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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Dong Bang Shin Ki

DBSK made their debut on 26 December 2003 during Boa and Britney Spears showcase.. .
Dong Bang Shin Ki is known at Korea , while Tohoshinki at Japan. .also know as TVXQ that mean Tong Vfiang Xien Qi.. . Their group means 'Rising Gods from the East' . .The group is comformed by 5 members .. U-Know Yunho, Xiah Junsu,Hero Jaejoong , Max CHangmin and Micky Yoochun..

DBSK released their debut single "Hug" in January 2004. . and became popular very fast.. Then , they released their debut album 'Tri-Angle' in October 2004.. Meanwhile, in April 2005. ,they debuted in Japan under the Avex sub label Rhythm Zone with the single 'Stay with Me Tonight'.. their follow up single 'The Way You Are' .. compley ewith stylized outfits and choreographed dance moves.. Than .. the third major single is, "믿어요" (I Believe) ..

They released their secong Japanese single, "Somebody to Love" .. before returning to Korea and releasing their secong Korean album "Rising Sun" .. DBSK concluded the year with a Christmas album that also had a cappella version of 'Jesus, Joy Of Man's Desiring'..

DBSK began 2006 with their international tour , Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour. . in addition to South Korea. . they perform in China, Thailand and Malaysia.. In March ,2006 . .they released their debut Japanese album "Heart,Mind and Soul". .DBSK followed by their Korean activities with the release of their third album . "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. . in September. .

In 2007, they began with a new Japanese single,'Step by Step' . and followed by their Asian Tour, The 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O'. . they took place in Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok ,Kuala Lumpur ,Shanghai and Beijing .. DBSK also collaborated with label-mate Kumi Koda ..In 2008 , they released their third Japanese album ,T, .They returned to Korea to participate in the 14th Annual Dream Concert.. . Their fourth Korean album 'Mirotic' was released on 26 September 2008.. . Then in March 2009 , they released their fourth Japanese album, 'The Secret Code' ..


Jung YunHo (정윤호)

Jung Yunho is the leader of the famouse korean band.. DBSK .. also known as U-Know. . Yunho is a great rapper and dancer for K-pop singer Dana in her Diomand video before debuting.. .He choose his name as U-know from his Korean name.. 'Yun Ho' .. i is meant to mean 'Yunho Knows You' .. in regard to his understanding of the other member as he is the leader.. He is a great leader for his group.. he always take care of his members .. Althought he is the good singer, he also is the busiest member with as an actor from his group..

U-Know was born on 6 Februari 1986 .. he was born at Gwangju .. He has a handsome face and a powerful voice..Althought he is the leader.. but he a little quite some time. .U-know love the colour of green.. like his bolster.. => ..

His position in DBSK is.. . playing the bass and baritone.. . he also the lead dancer of DBSK. .if he had a free time. , he will hear the music.. he also like to read books. . He like playing sports like basket ball and also composing music..and in the other hand he enjoys writing fictional stories .. U-Know is the good dancer.. his dance are very teriffic.. and unique..

He was born in 1986 ..he also an aquarius like Jaejoong.. He won the Best Dancer award from SM and he is the most talented in dancing.. He like to choreoraph .. He composed and sang 'Spokesman' with Donghae of Super Junior, which was performes in the 2nd Live Asia Tour Concert.. and also sang Japanese solo 'Crazy Life' . .. he composed the rap lyrics for 'Wrong Number' of the tracks in their fourth korea album 'MIROTIC' with Jaejoong..

Kim Jae Joong (영웅재중)

Kim Jae Joong ..or also know as Hero .. is the second members of DBSK. .0n December 26, 2003. . he debuted with DBSK at a BoA and Britney Spears showcase ... he was also known as YoungWong Jaejoong ... YoungWoon means "hero" in Korea.. Jaejoong picked the name Hero because he wanted to be the hero of the music industry ..

Jaejoong is the most famouse members in DBSK .. he also the busiest one .. he act in many kind of drama.. such as Telecinema Heaven's Postman (SBS, 2009). and Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005) .. Now he was busy acting for JAPAN Drama.. 'Sunao ni Narenakute' .. he was playing the roll as a doctor..

Hero was born on 26 January 1986 .. in Gongju ,Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.. At a young age, Hero was given up for adoption by his mother to the Kims and is name was changed from Han Jaejoon to Kim JaeJoong .. When he was sixtteen , he moved to Seoul by himself in order to take part in the auditions held by SM Entertainment.. Life in Seoul proved to be hard for Hero,. he had to take various odd jobs to make some money.. He once took on a role as a soldier in the movie Taegeukgi Hwinallimyeo.. with the money .. he axquired from the job he used the money to buy gum..

He attend the audition with other 5000 people ..and he had been selected.. Hero won the first place both in best looking and the best vocal ..That why his position in DBSK is the lead vocal.. and is carrying out the role of the "big broher" with U-Know..

The facts about he is. . he has deep thoughts and talks straight-forwardly.. he has also neat and tidy personality is portrayed in the dorm they live.. He like to clean every corner of the house.. he also interested in people's relationships and likes to love. ..if he had a free time.. he always make his time with playing games with all his members and he love to listen to the music..

Hero special ability is , he has good cooking skills. he can prepare 15 kinds of dishes easily .. Hero's parents own a restaurant in ChoongNam KwangJoo.. That why he is so good in he cooks for his members.. that why he is call the 'umma' of the group..

Most people like him because of his husky voice .. but the one thing he likes the most is his eyebrows ..Hero said when Song SuHun sees his eyebrows ,..he is going to bow.. When Hero was young.. his dream was to be a supermarket owner.. the reason is because he can eat lot of cookies .=>

Kim Junsu (김준수)

Kim Junsu or his stage name, Xiah Junsu.. is The third member in DBSK.. He is the one of the Favourite Idol listed in Easy 11 Magazne as l0ng as Hero and Micky..He is also the song writer.. He wrote the song, .Picture of you from the fourth Korea Album . 'MIROTIC' ..Althougt he is good in singing., he also an actor.. that played in Banjun Drama (2005) and Vacation (2006).. He was discovered at the 6th Starlight Academy Casting System ..

Xiah was born on 15 December 1986 .. he is a capricon..and was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea.. His positon in DBSK is , as the middle-high vocal .. his members labels him as an innocent and bright boy.. He also makes a 180 degree change on the stage and performs woth great charisma ..He love to plays piano .. and also soccer ... His dreams in life is to have writing published into a book..

In February 2009, at his concert name 'XIATHIC' ,.Xiah wrote and compsed the song whic he perfomed at the 3rd Asia Tour 'MIROTIC' concert. .. In December 2008, For the end of the year SBS Gayo Daejun, a piano battle between Xiah and Taeyang of BIg Bang was arranged.. Xiah played the piano as he sang ..While ,September , In Picture of You, te korean lyrics of this song was written by Xiah and the song was featured in DBSK's fourth album. ..Moreover, in September 2006 , Xiah wrote and composed the song 'White Lies' for DBSK's third album 'O-Jung. Ban. Hap'..He also wrote the yrics for his Japanese solo,'Rainy Night' ,which was featured in the 'If Rainy Night' single, the third installment of the group's 'TRICK' sereies..

With his cute faces, most gurlz lyke him .. He also had a powerful high vocal .. that why he played this high vocal in DBSK.. he also good in dancing.. as U-know the leader. .He loves playing games and spend time with his teams members.. he love all his members ...and we love you too...

Park YooChun (박유천)

Park YooChun or Micky Yoochun.. was the last members added in DBSK.. In DBSK , he plays the role Bass-Baritone .. Micky was born on 4 June 1986 ... he grew up in Virginia, United States..and he come back to Korea in 2003 ..Micky also joined the KBN Teens Singing Competition in 2003 and received the Special Award .. 0n 26 December 2003, the group Dong Bang Shin Ki was introduced in Korea and Yoochun became part of it along with his four co-members, namely Xiah junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong ,Choikang Changmin and U-know Yunho .. he also like U-Know that love to composing music and playing basketball..

He is the middle-low vocal part of DBSK.. along with Xiah. . It is an important figure that brightens up the mood and atmosphere with his funny personality.. He won the highest award at the Korean/American Music Contest and KBN Music Contest for young adults. .. He very interested in composing and he had wrote over 100 songs ,.

Micky was the last member added to DBSK one year before debute.. he grew aup in Seoul and immigrated to the United States with his parents (who eventually divorced because of money shortages) .. it happen ent he was in sixth grade. .He lived in Fairfax, Virgina .. for almost four years before he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to SM Entertainment..Park is his nickname when he lived in Virgina..As the winner of a talent show.. he was sign wth SM Entertainment in Korea.. and perfrm under the stage name Micky Yoochun..

Micky is pretty good in English .. its because he lived in states when he was young. . In 2001 , at a song festival .he won the daesang and started to spread his name. . Meanwhile ,, in a Youth music festival .. he received a special award and because of that he caught one of SM's recruting teams attention..
Micky was a great playing pian0 and song writing skills.. He also good in taekwondo.. in elementary school ,he represented the state's taekwondo team and perform on Children Days..

Micky Yoochun has lots of talents . .. But now he was concentrate on his singing career.. Micky has announced that when he bacomes an adult. . he is going to join the army with DBSK members.. The truth about him is. he wrote his solo song 'Fox Rain' .. he also wrote a lyric for 'Holding Back The Tears' which was featured on the Vacation OST original soundtrack.. and lyric for Japanese solo song 'My Girlfriend'which was featured in the 'Runaway / My Girlfriend'...

Shim Chang Min (심창민)

ChoiKang Changmin . .or Shim Changmin ..was also known as Max. . the youngest guy in DBSK . .He was discovered in 6th Annual SM Best Cometition with his friend ..ang luckily won the Best Singing 1st Place and Best Artist of the Compotition ..He was born on 18 February 1988 .. in Seoul.. an Aquarius like Hero and U-Know..

He is greedy when it comes to music, sometimes cries when he isn't satisfied with his singing .. He also the hardworking and smart boy .. because of his parents are teachers, he very competitives and tries very hard at schoolwork and reading.. Although he is the youngest in the group, he is the most modest and has the deepest thoughts, .Can be honest and blunt when he strongly believes that something should not be done. .

Athough he shy at first and seem akward .. but he is a very bright boy when you get to know him well.. Max was the grouped with the yougest participants in the audition.. He impressed the judges with his powerful voice , like Xiah..He joined the groud under the name Choikang Changmin.. Choikang in Korean means, 'MOst Powerful', or approximately ,. 'the best'.. 'Max' became an international rendition of this name..that why many people calls him The Best Max..

Max was graduated from Gaepo High School in 2006.. He was then accepted into Kyung Hee University.. in 2009 , he is enrolled as a student of Kyung Hee University majoring in postmodern music.. His position in DBSK as the high vocal guy and the Tenor.. .

He was the storgest guy in DBSK .. all his hyungs scared at the youngest Max when he make a serious face.. His mood change in sudden make everyone scared.. although he is the yougest, but he also is the Oldest with his Characters.. He seem like wanted to be the oldest..

He also the funniest guy in DBSK .. with his cute faces and his modest stlye.. people also name him the modest Max.. as he is the tallest amount his teams like U-Know .. With his specials good looking . .he may be the second famous guy in DBSK after Hero Jaejoong..

Sunday, 9 May 2010

SHINee World ...

Lee Jinki 溫流

Lee Jinki or also known as Onew.. He is the leader of SHINee..Onew was discovered in 2006 S.M. Academy Casting ..He was duet with Jessica from SOSI for their mini album 'Tell Me Your Wish' .. Onew has a cute face.. and his voice is so good.. 14 December 1989 is hid bidthday .. if you can see., he is the only youngest leader in korean band.. His nickname is Dubu (Tofu) , .because he is as soft as Tofu..

Althought he some time look stict with his members, .but , he was so cute when he act like a child.. the one thing that he realy scared is. . touch the baby .. As you can see, in SHINee HELLO BABY , he was afraid to touch Yoguen when first time he look at him.. The truth is, when Yoguen came near to him, he will run away to avoid him . , But seen the first time Yoguen boobo him while he was half of sleep.. Onew was too shocked.. After that ,he manage to touch the baby and play with him like what the other members do.. Onew say, he feel better when he manage to play with Yoguen .. and he love Yoguen a lot..

Onew is the one of the lead vocal after Jonghyun ., other thing that he love too such as plays soccer and basketball. .. he also has a talent in playing piano.. all the gurlz love him because of his miracle voice and his acting like a childish make him look so cute ... His voice, cute chinese face and his sweet cheery smile make our heart beat fast.. =P ..

Kim Jonghyun (김종현)

Kim Jonghyun or also known as Jonghyun .. The second members of SHINee ...born on 8 April 1990 ., he playing the lead vocal in SHINee.. Jonghyun was discovered at the 2005 S.M. Casting System . .before debuting ,he sang a song ' WronglyGiven Love .. with Zhang Liyin for her Chinese album 'I Will' .. On November 2nd ..Jonghyun had symptoms of a cold . . so , he went to the hospital to get a check up .. . but on November 3rd . . he was declared positive with swine flu .. actually .the other four members also was declared positive with swine flu . .they just stay at home and resting. .

Jonghyun voice is so amazing . . with a husky tone .. no wonder he is the one of the brightest stars of SHINee .. He also is the most romantic guy. . that because most of the gurlz may fall for him .. He known as 'Bling-bling Jonghyun' .. because he always use this word during messaging or talking .. that because he love R&B and Hip-Hop too much..Bling-bling Jonghyun is also because he like shiny accessories and his other nickname is Ggap Jjong (Naughty Jjong) ..means Jonghyun who is always naughty .. He also a hardworking guy. . he will work hard and more hard .. but if he cannot stand the pressure .. he will go to the toilet and cry ... T_T ..he is good at playing guitar , bass and piano . . Jonghyun is the earliest wakes up in the dorm.. the second that will wakes up is Key , . then ,Key will wake Onew up . followed by Taemin .. and lastly Minho .. he is not good in soccer.. .=P

His hobby are watching movies , Dance and playing piano . . Besides korean , he also good in mandarin .. He was studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007 .. If you want to know. . he is the shortest guy in SHINee. . shortest then Taemin the donghae. .

Kim Kibum (김기범)

Kim Kibum is also known as Key . .the trird members of SHINee. . . was born on 23 September 1991. . his position in SHINee is the Rappers and Sub vocal .. he was discovered at the 2005 S.M. National Tour Audition Casting .. ..Before debuting .. . . Key appered in Super Junior's Wonder Boy MV as the extra dencer.. Key also was featured in label-mate Xiah's solo ' Xiahtic ' ... The nickname of Kibum is 'Key' because he likes to solve things..

The truth about Key is. , he has a love-hate relationship with horror movie and horror stories. ..Key also love a straighforward and open minded girls .. If you see they dress up like a gurlz. . Taemin is most suitable .,but the prettiest is still the one .. it is Key ..!! ^_^.. he good in cooking.. that why the other call him 'umma Key...' ... his personal talent is imitating a robotic character ... and his Speciality is. .. do the Rappers, Dance. . Snowboarding, and water-skiing .. He is good in Jappanese and Chinese too ..and he is the one who good in english same like Minho.. ..!!!

Choi Minho (최민호)

Choi Minho is also known as Minho .. he is the fourth members of SHINee .. that lead the rappers .. Minho was discovered at the 2006 S.M. Casting System .. He is a quite person amount the gang.. but he.. stands out with his handsome looks and charm .. 9 December 1991 was his birth ..

Did Minho get plastic surgery ? . .there many media on internet says that CHOI MINHO had a nose surgery .. is that true? ! but.. ,for me.. it look same before and now.. i dont think he do the plastic surgery ..

Minho was street casted... .he was famouse with his nickname 'Charismatic Flame Minho ' or Flaming Charisma..his nickname also is Ghobuk e (Turtle) ..and Minkap . .as he do things slowly as a turtle .. He also the tallest guy amount the 4 guys.. and he is the most soft spoken ... Minho and Key both share a bunk bed .. Minho takes the bottom and Key takes the top ..

Minho is very good in rappers.. He always do the rap position with Key .. He also love to play soccer,basketball .. and he love to do the performing. . Minho is good in english... same like Key ..!

Lee Taemin (이태민)

Lee Taemin or also known as Taemin.. the yougest guys in SHINee.. this cute guy born on 18 July 1993 .. his position in SHINee is be the sub vocal, rap and he is the lead dancer.. he was discovered at the 2005 S.M Open Weekend Audition Casting.. He acting on MBC's sitcom .. 'TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun..

Taemin was studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007.. Taemin is the yougest in his group .. that why his hyung call him 'Maknae Taemin' .. Althought he is the yougest, he is still considered the lead dancer and will lead all the dance perform in SHINee.. His dancing is so stylish and so smart..

Taemin also has a nickname that call .. 'Handy Boy Taemin' ..that mean.. he always prepared .. sometime.. he always act more then Onew hyung.. but after see him do the cute thing.. it look so funny .. i think that why most of the gurlz like him..

Dongbong-gu ,Seoul is his hometown. . He like to listening to music..and Popping.. He also had a talent in playing the piano like all his hyungs.. He also good in Mandarin .. He will be the famouse dancer with his stile and his cuteness face . .same like a baby..!!