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Friday, 30 July 2010

[News/Audio] SHINee’s A-Yo has an English version?

Currently promoting their comeback song Lucifer, another song from SHINee‘s latest album Lucifer has sparked interest among fans online.

It seems like the song A-Yo has an English demo version which was originally sung by Denice Stone. The English version had surfaced online last year and it seems like SM Entertainment had brought rights to the song as they have done previously with SNSD’s Run Devil Run.

The song was never released until SHINee had included the song in their latest album. Although originally titled Eh Yo, the song title had been revised to A-Yo by SHINee (probably for pronunciation problems :P).

Both songs are identical in terms of beat and melody but the lyrics had been revised to fit in Korean, so let’s not compare the songs as they are exactly the same except for the singers and the lyrics.

Credits ; Daily K Pop

[News] Hangeng, 'Say No' MV released; an aesthetic love on a snowy mountain

Reported by NetEase on 27July

Right after the song Moth into Flame, the MV of another song in Hangeng’s new album ‘Geng Xin’-Say No was first broadcasted in NetEase music channel. The whole MV was shot in New Zealand, using a movie format to describe a touching story of Hangeng searching for his freedom and dream.

The songs that served as ‘Geng Xin’s movie trilogy are Moths into Flame, Say No and Holding onto the Umbrella. The moods and atmosphere of these three songs are used to describe a newborn king. While Moths into Flame is talking about the main character’s (Hangeng) life without freedom but will frustration and pain, and the pressure he gets under the huge spotlight; Say No is about the character falling down the stair because of the reporter’s chase, and managed to sneak out from the hospital, visiting his own dreamland New Zealand. He then met a girl who likes chewing bubblegum, and together experiencing an aesthetic love, as he finally found an exit to freedom for his heart. Holding onto the Umbrella is about Hangeng returning back to his own country, back to his rural life, feeling the happiness and warmth of a simple life. Unfortunately, Hangeng lost his life in an accident, but this foreshadows a start of another new life.

In Say No MV, Hangeng was bare of makeup, showing his real self in the story. In this MV, not only did Hangeng experienced an aesthetic love with a girl, but he was also carried up to the high mountains by a helicopter, experiencing freedom in a icy environment.

It was said that there will be a movie version after these MV trilogy, while this version will provide the audience a more rich and dynamic description of the story’s development. The MVs of the last part Holding onto the Umbrella and the side story Heartache. Notebook will be released in the near future.

Credits to NetEase
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[News] Hangeng, 'I left Super Junior for my pride'

To come in September for fan-signing;
Hangeng : I left Super Junior for my pride

Super Junior-M's former leader Hangeng temporarily planned to visit Singapore in September to have his first fan-signing (in Singapore). Fans can purchase Hangeng's first chinese album, Geng Xin in stores from July 30th. According to the local distributor, Hangeng's price has risen to tens of thousand of USD for 1 hour.

In December last year, Hangeng had requested to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, and therefore left Super Junior and went back his hometown China for 7 months. Hangeng expressed that the rumor that he was raising money for the contract termination fee is false, and he thanks SM Entertainment for their grooming, but he said that he left SM Ent. because of problems during collaborations and his pride.

Recently, Hangeng said in a press conference at the Great Wall, "From today onwards I will start afresh my entertainment career as a soloist." ; but refutes the claims of the termination fees posed by SM Ent.

After beginning a career as a soloist, Hangeng's popularity has been increasing. He had just held 2 concerts in Beijing, and will have a fan-meeting in Shanghai next month. Tickets of the fan-meeting has not been released yet, but scalpers' tickets has already surfacing in the net, the price rising to 1680 yuan (from the original 980 yuan).

Album will be released in China, Singapore, Taiwan
On July 30th, Geng Xin will be released in China, Singapore and Taiwan.

Earlier before, preorders of Geng Xin has produced shocking results; 30,000 copies was sold within 3 hours in China, while in Taiwan, 10,000 copies were sold in the same amount of time.

Local distributor Global Music & Publishing has attained the rights to distribute Geng Xin in Singapore and Malaysia, and is now in the talks to bring in Hangeng for fan-signing events in Singapore and Malaysia.

The distributor expressed that the price of (inviting) Hangeng is not cheap, having tens of thousands of USD for every hour. Hangeng will be visiting Taiwan in August to promote his album. Tickets for his fan-signing in Taiwan were snapped up fast, nearing 1000 in a hour.

The local distributor will be releasing the first batch of Geng Xin (CD + DVD) in all CD Rama stores islandwide.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao , zbNOW 28 July 2010 / omy
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Music Bank Performers List

** Comeback Stage!! **

DJ DOC – I’m This Type of Person / 나 이런 사람이야 + Together / 투게더

** Today’s Music Bank!! **

LEO feat. Naomi – Sunny
Queens – Love x3
Gil Me feat K.Will – I’m Sorry, I Loved You / 미안해 사랑해서
LPG – Doorbell of Love
Jang YoonJung w. UPT’s Maniac – Olleh
Supreme Team – Daeng Daeng Daeng / 땡땡땡
2winS – Star / 별놈
Young Gun – I’m Sending You Away / 너를 보내줘야 한다
December – Came by Myself / 혼자 왔어요
OneTwo – Very Good
Norazo – Curry
Teen Top – Clap / 박수
Infinite – Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와
Narsha – Bbi Rri Bba Bba / 삐리빠빠
MBLAQ – One Better Day
Chae Yeon – Look x3 / 봐봐봐
Gina Choi w. MBLAQ’s Thunder – I’ll Leave So You Can Live Better / 꺼져 줄게 잘살아
Homme / 2AM’s Changmin & 8eight’s Lee Hyun – I was able to eat well / 밥만 잘 먹더라
Son Dambi – Queen
miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
Shinee – Lucifer

Show starts around 17:50 KST

Source: KPopFLash

[Photo] Super Junior signs contract for SMTown 2010 in Shanghai including Zhou Mi and Henry

reup. chunny@sj-world

Super Junior recently signed a contract for SMTOWN 2010 in Shanghai. 10 members are confirmed to attend the said big event not excluding Super Junior M's members Zhou Mi and Henry.

Meanwhile, SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in Los Angeles will be held at the world-famous STAPLES Center on Saturday, September 4th at 7:00 PM.

Credits ; Daily K Pop

Message From SHINee for their Lucifer Version B

우리가 찍은 사진~! 여러분에게 갑니다!^^ B버전이에여~

Pictures we took ourselves~! Here you go everyone!^^ It’s the B-Version~

(Jong hyun)

B버전!!! 저희가 데뷔 때부터 찍은 사진으로 이뤄져 있으니까 재밌게 봐주세요~^^

B-Version!!! It consists of photos we took since our debut so have fun looking at ‘em~^^


폴라로이드를 모아두길 잘 했다!!! 많이 사랑해 주세염!

We did a good job of compiling Polaroids!!! Please give a lot of love!

(Tae min)

샤이니앨범 B버전 저도 사려구요^^;;;

I want to buy SHINee’s album B-Version too^^;;;

source shakizi
credit weareshining (WRS)
translation Joodit@WRS

SHINee, “We are Very Excited and Honoured to be able to Promote in the Same Time Period with BoA”

SHINee reveals their excitement to be able to promote in the same time period as their senior BoA.

Back with their 2nd full length album and title song ‘Lucifer’, with more masculine charms. Not only are fans enjoying the boys with their new image, the album is also selling very well, going up on album sales chart.

Leader Onew told MTStarNews reporter on 29th July, “We are really thankful for the love that everyone gave for ‘Lucifer’ since the beginning. Since this is our full length album release after a while so we hope to promote for a longer period of time.”

August also turns out to be the month when ‘Asia’s star’ BoA will be back after 5 years with her 6th album. The SHINee members said, “We are very excited and honoured to be able to promote in the same time period as BoA seonbaenim. We feel that we can learn a lot by being able to watch her performance from near.”

They added, “Even though until now we are not able to see BoA seonbaenim often, whenever we meet, she would give us encouragement. We have heard BoA seonbaenim’s new song and we really like it.

Source: MTStarnews || K Bites
Credit: weraeshining

[PHOTO] SHINee Lucifer Album TYPE B

Credits ; daily.shinee

1 + 1 + 3 Still Equals 5

With the expiration of contract with their previous company, there has been some curiosity on popular group SS501’s future direction when leader Kim Hyun Joong signed to another contract by himself.

Firstly, in early June, Kim Hyun Joong signed with Bae YongJoon’s management company Key East, and it was known that Park Jung Min also signed with a new company on his own. There is a chance that Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun who had their activities as a unit nicknamed as ‘SS301’ in 2008, will group together to continue their activities as singers.

According to associates of SS501, Park Jung Min who has been very interested in acting, is searching for a new entertainment management company who will manage over him. However, in order to have group activities instead of going solo, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun are looking for new management company.

Being called SS301, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun, is currently a target for top music management companies in the FA (Free Agent) industry to scout them in. Even though they have received proposals for contracts worth a large amount of money from some management companies, but instead they are looking for a reliable management company whom they can trust. One close friend of the member said “Even though money (for contract) is no doubt an important factor, the members are trying to select one with a high capacity and whom they are able to trust completely.”

If SS501’s members sign with different new management companies on their own, it would be difficult for them to have activities as SS501 for the time being. However, since there is no disharmony between the members and that all of them want SS501 to continue on, it would seem that the group will not disband. Especially that SS501 is currently very popular in Taiwan, therefore there is possibility that they will come back together soon to do promotional activities in overseas.

Meanwhile, SS501’s future direction as ‘1+1+3’ is a similar model as idol group H.O.T’s path when they disbanded, has gathered attention. H.O.T disband in 2001, Moon HeeJun and Kangta became solo singers while Jang WooHyuk, Tony An and Lee JaeWon continued by forming a group called jtL.

Credits: + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Kim Hyun Joong Will Have Upcoming Japan Activities

'Little Yonsama' Kim Hyun Joong will be starting his official Japan activities in Bae Yong Joon's footsteps.

He will be carrying out promotional events for drama 'Boys over Flowers' for the first time after his recruitment into new agency Keyeast. Promotional events will be on the 18 August at Osaka Grand Cube and 21 August at Tokyo International Forum, with 2 sessions held for each event, and so a total of 4 sessions will be held.

SS501 who has had visited Japan just 4 months ago for the Saitama Concert at Super Arena, and the 'Boys over Flowers' premium event that was held 9 months ago, Kim Hyun Joong will soon be visiting Japan again, but this time -- for his personal work schedule.

Kim Hyun Joong who newly moved into Bae Yong Jun's agency company Keyeast just last month had been receiving hot attention for his affirmed potential in rising to a Hanryu star. However analyses about Kim Hyun Joong's popularity already surpassing that of Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub's surfaces itself as well.

Keyeast personnel expressed, "Though it's true that Bae Yong Jun's fanbase has had expanded to Kim Hyun Joong too, we don't know how wide the scale is. That's why this time's Japan journey will be an important gauge for us for his future promotion activities."

Keyeast's affiliated company, Japan cable channel DATV broadcasted Episode 1 of 'Kim Hyun Joong's Everything' special programme on 27 July, this programme will be scheduled for series broadcast, and this is targeted to boost Hyun Joong's hanryu popularity further.

In addition, Hyun Joong will be making a visit to 'Boys over Flowers' Shizuoka prefecture shooting site along with fans on August 19-20 during his journey in Japan next month. And of course not forgetting 2 sessions of his fanmeeting on October 11 at Tokyo's JCB Hall in commemoration of his 1st Japanese DVD and Photobook 'The 1st Love Story' release.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong has begun his emittance behind Bae Yong Joon where he's been recently selected to be the new ambassador for cosmetic brand The Face Shop.

Credits: + ode@blog

Jaejoong at KT&G Center in Daegu

Dance Master Class at the KT&G Center of Daegu

Kim SeungHyeon who work with TVXQ and other groups was teaching in Daegu during July.
Jaejoong was there at the same time.

trans by: kenoa@sharingyoochun
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Lol,,, Jae didn't cut his hair... it become long.. but he is still cute ..

Yoochun Kissed A Little Girl!

Does everyone still remember the touch meeting in 2007’s Summer Dream?

Yoochun saw this little girl, and called her over to kiss his face. The shy little girl went over and kissed Yoochun’s face in the cutest way, and even said ‘byebye!’ to him!

During the SungKyunKwan Scandal’s fan meeting on 24th July, there was also a little child who pouted her lips towards Yoochun and asked for a kiss, and she succeeded! Yoochun even returned her a kiss on the forehead! Simply jealous!

To see such a gentle man who loves his mother, his younger brother, little children and animals…how many of such men can there be out there?

Source: Mr Park + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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that little girl must be so happy... ahahah ..

[TRANS] 100729 Changmin's Ultimate Choice Part 2

His choice is...
Changmin's Ultimate Choice Part 2

The magazine's August issue commences with Changmin's "Final Choice" Game! Starting from this week, it will be divided into 4 parts and delivered weekly. Changmin’s daily life and his unknown character will be exposed! Part 3 will be up on 5 August!

Question 5

When buying clothes...

Won't be confused and decide immediately or Will wander about

Answer: Will wander about
"I recently bought a coat but worried for 2 days about whether I should buy or not." With regards to the rate at which he wanders around when shopping, "I practically won't buy any particular style out of impulse," answering it in the way of a super star. This is actually really humble~

Question 6

If you were to be reborn...

Male or Female

Answer: Male
"As expected, I still like the life of a man," Changmin answered us swiftly. When asked about whether he has no interest in a woman's life, "Of course, you can't say that I have no interest at all, but I like me as a man, meeting with woman," explaining himself.

Question 7

When in a relationship...

Will you be the initiator or Do you like being the one who's chased

Answer: Both are fine
Up until now there have been a whirlwind of romances. "Hmmm..." After pondering over it for a while, he finally answered with "both are fine." Realistically, which one is more common? "It really is half and half", answering us this way.

Question 8

The shop that you will choose when going on a date is...

A restaurant with a nice ambiance or Rotisserie

Answer: If the both of us are having fun, a restaurant
"As long as there is an occasion where it's just 2 people, I'll definitely choose a restaurant." A meat-roasting date would be a lot of people having fun. "Also, when we're roasting meat, a lot of people are there, so there would be many types of food to eat!"

Source: [ELLEGirl Website + baidutvxq]
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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sings for King of Baking?

King of Baking is a relatively new drama that’s currently airing on KBS2. It’s currently a very popular drama enjoying high ratings. On a recent episode, one particular segment caught the attention of Super Junior fans. It was a musical transition segment and the person singing the song sounded very much like Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Although there’s no official press release or news that it’s Kyuhyun, the voice is undeniable

credits ; All-Kpop

SS501 to turn into SS301?

Following confirmation about Kim Hyun Joong leaving DSP Entertainment for Keyeast, more information regarding SS501’s future have been revealed today.

It’s been revealed that fellow SS501 member Park Jung Min will also leave DSP Entertainment, possibly SS501 as well, to pursue his acting career with another management agency.

It is now looking like SS501 will now turn into SS301, a group consisting of Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng that promoted during 2008 with U R Man.

It’s known that while Park Jung Min is showing interest in pursuing his acting career, the rest of the three members are prefering to stay as a group rather than having solo careers although they are also looking for a new agency.

This will mean that all of the members of SS501 are no longer with DSP Entertainment, an agency they debuted through.

SS301’s Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Joong and Heo Young Saeng are now being looked upon by many agencies in the FA (free agent) market as they have left DSPE. The three have already received offers from different agencies, but the members are looking for a trustworthy agency.

A representative stated, “The contract itself is important, but the members are looking for an agency they can trust, an agency that is attractive.”

If the SS501 members indeed all go to separate agencies, it’s looking like it’ll take a while until we see SS501 promote again.

Albeit all the reports, the members are reportedly not in any arguments with each other, and they want to keep SS501 alive. Especially with the amount of success SS501 has in Korea as well as overseas, so there’s still a possibility that SS501 will not disband.

Furthermore, the “1+1+3″ separation of SS501 have started to resemble legendary group H.O.T which disbanded in 2001 with members Moon Hee Joon and Kangta pursuing solo careers while Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony Ahn and Lee Jae Won formed a three-member group jtL.

Stay tuned to allkpop for future information regarding this matter.

Source: Donga Ilbo
Creduts ; All-Kpop

A greeting from SHINee to allkpop readers!

SHINee made their comeback just last week with “Lucifer” and it was definitely explosive!

All of their hard work and effort did not go unnoticed, as they shined on their live stage performances and fans have been commenting on how flawless their performances have been.

Well, the boys of SHINee took some time out of their busy schedules to greet fans on allkpop.

CREDITS ; All-Kpop

Thursday, 29 July 2010

U-Know Yunho – “I Was Really Nervous About The Kiss Scene”

U-Know Yunho (24 years old – Real name Jung Yunho) publicly expressed his apprehension towards the kissing scene.

U-Know Yunho will take the role of Prince Lee Shin in the Musical “Goong” this coming September at the Yong Theater of the National Museum Of Korea. He will play the cool and charismatic flower boy Lee Shin who unfolds a love story after his marriage in the Goong with an ordinary girl’s high school student Shin Chae Kyung.

In the individual interview included in MBN “Entertainment Magazine V.I.P” that is to be released on the 30th, with regards to questions involving the kiss scene, he expressed, “I anticipate it yet am nervous about it at the same time, because I can’t practice it without a practice partner! I will show everybody when the time comes. If I were to turn into a real crown prince, how would I handle it?” This creates a lot of curious thoughts about the kiss scene. He also said, “I want to do volunteer activities with my juniors,” showing his caring nature.

As a senior who holds great power in the singing world, U-Know Yunho have guidance to his juniors. He states, “I still miss the stage. I can’t recognize the new idols that come out, so I have to personally look them up. I’ve experienced in advance the depression a 30-40 year old man would encounter, so it is a really good experience. If the idols now can endure the difficulties and overcome them, then that would become a stepping stone towards their growing maturity.”

The release on the 30th includes the hot practices of the Musical “Goong” and Yunho’s ideal type, as well as an honest interview.

The Musical “Goong” is produced by the team at MBN, who also worked on “Couple of Fantasy”, “Boys Before Flowers”, among others.

(unrelated materials omitted)

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Changmin Elle Japan Shooting Part 2

CREDITS ; princeshimchangmin

Changmin Elle Japan Shooting Part 1

CREDITS ;princeshimchangmin

Changmin Endorsing Empolham

This shirt has been edited...

The real one is...

and it same with his hyung... Junsu...