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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Actor Lee Ki Woo recalls the first time he met Kim Tae Hee

Actor Lee Ki Woo, who plays the role of Ryu Ki Woo on MBC‘s ‘Standby‘, recounted the time he first met actress Hallyu Kim Tae Hee. On the June 19th episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, the actor stated, “There were a lot of ulzzangs around me when I was in high school. At that time, the popular ulzzangs in my neighborhood were Jun Ji Hyun, Seo Ji Young, Lee Min Jung, Lee Jin, and Song Hye Gyo.” “I was active as a member of a ski team in university. There was a time when we all gathered with the other college ski teams at a ski resort, and there was this one beautiful girl who stood out among the crowd. That was Kim Tae Hee,” he said. Kim Tae Hee is known to have been a member of Seoul National University’s ski team. Lee Ki Woo continued, “Wherever Kim Tae Hee would go, all of the male students would follow her. She was the dream girl of all the male students.” This prompted MC Shin Dong Yup to ask the actor, “If you had to choose between SISTAR‘s Bora and Kim Tae Hee, who would it be?” Lee Ki Woo revealed earlier that he was a huge fan of Bora, who made a surprise appearance on the program. Without hesitation, the actor selected Bora, causing the others to laugh out loud.

 Source & Image: Star News via Nate Cr: