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Sunday, 31 October 2010

101031 Kyuhyun scared of a zombie!! @ 2010 Halloween Concert

HAHAHAHAHA..what is w/ Kyu also read this if you haven’t read already! >> Transcript: The Muzit with KRY, Yesung & Kyuhyun arguing about dancing skills LOL!

Credit: 5uJu
Source : GyuhyunFamily | Reuplaoded by lalalala @
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101031 Zhou Mi Weibo Update

Just came back from Yong hyung’s wedding ceremony, congrats congrats~~ , after the ceremony the artists collectively exclaimed that getting married is such a blissful thing…

Organising the photos, feeling a little hungry ah….. Those behind are my manager and stylist, a group of guys haha
Source: Zhou Mi’s Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @
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Transcript: The Muzit with KRY, Yesung & Kyuhyun arguing about dancing skills LOL!

Yesung: “Among members, we (KRY) are not really good at dancing.” 
Kyuhyun: “Sorry. What? Recently my nickname is DancingKYU.”
Yesung: “But not as good as the others’ (Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong) skills.”
Kyuhyun: “But at least I’m so much better than you two (Yesung&Ryeowook). I’m one of 4 main dancer in 4jib.”
Yesung (disappointed): “……… Yes”
Kyuhyun: (Smiling of the victory)

Source: 100911 The Muzit with KRY
Conversation posted by: @KyuhyunBiased (

101031 Leeteuk UFO Reply: 5th Album

E.L.F.: Take out the 5th album!!
[Angel Teuk] The 5th album is next year~^^
Source: Onsaemiro
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

101031 Ryeowook Twitter Update

My lover (?) Jjongsu ㅋㅋ Super Junior K.R.Y concert (,) we’ll do well!!!
Source: @ryeong9
Shared by: IINA @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: 子钧 @ suju老窝吧
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Kikwang, Taemin, Chansung, Wooyoung, and Minzy give a “Thriller” Halloween performance on Inkigayo

With October 31st being Halloween, Inkigayo marked the occasion with a special dance stage!
B2ST’s Lee Kikwang, SHINee’s Taemin, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Chansung, together with the only female representative, 2NE1’s Minzy, united for an exclusive Halloween themed dance performance to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” song.
With all the idols listed known to be dancing gods, it certainly made for an exciting visual stage.
Check it out below!

Credit; AKP

B2ST says goodbye on Inkigayo + Junhyung rap with Chaeyeon

The B2ST boys said their goodbyes on the October 31st episode of Inkigayo.
It has been a pretty short promotion period with “Soom“, as the B2ST boys will now start to prepare for their upcoming debut in Japan and solo concerts in Korea at the end of the year.
But rest easy, as B2ST will also return in mid-November for follow-up promotions!
Check out their heart-stopping “Soom” performance below.

Junhyung rap with Chaeyeon

Credit; AKP

SHINee says goodbye with “Hello” on Inkigayo

After much controversy and turmoil over the past few days, the SHINee boys returned to the stage on the October 31st episode of Inkigayo.
Unfortunately for Shawols, it was their final goodbye stage for “Hello“, but it has been a very successful promotional run for SHINee in terms of album sales and wins.
Check out their performance below!

Credit; AKP

SNSD “Hoot” comeback on Inkigayo

The SNSD girls never seem to stop, and here they are back again after seven months with their new title song, “Hoot“, despite being in the midst of promoting their Japanese singles.
With a 009 James Bond-ish concept, the girls have gone retro this time, as they begun their full promotions with their final comeback stage on the October 31st episode of Inkigayo.
They had an interview early in the show.

Finally, watch as the girls perform “Hoot” and “It’s My Fault/Mistake.”

Credit; AKP

Shinhwa’s Eric and DBSK’s Yunho in same drama?

Sometime last week, a video surfaced of Eric, Yunho and Kim Kang Woo training together with Incheon special forces. From this, many speculated the possibility of all three of them being cast together in an upcoming drama ‘Poseidon’.

Representatives from the actors' management agencies spoke up and said, "It's true that they were taking a test onsite after receiving an offer to participate in the drama, but the final casting has not been decided yet. The final casting will be decided through the results of the test and by an observation of how well they work with the rest of the team."

Since this time, Eric and Kim Kang Woo have both been confirmed to take a role with Kim Kang Woo taking the lead. Yunho was also confirmed, but SM Entertainment retracted this and clarified by saying that nothing was finalized. Nonetheless, many people believe there is still a high probability that Yunho will also join the cast.

‘Poseidon’ is set to start airing early next year, and it is Korea’s first series about coast guards.

Source: Absolute Shinhwa and thekpopnation

101030 Duck BUTT mentioning Eunhyuk on his twitter

TRANS: There was once when Eunhyuk said.. on broadcast that I drank alcohol.. because of that (,) I was mistaken as someone who likes drinking.. ke.. honestly.. I only had experience drinking alcohol.. (but) till now I don’t like it nor drink it often ~ㅋtalking about this (,) I missed our hyukjae.. Aigoo
Source: @0101xiahtic
Chinese translation: 倩倩
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Idol-Actor Report Card from the experts

 Experts on Idol-Actor Report Cards “Lee Seung Gi – Mickey Yoochun, 1 and 2″
As it is difficult to find a drama these days that does not have an idol star in it, idol power is coming on strong on tv.  Trendy genres targeting teens is a given, but weekly dramas and even daily dramas, “acting idols” are increasingly showing their range and scope. For the few box office hit idol stars, they are handling continuous drama offers.  However, there are also situations in which idol stars are unskilled in their acting ability.  If that’s the case, what do the people on the front lines in the entertainment industry think about these idol stars?
Sports Seoul asked drama CPs from the 3 broadcast channels and representatives from the film industry and experts to rate idol stars in the categories of acting ability, box office hit, and growth potential, assigning a maximum of 5 points for each.  Among the active 11 idol stars who are either currently or were recently acting in a drama, Lee Seung Gi (23) and Mickey Yoochun (24) received the highest marks.  Among the female idol-actors, Nam Gyu Ri (25) received the highest marks.


Lee Seung Gi, Mickey Yoochun – Acting ability. Box office hit. Growth potential. Ranked 1 and 2.

SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Lee Seung Gi received the highest points in each of the categories. He ranks in at number 1. Lee Seung Gi’s acting ability was the category the experts pointed out the most. Averaging 4.2 points in this category, 2 of the experts rated him at the maximum 5.0 points. Currently debuting in KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal and also having his eyes set on films, Mickey Yoochun received high marks with a 4.0 average in acting ability.  Also, SBS You’re Beautiful’s Lee Hong Ki and SBS’s Oh My Lady’s Choi Si Won received favorable marks with 3.4 and 3.2 averages respectively.  Among the female idol-actors, SBS’s Life is Beautiful’s Nam Gyu Ri was rated at a 3.4 in acting ability.

KBS Moon Bo Hyun CP said “I have more affection for Mickey Yoonchun because he is not your typical flowerboy. Even though he is still young and still lacking in his acting, he knows how to implement his acting plan and shows charisma as an actor.”


Kim Hyun Joong, Ji Yeon – Box office hit yet low in growth potential.

In the areas of box office hit and growth potential, there was a mixed reception. Usually stars receive more favorable marks in growth potential compared to the box office hit category, however the cases for Kim Hyun Joong (24) and Ji Yeon (17) were reversed.  Having recently participated in MBC’s Playful Kiss, even though Kim Hyun Joong received an average 4 points in the box office hit area and ranked 3rd in this category behind Lee Seung Gi and Mickey Yoochun, his 3.4 points in growth potential category was lower than Choi Si Won and Nam Gyu Ri. Among the female idols, Ji Yeon received the highest average (e points) in the box office hit area but received an average 2.7 points in growth potential.

In regards to active idol female stars, SBS Choi Moon Suk CP said, “It may be different for supporting roles, but I don’t think there really is anyone that has potential as a lead actress yet. Performing on a music stage and having a pretty appearance is completely different from displaying good acting.”

When did Lee Seung Gi become an idol?!  Can you even be an idol as a soloist?  No offense, but wish some of the press would stop lumping SeungGi in this category just because they feel like it.  Yes, he is an actor and he is a singer; an idol he is not.  Or at least I don’t think he is! Anyway, I still liked this article because the ranking wasn’t some random online survey or poll where fans just vote multiple times!  The report card is based on input from drama CPs, film representatives, and other industry experts; and Seunggi is #1 (again!).  Read the entire article…

Source:  Sports Seoul via Nate
English translation:
Please do not copy/paste articles on other websites without clear and proper indication of “ English translation” credit. And please do not use any aspect of LSGfan’s translations as your own without credit. Thanks. 

101030 Heechul Twitter Update

Today is Halloween Day?
Source: @Heedictator
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What a simple tweet. 

101030 Shindong Twitter Update

There’s a construction going on in front of our house….. I can’t sleep!! How??? So I’ll do the construction work together!! Constructor Shindong!!
Source: @ShinsFriends
Translated by eternalsnow @

Image Hosted by
Good morning!!! Good morning!! It’s a happy weekend!! The sun is shining even though the weather’s cold!! But the weather got nicer!! Ah ah ah~~ I want to go snowboarding!! Woo he he he!! P.S. Bonus It’s a picture I drew of Gyuri’s profile^^
Source: Shindong Twitter
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM



101030 Hangeng Weibo Update

I can’t take it, aching all over, can’t get up once I lie down, not getting up anymore, sleep~~~!
Source: Hangeng’s Weibo
Translation: bulletproof@
Thank you yeyebaby for the heads up!
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101030 Zhou Mi Weibo Update

Super Mari-Mi* is flying to Korea, they are flying with me, meeting everyone again next month at NanJing, happy :)

*instead of Super Mario, ZhouMi added his name in and changed it into Super Mari-Mi.
Source: ZhouMi’s Weibo
Translation: bulletproof@
Thank you IINA for the heads up!
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101028-101029 Zhou Mi Weibo Updates (Holy CRAP he is so handsome!)

101028 Suddenly realised that the difference between humans and animals is being civilised.
Weibo is haywire, there’s even an automatic deleting function..
While watching the (fashion) show(,) someone passed me a cup of coffee warm~

gentleman Mimi who’s watching the fashion week’s FASHION SHOW, fashion week? fashion Zhou*! Haha
* Originally typed in English
* 周 is both Zhou Mi’s surname and also stands for ‘week’ in Chinese. He’s just doing a play on words.

101029 Doing make-up, when the preparations are done then we’ll be able to leave~ Friends in Changzhou(,) see you in a while~

Have not removed the make-up after the performance has ended, after so long this is the first time (we’re) telling everyone about the news of a new album, we just want to say that “SJ-M is always around* “. Everyone at the venue has worked hard, thank you (my) adorable Mitangs*
* May also be interpreted as SJ-M will always be around.
** Mitangs = Honeys

Source: Zhou Mi’s Weibo
Thanks to IINA @ for the heads up!
Translated by eternalsnow @
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I agree. he's toooooo handsome ^^ 

101027-101029 Ryeowook Twitter Update ~

101027 Awkward three fingers (pose)* ㅋㅋ
* Ryeowook is referring to Eunhyuk’s pose in the photo.

Recording Home Sweet Home’s OST* now~♬ With the really warm two-toned ‘Junsung hyungnim’!!! It was really amazing to be able to work together ^^~
* The OST which Ryeowook was reported to be participating in. Click here for more details.

101029 SuJu-M hasn’t been assembled in a long timeㅋㅋ On the way to Nanjing(,) China~!! Going to China’s Dinosaur Park ㅋㅋ ^^~* Two photos with Donghai*♥
*Ryeowook typed the Chinese pronunciation of Donghae’s name in Hangul
Source: @ryeong9
Shared by IINA @
Translated by eternalsnow @
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Saturday, 30 October 2010

October 31 15:50 Halloween Special "Live SBS Inkigayo>!

Performers ◎ ◎ # Undisputed leader in the music industry! Take 7! 2PM [I'll be back], SHINee [Hello], Ga [irreversible], Beast [breath], 2NE1 [go away], Supreme [back then back then back then], miss A [Breathe] * Circumstances Supreme Team, and the appearances do not miss A *

# Comeback special # * Girls * Sweet spy-turned-Girls! Our hearts and arrows shoot shoot shoot! [Heh]! Pure girls put their hearts to hear the ballad [It's my fault] to! Girls can be met in many different aspects of the comeback! - Girls' Generation [Heh +'s my fault]

* 2AM * 2AM emotional thrill of ringing in the soul .... Such a rich emotional tears to fall sharply, as the pain of parting will tell. 2AM's double title track [crazy] & [do not press that button, you] ... - 2AM [do not press that button, you crazy +]

# Special stage # Total Idol gathered in one place, the dancers!  Each group is represented by a wonderful man and a joint ownership Minji 2NE1! Can meet only in popular music Halloween dance their fantastic performance! - Gigwang, Minho, Yong, favor, Minji [Thriller]

# TAKE 7 # * If I worried what to confess?! Get started sweetly as shiny ~ Hello ~ - Shiny [hello] * 2010 new born rabbit dance! Syeopeulchum! Let's step with a light, along with 2PM?! - 2PM [I'll be back] * Goodbye stage, because more powerful! Become more intense in BEAST [hide]! - BEAST [hide] * Charisma is not forgotten! Cain, intense and passionate performances of dance! - Cain [irreversible]

# Hot Music # * Never seen so far is a cool show begins! When?! Right now! - Boys [Right now] * Than light, hot and intense stage of the Rainbow! Mach pass to watch all the time, I think this! - Rainbow [Mach] * Sunflower mercy like. SG Wannabe's voice consistently sweet and ... - SG Wannabe [Sunflower] * Wipungdangdang! Republic of Korea Ladies! Courage! Forward with confidence! Nine myuji like scan! - 9muses [Ladies] * Dazzling white snow, beautiful voice ... fulfill the emotional ballads ... - Finished [white tears]

# Fresh Music # * The first-ever in popular music '2 NE1 'of the title song of the topic! 2NE1 changed the look! Direct cute? - 2NE1 * Deep in the fall, came up with unique charms of the traditional ballad, Chae ... look out for a rich emotional ~ - Chae (feat.BEASt BEAST) [Ma lover] * ~ Fell in love in the heart 'ppirippom ppaerippom'! As a unique title can not take your eyes off the performance of co-ed! - Co-ed [ppirippom ppaerippom] * Upgrades are further back! Soksaporaep Faster! To more sophisticated music! - The Outsiders [the hero] * Idol of charisma was irresistible! Sense of their songs are Touch! Touch! - Touch [I] * 3-member girl group, brought to Eva ... sore sore sore wounds of separation from her harmonies ... - Eva [alone want to buy] * Wrote a beautiful love letter erased repeated! Let's hear the voice of the bohemian in?! - Bohemian [Love letter]

Performer # # 594 times Girls, Boys, 2PM, SHINee, 2NE1, BEAST, 2AM, Cain, Rainbow, Chae, SG Wannabe, The Outsiders, coeducational, 9muses, Touch, accomplished, Eva, Bohemian * Performers are subject to change and circumstances warrant.

cr : SBS Inkigayo website

Can't wait tomorrow.. ^^

Lee Joon's Diary, 'I don’t have Twitter'

2010.10.29 금 04:15저 트위터 안합니다 .
제이름으로된 트위터는 사칭입니다 .
트위터할줄모르는데 착잡하네요
이준은 미니홈피밖에 할줄모르는사람입니다 .
트위터를 배우는대로 할것입니다 .
2010.10.29 Fri 04:15
I don’t have Twitter .
The Twitter with my name is an impersonation .
I don’t know how to use Twitter, it’s complicated
Lee Joon is a person who doesn’t know anything else besides a mini homepage .
I will learn about Twitter .

SOURCE: Joon’s Cyworld

MBLAQ Joon’s Cyworld Updates

저나 저나를받으시옵소성 …
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 지송요 .

It’s alright,
*Your majesty pick up your phone …
ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I’m sorry.
**T/N: It’s a pun. ‘jun ha’ (Joon spelled it as ‘jun a’) [meaning: 'your majesty'] and jun hwa (Joon spelled it as ‘jun a’) [meaning: 'phone'] sounds similar.
SOURCE: Joon’s Cyworld

Kangin at an Army Event

Kangin was helping in an event held by his army camp where people can experience what it's like being in the army.
Source: Onsaemiro
Reuploaded and shared by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


Ex SM trainee Stella poses with Soo Young!

Ex SM trainee Stella shared a photo taken with SNSD's Soo Young on her own Twitter account.

Stella used to be a trainee of SM Ent and she nearly debuted as a member of SNSD.It is great to see that she is still having close relationship with the girls of SNSD.

Photo credits to Stella's twitter~

Is SHINee's Minho the Next to Become a Hallyu Actor?

SHINee’s Minho indicated his desire for an acting.
On a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s pilot program ‘Oh! My School,’ he stated “Next year I definitely want to act.”
As stated by Minho, “I definitely want to try playing a role suitable for a singer and an action role,” also conveying “I’m still lacking in terms of my acting ability, after I practice a bit more I’ll challenge myself to take on a character that suits me.”
MC Yoo Se-yoon, upon hearing this, stated “a singing, natural-born fighter, DC DOC’s Kim Chang-ryul,” causing a burst of laughter.
Airs on the 30th at 5:15 PM.
source Newsen
find source Shakizi
credit weareshining
translation Joodit@WRS

C.N Blue Tokyo fan-meeting with 5000 fans

The four members band CNBLUE held the 1st official fanmeeting in Japan, to show their gratitude to the fans.

On the 28th evening, CNBLUEs was held ‘Welcome to BOICE JAPAN’ fan meeting in Yūrakuchō, Hall of Tokyo International Forum, and met with 5000 fans who gathered from all over Japan.

On this event, CNBLUE sang their renowned song from both their Korean and Japanese albums, such as ‘Let’s Go Crazy’, ‘I don’t know why’ which is a title track from second singles that was climbed to #7 in the Oricon Single Chart and reached #1 in the Oricon Indie Chart on last september, ‘Love’ and ‘I’m A Loner’ both are hit songs in South Korea.

Moreover, memorable items from the members such as guitar strap and drum sticks that actually had been used in a performance, worn drama’s outfit and hand-drawn pictures were put on display for a charity auction where all proceed will be donated to UNICEF.

CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa said, “we’re currently preparing for our new singles and by early next year we will be having a Zepp tour”. The members added, “In appreciation to the fans who have always supported us, we are singing this song with all our heart,” and then sang the encore song ‘’

CNBLUE will held Jeff (Zepp) live performances by next year in 4 cities in Japan. Starting on January in Osaka on the 9th, then Fukuoka 11th, Nagoya 13th and finally Tokyo on the 16th.

source @ Kukinews, translation @ Cnbluestorm

JYJ: The Biggest Boy Band In The World You've Never Heard Of

Trivia question: Who's the biggest boy band in the world? Backstreet Boys? *NSYNC? New Kids? Hanson? Take That? Menudo? Nope. According to reliable source Guinness World Records, it's JYJ.

Never heard of JYJ? Well, obviously you haven't been to Korea lately, where the group's singers, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, are bigger than Justin Timberlake. Their popularity in their homeland landed them in Guinness in 2008 and 2009 for having the world's largest official fanclub (more than 800,000 members in Seoul alone) and for being the most photographed celebrities on the planet (they've been snapped professionally approximately 500 million times).

And now JYJ are going global, as they release their first English-language album, The Beginning, on Atlantic Records. The disc features production on two tracks, "Empty" and "Be My Girl," by superstar studio guru Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige), and the album's lead single, "Ayyy Girl," actually boasts vocals and production by a little American artist named Kanye West. 

While the members of JYJ started performing together in 2003 in the Korean boy band TVXQ (who released four successful albums in Korea and four in Japan), the new album title The Beginning is apt here, since JYJ is a rebirth for them--and not just because they're finally launching their careers in America. It took a long and arduous journey for JYJ to reach this point. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, while still in TVXQ, had to sue their record label, SM Entertainment, in order to get out of what was basically a ludicrously unfair 13-year "slave" contract. Despite having sold millions of units and breaking world records in Asia, until they successfully extricated themselves from SM Entertainment, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu were literally broke.

But things are looking up for JYJ now. A recent issue of Billboard with JYJ on the cover sold out in 24 hours, for instance, and their record label actually had to halt all pre-orders for the limited luxury edition of The Beginning due to too much demand. And obviously, JYJ's Western-friendly R&B sound has already earned them some very high-profile U.S. supporters.

"I'm really glad to work with JYJ on their debut album," says Jerkins. "It's all about the East meeting the West these days, and the world is becoming a melting pot of various cultures. To have Kanye and myself champion the cause of unifying the world through the international language of music and introducing top artists from one end of the globe to this end in America makes this a very special project to us." And JYJ add: "It was a great new experience that we are really privileged to have. We felt the pressure of working with such superstars initially, but our anxieties were allayed when Kanye/Rodney showed us great support. We were able to have a really good time working with them and exchanging ideas about music with one another."

Prepare to witness JYJ set a whole bunch of other Guinness records in the near future.

Many thanks to Musicfreak for sending in the tip too!

Source: Yahoo! Music

cr ; DKP