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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Staffs Praised DaeSung for his Perfect Voice Dubbing for 'Sammy'

Through 3D presentation of the adorable animal characters in the ocean, Big Bang’s Daesung was chosen to be the voice of Sammy in ‘Sammy’s Adventure: The Secret Passage’ which got quite a huge crowd anticpated.

The animation is about a sea turtle who was hatched in 1959 spends the next 50 years adventuring through the 5 oceans and 6 continents with his friends, Ray and Shelley. Daesung, who was chosen to dub for the Korean version of ‘Sammy’, was highly praised by the staffs on set for his incredible dubbing skills.

‘Sammy’ is an adventurous sea turtle who is curious about the world where he begins his journey with his friends. Daesung unique voice was said to have given life to the character, and even though this was his first time in dubbing an animation, Daesung was completely into the character itself in the recording room as if he was the real ‘Sammy’, overflowing with movements and expressions.

Daesung showed his charismatic side by focusing hard on the script, instantly lifting up the mood during the recording. Voice instructor, Kim Jung Kyu, also praised Daesung by saying, “Though I had seen many voice actors around, but it is hard to find someone who can ‘adapt’ to the character this fast. A voice that is filled with emotions, I am sure more praises will come along in regards to Daesung’s acting.”

Chinese Translation: wings
English Translation: Aoiare

A Taiwanese Show Mistakes JYJ’s Junsu For A Pig!

 Photo Credit: Wo Ai Hei She Bang Bang Tang

During the November 28th episode of Wo Ai Hei She Bang Bang Tang, the show had a corner where the guests tried to guess photos of various stars.

A warped picture of JYJ’s Junsu was one of the photos and the clue given was that he was a “Korean Star.”
When the guests showed their guesses, one of the girls had written “Kim Pig” instead of “Kim Junsu.”

Even the hosts were taken aback and asked her what she meant by “Kim Pig.” The girl kept repeating that Junsu’s nose resembles a pig.

Everyone in the studio was surprised and although they were laughing, they said things like “what is she saying?” “she’s done for!”

[Thanks to Tina Xu for the translations]
While this may have been done for laughs, did they go too far with their remarks?

The girl’s answer can be seen from 4:26. 

Source: MTV K

G-Dragon & T.O.P will be promoting Triple-Title Song

Popular male group Big Bang members, G-Dragon and Top, will be starting on their promotional activities next month as a duo unit of the group. Officials from the music industry will be keeping a close eye on the duo consisting of Top and G-Dragon (who had debuted his solo album before).

On 29th November, YG Entertainment staff updated their YG daily blog with several breaking news, Big Bang will make their comeback on 1st February, G-Dragon and Top’s duo unit album which will be released during this coming December.

It was not as surprising when YG stated the comeback date of Big Bang as Top was seen with a anime-like hairstyle during the recent ’31st Blue Dragon Film Awards’.

However, many fans were exceptionally surprised at the fact that G-Dragon and Top will be releasing an album together as a duo. Since their first single album in 2006, the two of them has never been seen performing together as a duo, instead, G-Dragon was seen working on Taeyang’s album while supporting the other members.

The news was also grabbing the attention because of the upcoming album. Different units have been formed under popular groups like Super Junior, Girl’s Generation and many more, but it was not common of them to be releasing a full studio album.

Following the duo album, the youngest member, Seungri, will also be releasing his digital single in January before starting the official comeback activities of Big Bang.
Just like 2NE1 who had been given a triple-title song strategy, YG will be using the ‘Separated but together’ strategy for Big Bang which will be expected to last for 4 months.

It is surprising that the duo unit will be part of the whole plan. “The duo will be following the triple-title song just like 2NE1″ and “Fans will anticipate and pay even more attention when there's only two person singing in their world.” a YG representative said.

The duo had actually performed one of the track ‘Bbeokigayo’ in their upcoming album during ’2010 MAMA’ on 28th November. G-Dragon and Top showed their stage charisma by wearing black suits rapping to their new song, causing an instant rise in atmosphere. The album will include a total of 11 new songs.

Meanwhile, Big Bang along with other YG artists will be holding their ’2010 YG Family Concert’ in Seoul Olypmic Gymnastics Stadium on 4th December.

Translated by: Aoiare

101129 Ryeowook Twitter Update ~

Has anyone watched the dance musical <If You Love To Dance> is offering a 62% discount for today^^ Insadong shopping paradise, Sachum Theatre~~ Go and watch it if you have time, it seems good^^~Good day♥
*Sachum – short form of the title of the musical. Ryeowook’s referring to the specific theatre for the musical, which is located in Insadong.
Source: @ryeong9
Translated by: thundersquall @
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Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Shindong are Timon and Pumbaa?

Super Junior's Eunhyuk posted "티몬과 품바" (Timon Pumbaa) together with a picture with Shindong about 9 minutes ago through twitter.

For those whom dont know who is Timon and Pumbaa, Timon is a meercat and Pumbaa is a warthog and they are the sidekicks of the movie, The Lion King.

Check out the picture here!

Timon and Pumbaa

Credit: @AllRiseSilver

Onew as Special DJ for Sukira on Dec 1

SHINee's Onew will host Sukira (Kiss the Radio) with Super Junior's Eunhyuk as Lee Teuk has to be off due to his schedule. The theme for that day is "Love not as easy as said" and the guests are T-Max's Mincheol, Infinite's Sungkyu & Woohyun and f(x)'s Luna.

Credits: jujugal@soompi

Celebrities Of Korean Dramas 2010 – Park Yoochun In The Hot Springs

Hyun Bin, Park Yoochun, Kim Ji Soo… 2010 Korean Dramas Hot Springs and Cold Springs
In 2010, many celebrities greeted audiences through the dramas they participated in. But the critiques and reviews they receive differ from one another, with some gaining positive feedback while others receive harsh criticism for their “feet acting” or lack of strict self-management.
Starnews has put together the celebrities of 2010 who have earned passionate responses from audiences in the “hot springs”, and those who have received cold reviews in the “cold springs”.

“Hot springs” – successful idol-turned-actor transformation, Park Yoochun
KBS2 drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ actor Park Yoochun debuted as an actor with this drama. Although many people were worried about his performance before the official broadcast of the drama, he used his strength in acting to prove their groundless worries. His next drama project as an actor is highly anticipated!
Source: [baidutvxq]
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SNSD & SHIBUYA109's Xmas Illumination Collaboration

SNSD and Tokyo’s SHIBUYA109 have put their collaboration plan into practice. The collaboration is called “109 Girls’ Generation Xmas”.

In this Christmas collaboration, the 9 members of SNSD are displayed on the front of 109’s cylinder building. The huge multicolored illumination of SNSD will be displayed from November 30th to December 25th.

SNSD’s Comments
We, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), are appearing on the cylinder of “SHIBUYA109”, which is a symbol of Shibuya and girls fashion.
We go out shopping often and one of our favorite places is Shibuya, so we’re extremely happy!
There are also 9 members of SNSD, so it feels like fate that we get to collaborate with “09”.
It would be great if this could make everyone’s Christmas a little more fun and bright.
This time our theme is “line dancing” and we were particular about the fashion during this photo shoot.
Definitely come out and see it!
And, everyone please have a fantastic Christmas.
Merry Christmas!!

Translated by:
Source: [LINK]

Jay Park Jakarta Mini Showcase by Extra Miles

We got this from email just now, so we post it. it is a press release by Extra Miles from KARTIKA “VICHA” VIFTIYANTY the DIRECTOR of PROJECT & COMMUNICATION of Extra Miles.

Siapa yang tidak kenal Jay park, cowok Korea yang besar di Amrik dan sempat menjadi perhatian ketika duet dengan B.O.B dalam Nothing On You ini, sekarang lebih mendalami lagi bidang seni tarik suara. Park Jaebeom adalah nama aslinya, jago ngedance dan juga pandai memikat para penggemarnya lewat beberapa tembang lagu yang dinyanyikannya dalam album Count on Me
          Setelah sukses mempromotori acara konser Artis Korea sebelumnya “Lee Jee Hoon”, kali mini Extra
          Miles mengusung benderanya kembali untuk membawa Jay Park ke Indonesia yang termasuk dalam
          rangkaian program tur Asia nya dan menggelar mini show case yang akan di adakan tanggal 6
          Desember 2010 mulai pukul 6 sore brtempat di Nusa Indah theater Balai Kartini, Jakarta
Tema acara yang kita angkat saat ini adalah ‘Pray for Indonesia’. Adapun keuntungan dari acara ini akan disumbangkan sebagian kepada saudara-saudara kita yang menjadi korban bencana alam.
Kemungkinan kita akan berikan bantuan ini ke Merapi terlebih dahulu, ujar Astri Nugraha selaku Project Manager dari Extra Miles.
So, bagi teman – teman yang belum memiliki tiket mini show case Jay Park, bisa langsung segera menghubungi no telepon 3506555 atau melalui tiket online yang telah bekerja sama dengan Extra Miles. Sebelum kehabisan, ayo jangan lupa ya… Kita tunggu…
Who doesn’t know Jay Park, a Korean who grow up in USA, and happen to be center of attention when he did a collaboration with B.O.B singing Nothing On You. Park Jaebeom is his real name, good at dance, and good at luring the fans with his song on Count On Me Album.

After a success doing promotion for other Korean singer/actor, Lee Jee Hoon, now Extra Miles, comeback again with Jay Park for is showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia that is included into Jay Park Asian Tour. This showcase will be held in 6th December 2010, 6PM (UTC+7) at Nusa Indah Theater, Balai Kartini, Jakarta Indonesia.

The theme for the show is “Pray For Indonesia”. Which part of the profit will be donated to Indonesian that suffer from recent natural disaster.

“We might give the donation to Merapi victims first” said Astri Nugraha as our Project Manage from Extra Miles.

So all of you who haven’t got any ticket for the show, you can call us at +6221-3506555 or mail it to, or by online at and Get it fast!

translated roughly by Edwin Joo,

Credit: koreanupdates

Monday, 29 November 2010

SNSD “Hoots” a 4th straight K-Chart win on Music Bank

Due to the broadcast of the 16th Asian Games, KBS2TV did not air a new episode of Music Bank last Friday (November 26th). Scores were still tabulated though for their weekly K-Chart.

The winner was revealed through Music Bank’s official website today and it was none other than SNSD who won the November 26th edition of K-Chart with 13,247 points for the period between 15 – 21st November, and it was also their 4th straight win in a row. B2ST and Huh Gak were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively, while KARA and Baek Ji Young rounded up the top 5.

Congratulations to SNSD who adds another trophy to their “Hoot” promotions after claiming their triple Mutizen crown on Inkigayo just yesterday. Stay tuned to allkpop for the return of Music Bank on December 3rd with your new MCs, Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji.

Source: kbs
Credit: AKP

I knew it. BEAST gonna be contestant for 1st place last week. gah. really hope they will win.

S.M. THE BALLAD releases “Miss You” MV

They’ve already performed live and released their album, and now S.M. THE BALLAD has just unveiled the music video for “Miss You“, the title track from their debut mini-album with the same name.

Featuring the rich vocals of Trax’s Jay, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and rookie Jino, their soothing voices will definitely warm your hearts this winter season.

Check out their music video below!


F.CUZ ranked #1 on Taiwanese Charts for ‘Midnight Sun’

Idol group F.CUZ has been topping the charts in Taiwan with the release of their title track, “Midnight Sun“, from their new album “Gorgeous“.

On November 27th, the group’s title track “Midnight Sun” outranked both popular Taiwanese and Western hits to grab the #1 spot on the Taiwanese music charts, ‘EZipper‘.

Although the group has yet to fully launch into their album promotions, they are still receiving an great amount of interest from their Taiwanese fans.

“F.CUZ will release their 2nd mini-album ‘Gorgeous’ in Taiwan on December 9th, and will begin their Taiwanese promotions around then,” said F.CUZ’s agency.

Source: Money Today Star News
Credit: AKP

G-Dragon and TOP Performed Their New Song Called ppeogi-gayo

BIGBANG's G-Dragon and TOP has revealed a new song called ppeogi-gayo

TOP and G-dragon have revealed their new song called "ppeogi-gayo" in MAMA that was held in Cotai Arena, Macao, on 28th November.

After they're performed 'Hallelujah" with the winner of Best Male Singer, Taeyang, a dialogue popped out in the LED screens showing a caption of "15th December, TOP and GD". And from that we can see that these two person unit group's activities will start on the 15th of December.

There were a lot of rumours of those two's unit group project going around. Recently G-Dragon and TOP throw a party for 'High High' Music Video. Their new unit group has been established since they've tell us about that new rap-centered song.

In other news, MAMA was broadcasted live throughout 16 countries in Asia like Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

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SNSD’s Jessica expresses her affection for SHINee’s Onew

SNSD’s Jessica expressed her affection for SHINee’s Onew on the November 28th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Nocturnal Variety.”

Fellow member Hyoyeon first began talking about Onew in comparison to the traits of her ideal man, by stating that he fit only two of her three desired traits, the third being humor.

Jessica retorted, “Onew is so nice and caring. It doesn’t matter if he’s not humorous because I’m not humorous either,” showing her affectionate feelings for him.

She continued, “Onew and I sang a duet song together once. I like people that sing well, and Onew sings well and has a nice voice.”

The two then went on to sing their duet song on the spot, leading MC Shin Dong Yeob to comment, “Jessica never took her eyes off of Onew the entire time they were singing.

Jessica gave her characteristically chic reply, “Well, I see him every day so of course I stare at him while singing.

Source + Photos: Newsen  via AKP
Video: jujugal718 @YT

Drama and Yoseob releases “First Snow and First Kiss” MV!

Dalmatian’s Drama and B2ST’s lead vocalist Yoseob have come together as a duet for their digital single, “First Snow and First Kiss.

The jacket picture and music video was recently revealed and has already been attracting high levels of attention. A representative of Dalmatian’s agency stated, “The two shared their hardships together since their trainee days. They shed tears after realizing that the two had finally debuted and were even singing a song and shooting a music video together. They never lost their smile throughout the recording and are elated over the prospect of releasing an album filled with only their voices.

Their song depicts the excitement one feels when seeing the first snow fall of the year, along with feelings of nostalgia when thinking about past loves. The ballad song is a gift from Yoseob and Drama to the people they love as 2010 draws near to its close.

The track can be bought on all online music sites starting November 29th.

Source: MD Today via Nate
Credit: AKP

Taeyang On My YouTube


G-Dragon & T.O.P Comeback!

G-Dragon & T.O.P
2010.12.26 COMEBACK!
SBS Inkigayo in Korea xD

Source:DCGD via  
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Seungri to Debut Early Next Year

The youngest member of Big Bang, Victory (real name: Lee Seung Hyun) is debutting early next year as a solo artist.

Big Bang's agency YG Entertainment (YG) posted on their official blog 'YG- LIFE' ( & the notice , ' On January 3 next year, Seungri will come back with his digital singles come back to.'

Big Bang's Victory had his solo comeback early last year which have fully captured our hearts by 'Strong Baby' . It has already been a year and nine months. He has swept the top positions of various music charts at that time.

Victory's solo comeback will be accompanied by the new united group ,TOP and G-Dragon and their comeback as a group in February, next year.

Meanwhile, Bigbang is going to perform in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium for the 'YG Family Concert'.

Source: Frontier Times News
Translated, edited: Rice@BigbangWorld

didn't the title supposed to be seungri comeback?? he already debut solo last year.

Super Junior showcase their talents through “Super Junior’s ForeSight”

Super junior will visit TV viewers with their own talk show called Super Junior’s Foresight.
Super Junior who have been recognized for their great talking skills through various variety shows and radio programs will act as the main MCs in the talk show. Super Junior’s Foresight which will air on cable TV MBC Every1 invites a senior celebrity each week and Super Junior learns about the person’s know how.
For the first episode, Kim Janghoon will guest star to teach Super Junior on how he was able to receive love for 20 years by performing at concerts.
All of the cast learned the choreography to Kim Janghoon’s song, I am a Man and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sang Kim Janghoon’s hit song If You are the Same as me.
Super Junior’s Foresight which shows heartwarming friendship among the seniors and the juniors will air December 8th at 5PM.
Source: TVDaily
Translated by: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

BTS photos of Daesung’s “What’s Up” revealed

Big Bang's Daesung will make his drama debut through "What's Up", and behind-the-scenes photos
of the leading star were recently revealed.

Producers of the musical drama were said to have been unable to hold back their praise for the
young star, particularly since he had to run around the set in short sleeves despite the freezing
weather in order to shoot a summer scene.

# "You did well, let’s go again!" Song PD gives instructions to Kang Daesung and Im Ju Hwan.

# A college student asks Daesung for a picture while the set is on break.

# “Let’s see who did the best!” Im Ju Hwan shows off footage he took with his cell phone and
laughs with his castmates. “When did we get so good?

# Kim Ji Won dances to 2NE1's Park Bom's "You & I" in the freezing cold. The two immediately
dash to the nearest fireplace as soon as Song PD shouts "Cut!"

# The distance between the camera and the actor is being measured.

# As soon as the actors hear "Cut!" they immediately rush to find their jackets. Kang Daesung
shouts, "Be careful of colds!" to Kim Jiwon and others.

Source + Photos : Sports Korea via allkpop

YG Entertainment announces Big Bang comeback

Top Korean agency YG Entertainment has announced that boy band Big Bang will make their long-awaited comeback to the local music scene, as their original five-member band and also through solo and duo albums.

YG's CEO and founder Yang Hyuk-suk wrote on the official YG Life blog site ( on Monday that members G-Dragon and T.O.P will be the first to return, releasing songs "High High" and "Oh Yeah" on December 15 as a duo while their full-length album, featuring 11 tracks, will hit stores a week later.

Yang then wrote that member Seungri will follow next with the release of his solo digital single on January 3 and the boys will make their full-fledged comeback as Big Bang on February 1.

Last week, YG Life had unveiled a digital clock timer indicating that an announcement was going to be made over the weekend which fans and industry sources speculated as the return of Big Bang or the official U.S. debut of girl group 2NE1.

Big Bang, discovered and trained by major talenthouse YG Entertainment, is known as one of the biggest names in the Korean pop industry, releasing hit songs "Dirty Cash," "With U," "Lies" and "Haru Haru."

The last album that the group released in Korea was "REMEMBER," featuring the title track "Red Sunset" two years ago.

The group then successfully crossed over to the Japanese music market in June of last year with their debut single "My Heaven" which reached No. 3 on the prestigious Oricon daily singles chart and toured three cities in the country which attracted a total of 60,000 fans.

They have released other singles in Japan such as "Tell Me Goodbye" and "Beautiful Hangover" and performed on the main stage at the Summer Sonic Festival this August.

Big Bang is currently gearing up for the "2010 YG Family Concert" to be held on December 4 and 5 with fellow labelmates 2NE1, Gummy and Psy.

source : asiae 
Credit: Big Bang Haven 

More press photos of Taeyang, G-Dragon & TOP at 2010 MAMA on 101128

Source: as tagged
Credit: Big Bang Haven





Subs by jujugal718 @ YT
Credits by MYShawols

Big Bang's Comeback Date & Seungri's Solo Digital Single Date

source: YG-LIFE 

G-Dragon+T.O.P Album Release!

Source:YG LIFE via TeamBIGBANG

Single cut songs release at 12/15!
And full album release at 12/24 xD
Shared by Tisya @ Big Bang Updates