ahead for the romance between ‘hard-fist couple’ Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young.
On KBS 2TV’s Poseidon (written by Jo Gyu Won, directed by Yoo Chul Yong), a serious talk scene between Kim Sun Woo (played by Choi Si Won) and Lee Soo Yoon (played by Lee Si Young), the ‘hard-fist couple’ loved by the audience due to their sweet romance, was released.
On the 13th episode of Poseidon, which will be aired on the 31st, Soo Yoon is going to storm out crying bitterly while talking with Sun Woo with a serious look on her face.
Above all, it was reported that the set went silent because of the bitter tears she shed realistically. This increased the audience’s curiosity about the reason why Sun Woo made Soo Yoon cry and what Sun Woo did wrong.
The scene recently taken at one of the cafes near Hong Ik University was created in a solemn atmosphere in order to help the actors to focus on their parts. Especially Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young didn’t forget about being considerate to each other since they had to create a serious situation on the set.
The production company, Annex Telecom, said, “Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young are very close together and compatible with each other. So the romantic scenes between them are easily created. Please give your big support and interest to the investigation reaching the climax and the romance between Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young.”
Source: TV Report
Translation by: eternalc2h /

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T-ara releases first MV teaser for “Cry Cry”

On October 31st, T-ara unveiled their first MV teaser for their new single, “Cry Cry“.
In this dark clip, Jiyeon is seen holding a gun while crying out, “It was you. Why did it have to be you, mister. WHY?” She then fires, and the MV cuts to a scene of actor Cha Seung Won lying lifeless on the ground.
The teaser moves quickly to several intense action shots of the actors fighting, while T-ara huddles and cries with fear. At the end of the teaser, a voice is heard saying, “Mister, do you regret meeting me? If I fall too deep in happiness… it might just kill me.”
Since a few members have considerable acting experience under their belts, it’ll be interesting to see how this MV turns out. Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!
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credit: allkpop