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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Interview with Super Junior's Shindong, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk - 10asiae


SBS talk show "Steel Heart" aired for the first time on October 6 of last year. And during the early stages of this massive show, while over 20 guests 'battled' each other with stories which are funny, sad or absurd, regular panelist Boom created small segments titled 'Boomkikago' and 'Boom Academy' which filled up the spaces in between such talk. His joining the military less than a month after the show premiered created a vacuum but his brilliant students Lee Teuk, Shindong and Eun-hyuk of boy band Super Junior continued his legacy with 'Teukgigayo' and 'Teuk Academy.' So how did these boys -- prince charming to numerous girls and hosts of their own radio shows -- carry on 'Teuk Academy' for a year? 10Asia met with the three who were busy preparing for a recording of "Steel Heart."

10: When "Steel Heart" first premiered, the three of you hosted 'Boomkigayo' and 'Boom Academy' with TV personality Boom. However, Boom entered the military a month later. How did you feel after hearing the news for the first time?
Lee Teuk: I was really at a loss. Honestly, before becoming really close to Boom, I always thought we would just go and shoot entertainment programs. But he taught us, "Whenever you make an appearance on a program, think about why you are on it and go on it prepared." He then added, "Let's try doing something together here." Also, "Steel Heart" was such a popular show from the start that we were worried whether we'd be able to keep doing well without him.

10: But it's already been a year now so I'm sure you're feeling all sorts of emotions.
Eunhyuk: We too say amongst ourselves "It's been a year?" a lot. We have made many memories on "Steel Heart" while preparing for 'Teukigayo' and 'Teuk Academy.'

10: In order to prepare for each segment, you would have to know who is appearing on the show, who that person is and if it is singer, you would have to practice their dance moves and be well informed before the show since there are an average of 20 guests. How do you prepare?
Lee Teuk: The three of us get together at around 3:30 a.m. since the radio show "Kiss the Radio" that Eunhyuk and I host ends after midnight and Shindong's MBC radio program "Shim Shim Tapa" finishes after two a.m. That is when we receive the list of guests from the producers and we begin to dig up any humiliating or past photographs and send them [the producers] an e-mail.
Eunhyuk: Many of the producers help us now but in the beginning we did everything ourselves. It was all handmade. (laugh)
Lee Teuk: Also, if there are any singers or celebrities who had a career in music, we get a list of their tracks together and try to create any dance moves or skits that could go with the lyrics. Even when we have two skits, it feels like it’s not enough so we begin searching online for humorous situations or add in any funny stories that we know. By then it is about 6:30 a.m. and towards the end Shindong edits the songs. When that is all finished it’s between 7 or 8 a.m. and we sleep until 11 a.m. and shoot the show for about ten to 12 hours.

10: I think the most popular segment has to be the 'introduction of past pictures' although it seems like you guys are trying out many new things as well. Are there any projects on the back burner that you think could be popular? (laugh)
Shindong: I thought the segment where you play with people's names would be a hit. It was originally done by comedian group Tin Tin Five. We talked with comedian Hong Lok-gi a while back and he said it was okay for us to write them since we liked it. So we came together, came up with a skit and we laughed over it so much during the meeting for it. However, when the segment aired, many of the names we called out got edited out. (laugh)
Lee Teuk: It was funny for a week, only a week. (laugh)
Eunhyuk: There is also the corner 'Pop Song Gag' that comedian Park Sung-ho had done and we tried really hard to come up with a skit for that as well but we were out of ideas in two weeks. (laugh)
Lee Teuk: Park Sung-ho told us that we were doing a good job and gave us his sources and gave us several song ideas. But it is definitely hard for us to come up with segments because we lack the ability to since we aren't comedians.

10: You guys are famous for your fun and diverse performances during your concerts. It seems that appearing on different entertainment programs have trained and helped you a lot.Lee Teuk: I think we learned the overall flow of being on a variety show because on "Steel Heart," we have Korea's top emcee Kang Ho-dong and 'Midas Touch' [everything becomes a hit] Lee Seung-gi. Everyone has a role but if variety shows have emcees, there are also guests and I think the three of us form a connection between them. We are learning a lot about how to present and hold back depending on the guest. At the same time, we think about the kinds of role that we will be playing as we get older and that is what helps us figure out our position.


10: Shindong, your dress up show is also popular. You recently even pulled off actress Shin Min-ah's look from SBS TV series "My Girlfriend is Gumiho." I'm sure even the preparation that goes into isn't an easy job so what would you say are the difficulties you experience if there are any?
Shindong: I actually had dressed up a lot since a long time ago -- so much that there were almost nothing I hadn't dressed up as. I used to dress up once a day when I used to host a show on cable channel Mnet. But dressing up as someone isn't just about dressing up like them. There is a large amount of pressure that comes from the fact that you need to express yourself to be exactly like that person while doing it so that it's also fun and what I was worried about a lot was whether the onlooker would enjoy watching me do it. I do think women enjoy it a lot (laugh) but it's most difficult trying to imitate people who are amazing. In that sense, I think the hardest person to dress up as was Rain since he shows his body. I was worried it would look like I was making fun of the performances he had put on so far if I tried to look funny by just baring my upper torso, but he enjoyed it to the extent that he said I did the best job out of people who have done parodies of him so far. I was very grateful for that. I think I'm able to do this because they themselves enjoy it as well. I sometimes do think that maybe I'm trying to create humor by simply using my body, but it's definitely something that doesn't just come out with the use of your body. I have to think about a lot of things, I need to put on more weight... (laugh)
Eun-hyuk: Put on more weight? (laugh) But really, he's not just good at dressing up as that person but he's good at expressing the characteristics each person has.

10: Well I'm sure you've met a lot of entertainers so far so who out of them have you thought 'I wish I could just be as good as him.'?
Eun-hyuk: Definitely Boom.
Lee Teuk: I think Boom is the most prominent figure when it comes to entertainers. And the best emcees are Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk. There's an undeniable reason to why people say they are so.

10: What do you remember most from the know-hows or tips Boom has taught you?
Shindong: I love the confidence Boom has. Even if we might say "It's not fun..." while we were discussing amongst ourselves, he would say, "Let's just try it first. The atmosphere on set is different so let's just try it!"
Eun-hyuk: And then he says, "I'll back you up." (laugh) But really, even when something isn't funny, it can seem like it's funny if someone around you laughs about it. Boom had told us, "When your group members try to do something, laugh even if it may not be funny and make it funny." And like he says, there's three of us so we have the advantage in that sense.

10: Super Junior has pursued its singing career in a variety of units so I think the three of you could be called the "Steel Heart" unit. Are there any members of Super Junior who envy or want to join you guys?
Lee Teuk: Many. (laugh) Dong-hae does too and they all say they want to. And it's not just members of our group. Other celebrities say they want to join our academy as well. These days, After School member Jung-ah asks us how to audition for it.
Eun-hyuk: And of our juniors, ZE:A member Gwang-hee keeps saying he wants to join us which makes me feel very proud. (laugh)
Lee Teuk: Since "Superstar K2" is on these days on Mnet, and we had talked about this with Boom too, I think it would be good if we held an audition under the name "Superstar Academy" and accept a certain number of winners into our academy. The show would do great if it could air.
Shindong: Really! I want to do that. I'm hoping you'll emphasize this when you write the article. (laugh)

10: What more is there that you want to do with it being the first anniversary of "Steel Heart"?
Shindong: Donghae recently sang the logo song for "Steel Heart" so this is what we jokingly said while we were in the States for our concert. "What would it have been like if we were American celebrities? "Steel Heart" would be equivalent to about "The Oprah Winfrey Show," we'd be the regular guests who talk on the show and Donghae would have made the logo song." When the show gets bigger, I'd like the show to go to the U.S. and help make it known overseas.
Eun-hyuk: Many of the people at our LA concert had watched "Steel Heart" so they kept saying "Teuk Academy." Variety shows like "X-Men" have gone overseas before but it hasn't happened with a talk show before so I wonder what it would be like if it was tried overseas.
Lee Teuk: I'd like to try holding the aforementioned audition on "Steel Heart" and rather than wanting to do something in particular, I just hope we'll be able to do our show for a long time. We've experienced the difficulties that comedians face and how hard they work to come up with new ideas... we've actually run into a lot of walls as well. But when we call Boom, he says, "Regardless of how fun or boring you are, what's important is for how long you can keep doing what you're doing." It's been a year now so I'm hoping we'll be able to keep going until at least the time that Boom gets discharged from the military.

10: Lastly, any words you have for Boom?
Eun-hyuk: First of all -
Shindong: Take your time.
(All laugh)
Shindong: No, we want to try something new with him, if only he'd be able to come out quickly, but since there's only a set amount of time. (laugh)
Lee Teuk: I heard he's really busy in the military. That he's almost as busy as Lee Hyori so I hope he stays busy. (laugh)

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@, Lee Ji-Hye seven@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

JYJ 's G20 TTL promotional Video

Video Credits:g20seoulsummit

Videos are in Korean, English and Japanese !

Super Junior twitter updates 280910

Via @ryeong9

새벽 공기 참 좋다^.^* 고등학생 땐 매일 이렇게 일어나 학교 갔는데…그 때가 새삼 그립네…

TRANS: Weather early morning is really good ^.^* During high school, wake up daily at this time to go to school…I actually missed the life back then…

Via @Heedictator 어성

TRANS: oesong

Via @special1004

@ShinsFriends 생일 축하한다!!!^^ㅋㅋ아이폰5 가나온다는 얘기가 있어 그런데 형꺼는 어떻게됐어?

TRANS: @ShinsFriends Happy Birthday!!!^^ㅋㅋ Heard that iPhone 5 will be coming out, but what about hyung’s?

Via @Heedictator
우리가 누구? 슈퍼주니어 가냐가냐가냐가냐

TRANS: Who are we? Super Junior go go go go

Via @Heedictator

@ShinsFriends 너의 생일축하곡으로 울지마를 틀어줄게ㅋㅋ

TRANS: @ShinsFriends Celebrating your birthday, YS is playing “dont cry” ㅋㅋ

Via @Heedictator

Via @ShinsFriends

Via @ShinsFriends

Via @ShinsFriends

사랑하는 김영중….

TRANS: Lovely KimYoung-ing

@special1004 이래서 뭘 사지를 못혀~~ 사면나온데!! 헐!! 슈키라화팅하숑!!

TRANS: @special1004 That is why cant buy~~ After buying, it come out again!! Hyung!! Sukira Hwaiting!!

@Heedictator 역시대박!!! 울지마 모두검색하셔요!! ㅋㅋㅋ

TRANS: @Heedictator Definately Daebak!!! Everyone go search for “Dont cry”!! ㅋㅋㅋ

@Heedictator 이걸이제봤넹!!!! 고맙소잉!!^^ 나두사랑해^^

TRANS: @Heedictator Only seeing this now!!!! Thank you!!^^ I love you too^^

Via @Heedictator

아.. 짧은머리 가냐? 가냐?

TRANS: Ah.. Short hair go? go?

Via @Heedictator
아.. 생각해보니 머릴 짜르면 드럼 칠때 간지 덜나는데ㅡㅡ 머리통 흔들어도 머리카락 안날리고.. 어쩔수없음.. 이미 쏘리쏘리 헤어..
TRANS: Ah.. Was thinking, after cutting the hair short, it wont be that handsome when hitting the drumsㅡㅡ The hair wont fly even if I move my head.. No choice.. Its Sorry Sorry hairstyle..

Via @Heedictator
낼 상지대학교에서 만납시다 여러분!! 난 아직 머리질중~ㅋㅋ
TRANS: See everyone at Sangji University tomorrow!! I am still doing my hair~ㅋㅋ

Special tweet from Beige (RT by Ryeowook)

Via @beigeluv
드디어 베이지의 새 노래 티져가 공개됐어요^^ 슈퍼주니어 려욱 이와함께한 ‘친구와 사랑에 빠질 때’ 많이 사랑해주세요! 음원공개는 30일입니닷!
TRANS: Finally Beige new song is revealed ^^ A duet together with Super Junior Ryeowook “When falling in love with a friend”, please give alot of love! The full song will be revealed on the 30!

Credit: @beigeluv, @ShinsFriends, @Heedictator, @ryeong9
Translated by: minoko2440 @

Guess who is with his new pet ?

Credits: DNBN
Shared by: DBSKnights

Omo... O.o .. I really love that pet... I hope I have it.. ^^

Twitter Compilation (100929)

Via @Heedictator
아 끝.. 난 머리카락도 예민가기 땜에 한번 자르고 뭐하려면 하루종일 걸린다ㅡㅡ 선오쌤과 상빠오 수고했음~♡ 집에 가냐 가냐 가냐
TRANS: Ah ended.. My hair is as sensitive as me, therefore have to spent a whole day cutting hair ㅡㅡ Sunwoo teacher and Sangbba, hard on you ~♡ Home go go

Via @Heedictator
자랑스러운 상지대학생 여러분 이따 봅시다~ 아 방송할때도 안떠는데 무지하게 떨리는구만ㅋㅋ
TRANS: The students of Sangji University, see you later~ Ah, wasn’t nervous doing shows but now is very nervous ㅋㅋ
Via @special1004
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아이고 웃겨라..ㅋㅋㅋ주는데로받는법..ㅋㅋㅋ
TRANS: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAigoo its so funny..ㅋㅋㅋGive you and hold it..ㅋㅋㅋ
Via @siwon407 – This book includes an excerpt about my career. Please show your love & support, thank you!
Via @Heedictator
아 초긴장….
TRANS: Ah nervous….
Via @ryeong9
대학로 예술극장3관에서 하는 <아이에게 말하세요> 9월 30일~10월 3일 저도 보러 갈거에요~^^ 무료이니부담없이 많이많이 보러오세요~~ㅋ
TRANS: Holding “Please tell the kids” at University Road Art Hall, 3rd hall on 30 Sept ~ 3 Oct, I will also go and see it ~^^ It is free so all come to watch~~ㅋ
Via @Heedictator
아 상지대학생 여러분들 꽉 채워주셔서 감사합니다!!ㅋㅋ많은거 배우고 갑니다~ 자신감을 가집시다 잇힝~♡
TRANS: Thank you Sangji University students, seats are all filled up !!ㅋㅋLearnt many things today~ Lets all be confident ah ha~♡

Via @Heedictator
오늘 강의를 위하여 특별히 평범한 대학생 선배 스타일로 하고갔음~아.. 수년전 캠퍼스 시절이 생각나는구려…. CC도 못해봤지만..
TRANS: For today’s lecture, specially went there using the normal/ plain University alumni style~ Ah.. Think about the time in school years ago…. Although didn’t even see CC..chul3
Via @shfly3424
뮤지트촬영이 끝나구 오랜만에 밥톨스를왔다^^ 역시 최고오 ~~~ ㅎㅎ
TRANS: After the recording for Muzit ends, went to Babtols that I haven been to for a long time ^^ Definately the best ~~~ ㅎㅎyesung
Via @ShinsFriends
@Heedictator 뭐야뭐야?? 강의두해?? 이거대박인걸 희교주가 희교수가 대다니!! 도대채 무엇을 들려주셧습니까?? ㅋㅋㅋ
TRANS: @Heedictator What what?? Teaching?? This is too extreme, Hee dictator turned into Hee professor!! What kind of lesson did you give them?? ㅋㅋㅋ
Via @ShinsFriends
@shfly3424 밥톨스조오오오오오오치!! 우리치킨집도사랑부탁!!^^
TRANS: @shfly3424 Babtols is good!! And also must love our Fried Chicken store too!!^^
Via @ShinsFriends
sbs월화 저녁9시에함께하는 드라마 닥터챔프!! 시청률의 시작이아주조아요!!^^ 12.9% 를 찍으며!! 야호!! 많은사랑부탁드립니다!!^^ 뽀나스사진 우리유도팀을 소개합니다!!^^
TRANS: SBS Monday and Tuesday, at 9PM, the drama Dr. Champ!! Ratings for the first episode!!^^ 12.9% !! Yahoo!! Please give many love to it!!^^ Introduce our team with the photo!!^^
Via @Heedictator
찐빵떡입니다~ㅋㅋ내 얼굴로 떡을 만들었어ㅋㅋ
TRAMS: The pastry with the steamed bun look~ㅋㅋThe pastry made following my faceㅋㅋchul4
Credit: @special1004, @shfly3424, @siwon407, @ShinsFriends, @Heedictator, @ryeong9
Translated by: minoko2440 @
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Credits ; miraa keyho


credits ; as tagged

O.o .. .. Ohh Geee... They to cute in this MV .. Can't wait for the MV .. and don't forget tomorrow .. SHINee Comeback At Mbank .. ~

SHINee Jonghyun updates me2Day with a charming selca, "promoting HELLO"

After their last me2Day update from Key a few hours ago, now its Jonghyun's me2DAY update.
He did not write a lot.
He only uploaded a Selca* of himself and a simple message saying "hello."
Is he trying to promote "Hello" album already? hehehe.

Check out his me2DAY update below!^^

[종현] 안뇽~~^^

[Jonghyun] Hello~~^^

*selca meaning self camera in Korea.

Credits: SHINee's me2DAY
Translations: SHW

Jonghyun is too cute.. >

When Eunhyuk and Leeteuk have belly fats


*E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

When EunTeuk have belly fat

T: Not just women have belly fat, men can have belly fat as well.
E: Of course.
T: Eunhyuk, when you reach your 30s or 40s, you may have belly fat too, right?
E: Right now I'm working hard to increase my weight. I wish I can successfully gain some weight soon, before I turn 30.
T: Ah...before that?
E: Yes.
T: How much weight do you wish to gain?
E: Em...until 64 or 65kg.
T: Ah...until your tummy bloat like an ET.
E: (laugh) No~ Definitely I will continue to work out and maintain my six packs. That must be cool, right?
T: Really...10 years later I guess we might develop body shape of a typical middle aged uncle. If that really happens, I will feel depressed when looking at my own body.
E: Yes. Ah...when I was young, I used to be a handsome guy. (laugh)

Bad guy Leeteuk and good guy Eunhyuk

*after playing 'A Really Bad Man' by Koyote...
E: Isn't it the Leeteuk's theme song? Leeteuk always said that 'I am a bad man', right?
T: No, I didn't.
E: No? Tell the truth, you think you're a good guy or a bad guy?
T: I'm a pure-minded man. (laugh)
E: Then are you a pure-minded or a genuine man?
T: I am a pure-minded and a genuine man. (laugh)
*순정 has both the meaning of 'pure-minded' and 'genuine'
E: (laugh) I've never been in a relationship with Leeteuk before, so I'm not sure about that.
T: I'm serious, I'm really that type of guy. Or else why the ladies will go after me? (laugh)
E: Well...everyone has their own charisma.
T: Then how about you, Eunhyuk?
E: Me? I'm really...
T: Really what?
E: In love, I'm a good guy. I hate bad guy very much.
T: A lot of people think that bad guy look more charismatic, but in fact it only last for 1 week.
E: You're right, it won't last long.
T: Do you know how to make a good relationship?
E: How?
T: Being nice to her 10 times, then act cruelly to her 1 time. (laugh)
E: You're such a bad guy.
T: Why?! (laugh)
E: Dear audiences, you're now listening to bad guy Leeteuk's and good guy Eunhyuk's Kiss The Radio.
T: (laugh)

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by:

HELLO SHINee updates me2DAY

After the release of "Hello" MV Teaser & the 3 new tracks, SHINee last ended it with their Me2DAY update, Promoting their new repackage album, HELLO.

[SHINee] 언제 어디서든 여러분 귓가에 Hello가 들릴 수 있도록…우리 이제 만나요~!♥

[SHINee] Keep listening Hello everytime and everywhere... We'll meet you all~!♥

Credits: SHINee's Me2DAY
Translations: mayafeby @ Me2DAY

Super Junior Is Off For A Vacation This October!

Group Super Junior will be leaving for a sweet vacation.

Super Junior has received permission from the management company to take vacation and will have a time for recharging in the beginning of October.

During this time, member Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk will go to Italy together. Heechul will take a trip to the U.S. where his acquaintance is. Other members will also have personal time to take rest.

However, Shindong who's playing a role in a new SBS Monday Tuesday drama 'Doctor Champ' and Siwon who's filming 'Athena:Goddess of War' slated to air in December will delay their vacation to work.

Meanwhile, Super Junior had great activities this year with their fourth album 'Miinah' activity, 'Super Show 3' and SM Town Live '10 World Tour.

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

20 Idols Sang 'G20 Campaign Song'

20 Popular idol singers, such as SNSD and Super Junior, became a voice for 'G20 Conference'.

They sang a 'Let's Go' campaign song for '2010 Seoul G20 Conference', which will be held at
Seoul Samsungdong COEX at November 11~12th.
20 idol singers, who are Park Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM),
Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (Shinee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna
(f(x)), Song Jieun (SECRET), Yong Junhyung (BEAST), Heo Gayoon (4 Minute), Min (Miss A),
G.O. (MBLAQ), BumKey (Twins), G.Na, Son Dambi, Seo Ingook, IU, and Anna.

Dance song 'Let's Go', which is composed by a famous composer Shinsadong Horangee,
contained a message to youths in Korea, which became the nation to lead G20 conference
for the first time, to have a pride and challenge the world.
It was judged that the combination of idol stars who are popular in both Korea and other
Asian nations and a strong message of campaign song match together well.

At 24th~25th, individual recordings were conducted. All singers gathered together
and sang in a studio located Seoul Gangnamgu Nohnhyungdong at 26th.

'Let's Go' will be revealed at the beginning of 10th.
The process of recording by representative idol stars will be made as a music video.

Source:Daily Sports
Original aicle link:http://isplus.joins....tml?aid=1510898
Translated and reupload by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack
Take this out with full credits

20 idol singers unite to sing the G20 Seoul Summit theme song

Ahead of the prestigious 2010 G20 Seoul Summit this November, it was revealed that 20 idol singers from popular K-Pop groups of today have been recruited to sing the theme song for the event.
The theme song titled, ‘Let’s Go‘ had been made specially for the event which will take place from November 11 – 12th at Samsung-dong’s Coex, for the discussion about the world’s economy.
The idol group members who will lend their voices include Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (SHINee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (SECRET), Junhyung (B2ST), Gayoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU and Anna.
Korea is hosting this event for the first time and hopes to transfer a message through this song to youths that they should take on the world with confidence. With the growing influence that K-pop idols now wield on the young generation, there were no better candidates than them to do so.
The solo recordings were done from the 24 – 25th and all 20 of them came under one roof on the 26th to record the chorus portions.
‘Let’s Go’ is scheduled to be released in early October and footage of the idol singers recording the song will be edited into a music video.
Source: IsPlus
Credits: AKP

[Music Bank Event 5] Send a Message to ‘BEAST’~!

'BEAST' is back with a new album ‘Mastermind’ and their title song ‘Breath’!

BEAST fans around the world~
Please send us your message through KBS World Twitter (!!

BEAST members will be reading your message and the winners will receive BEAST’s new album with signature~!!

The messages can be sent in 3 types: 

1) Write a 5-line poem describing “BEAST”.
** Each line of the poem should start with each letter in the word “B.E.A.S.T.”. **
-> eg> [BEAST] B: BEAST!! / E: Extremely superb group that became / A: Asia’s hot icon! / S: SaRangHae! / T: Tell us about the new album! (Shi ming / Singapore)

-> For the messages longer than 140 words, you can use ''.

2) Questions about BEAST’s new album ‘Mastermind’.
-> eg> [BEAST] Show us new dance of ‘Breath’~~! (Jenny / Canada)

3) Cheer message and/or any other questions to BEAST 
-> eg> [BEAST] I love your new song! Very catchy! Good luck to you and all the best! (Susan / Philippines)

Event Closing Time: Oct 1st, Friday, 9AM (KST, UTC+9)

** Your name & country has to be included in the message. <- IMPORTANT!! **

** Please DO NOT SPAM your messages. Our staffs do read every single message. Don’t Worry~ :) **

We’ll be contacting each of the winners through Twitter Direct message. 
Please be our follower when you participate in the event, so that we can contact you individually. 

The event winner will be announced this Friday (Oct 1, 2010) on LIVE Music Bank~!


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

SHINee and MBLAQ are one team

Recently, Kim Kibum (Key) from SHINee had a birthday party with his fans and fellow members Jonghyun and Minho. Key was celebrating his 20th birthday as he is a member of the 1991 line of idols. The boys talked with their fans and played a game where they had to answer questions.

The 91 line got to interact on Sukira radio before and Key showed his love for the 91 line during the Idol Athletic Championships, posing for pictures with them.

He also demonstrated how well he knows the 91 line through this question:
Q: Key doesn’t have any friends?
(Everyboday answered NO and said Kibum has too many friends)
Jonghyun: Is there anyone that was born in 91 that you don’t know?
Kibum: Of course, I won’t know the new people~

They also asked whether Key was the 91-line group leader and Key said "We formed the 91-group after I introduced them to each other, of course it’s me."

But apparently it's not just Key being close to the 91 line, but SHINee and MBLAQ being close in general, which was shown in this question and answer:

Q: If we make phone calls now, will there be friends picking up?
Kibum: Yes but I didn’t bring my phone
(Everyone asked if he had a phone who would he call?)
Fans: Nicole! Nicole!
Jonghyun (not sure if he didn’t hear or pretended not to hear): What? Nickhun?
Kibum: There’s Nicole, Jinwoon, Seunghyun, Dongwoon, Mir, Joon, NANA etc
Minho: MBLAQ members are quite interesting
Jonghyun: These days it seems like we are a group with MBLAQ members
Minho & Key: Don’t be so ridiculous
Jonghyun: FT Island members are interesting too. If you get close to one member from the group, then you will gradually know everyone from the group too.
Minho/Jonghyun: Friends include Dongwoon, Mir, Joon etc.

So, let's all spread some MBLee(?) love for these two groups that seem to be quite friendly with one another! ^^

Translations by: tsukushi and vivz @
Written by: ☆sunshine @
Shared by: Jaz @ DKP



We sincerely apologize for the delay but details are finally here!

One of Malaysia’s now-renowned K-Pop event organizers – Redstar Presents who brought SuperJunior’s Super Show 2 in Malaysia earlier this year, is bringing in Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu for their New Album Showcase Tour 2010 Live in Malaysia.


DATE: OCTOBER 17, 2010
TIME: 2:00PM


Tickets can be purchased through online and local means.





TICKETING AGENT: FATDEALS ( – 24 hours ticket sale. PLEASE check out at the website for more info)



Also, WARNER MUSIC MALAYSIA will have a pre-sale of JYJ ALBUM on the concert day. They will have open booth/counter during the event.
For more event information please visit: @InspiRED_STAR
More info can be obtained from those links.
Please help spread this! Thank you so much ♥

Redstar Presents

Source:Red Star Blog

8TV Nite Live brings you the hottest Kpop news


Friends, because you made it hip to be K-popped!, 8TV is bringing you the latest news from Hallyuwood.

8TV Nite Live, which has been on air for a year and a half, is an interactive talk show that focuses on the hottest things/events under the Malaysian sun. 

The Kpop phenomenon has been detected by 8TV Nite Live’s radar so the program currently offers up-to-date Kpop entertainment news and music videos!

HAVING FUN: Moe (left) with Brian Joo (center) and co-host Mike Campton

Moe Nasrul, one of the hosts of 8TV Nite Live said: “Fans get to vote for which K-pop music video they would like to watch on the program during our K-pop live music polls every Saturday.

“It can get competitive and it is really fun to watch the numbers rise and fall as the show progresses. On top of that, fans get to chat with the hosts and other K-pop fans live as well.”

Moe, who is a fan Wonder Girls, SNSD, Rain and Brian Joo (just to name a few), said that his most memorable stint for the program so far was his interview with Korean-American singer Brian Joo on July 11.

“We connected with him before the show, and were just hanging out in the studio,” Moe told K-popped! in an exclusive interview.

“We laughed and joked like we weren’t TV hosts and celebrity, but a few high school friends who met up for a reunion.”

Apparently, Moe had a lot in common with Brian. Off-screen, the pair traded stories about being the only Asian kid in class while growing up in the States.

Their on-screen chemistry was also potent; so much so that the usual format and stories for 8TV Nite Live were scrapped to make way for more “Brian & Moe” witty banter.

Kpop would not be given so much prominence in Malaysia without its fans. So we asked Moe what he thought about them.

“They are some the most dedicated, wonderful, and fun loving people I have ever encountered,” Moe replied.

“The fans are not afraid to show love for their favorite group or singer and that says a lot...considering that the general perception is that Malaysians are shy. We're not shy when we're passionate about something!”

Catch Moe and his co-host Mike Campton on 8TV Nite Live every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 12:45am to 1:45am.

Credit: K-popped

Daesung’s abs perfectly reproduced by "Lie"?

Men’s Store online shopping mall recently tweeted a photo of a model named as "Lie" with the caption of “Following Big Bang Daesung’s abs“.

With Daesung‘s luxurious abs being a recent hot topic, ‘Lie‘ seemed to have ‘reproduced’ the pose with his own version, attracting attention from the netizens.

However netizens reacted differently to the photos, some left positive comments like “It will be nice if he looks good too“, “Amazing Abs“, “He’s a beast” while there were also comments such as “Daesung is much better” and “His arms and legs are too long“.

Men’s Store photographer, Jo Seung Hyun revealed, “Lie once starred in a Big Bang’s beer commercial” and “He is actually a fan of Daesung, who is always ready and working hard on his acting and studies”.

‘Lie‘ was known to have appeared in more than 10 CFs with one that includes After School’s UEE.

Source: NewsPrime via Yahoo Korea
Translated by: Aoiare @21BANGS.COM
Shared by Vic @ Big Bang Updates

Korean Pop Night 2010 in Singapore Poster

Info: For those who are in Korea, Singapore Airlines is offering a Korean Pop Night Concert package which already includes Incheon-Singapore roundtrip tickets, tickets to the KPOP Night Concert, hotel accomodation, airport-to-hotel transfer and hop-on bus tickets. Info (in Korean) here.

Source: SingaporeAir via happyrichlife
Shared by Vic @ Big Bang Updates

really want to go. thailand fans & singapore fans are really lucky. many of k-pop groups come to their country. really envy with them.






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