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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Heo Young Saeng With Former A'st1 Member Lim Han Byul

Lim Han Byul, a former A'st1 member tweeted a picture of him with our Otter prince Young Saeng! I believe this was taken yesterday, Aug 29. This was reportedly taken at a concert of Monday Kiz, a Korean group in which Han Byul is now a member of. Glad to see that ex-DSP talents are still friends even though they're not in the same company anymore. The pic is a bit blurred, but we all miss Saengie, so every sighting of him that we can uncover is precious.

Credit: onestarL@Twitter

Young Saeng oppa.. we miss you!

SungKyunKwan Scandal Got a Trouble Start with Low Rating

SungKyunKwan Scandal Got a Trouble Start with Low Rating

Despite the popularity that has been garnered by KBS 2TV new drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, the drama broke first start with a low rating viewers.

According to rating record released by research firm AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 31st, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ which had first airing on the 30th recorded viewer rating of 6.3% in national basis, in compare to the concurrent timeline broadcast dramas such as MBC ‘Dong Yi’ (27.3%) and SBS ‘Giant’ (20.9%), thus put ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ at the significant lowest drama rating on the day.

‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ is the debut drama of singer turned actor TVXQ Micky Yoochun and also include other line up casts namely Park Min Young, Song Jong Gi, and Yu Ah In, with such youth actors in casts, the drama starts receiving acclaim and led to great interest from viewers.

After announcing the drama’s message broads, there had been numerous testimonies from public, proving its immense popularity. However, once the drama started to broadcast on TV, it’s regretful how the popularity was not shown thus the poor rating performance.

credit: Osen

Gahh .. Cassi please support it .!!

3 TVXQ Members KBS 2TV Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ Soundtrack Song ‘Chajada’ is Showing Signs of Becoming a Hit

The airing of ‘Chajada’ at first episode of Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun)’s drama debut KBS 2TV ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ drawing attention of viewers instantly.

Ever since the conflict between Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong), and Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) with their label SM Entertainment arised in July last year, this would be their first time harmonized together in a song in Korea. The lyrics tells about finding someone who is fated to be loved for the entire life, an impressive love song with bright melody.

Soon after the airing, ‘Chajada’ became on the top of real-time search keyword in various portal sites, showing an explosive reaction.

Netizens responded, “I’m pleased to be able to hear the three people’s voices in the song after a long time.” and “The song has cute melodies and the three voices mixed well in harmony.”

credit: frontiertimes

Pre-sale Tickets for Hangeng’s Fanmeeting in Thailand

Get your tickets now!


Gahhh .. hope Hankyung come here..

U-kiss Kibum talks about Hyung joon's fanmeeting in Singapore

At about 5am :
@JenniferPark318 You've had a hard time. Noona Goodnite + Good morning

*Jennifer Park is the lady who helped them around. I think she's the agent from Korea.

At about 5am :
@HyungJun87 Will be seeing hyung-nim at home soon

At about 4am :
Congratulations to hyung's successful Singapore fan meeting, Singapore local staffs, you had alot of hard times. Warner Singapore, HnB Company, S+, next time let's have an even more splendid performance together. Local & overseas Triple S who supported, Thank you. Jennifer noona Thank U!!

Credits : @90KKB + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Super Junior 100831 twitter updates

Via @ryeong9

이 세상에 사람보다 중요한것은 어디에도 없느니라

TRANS: Something there is more important than human/ people in this world, there is nothing

Via @GaemGyu

내 욕을 하는건 참을 수 있다. 내 행동이든 뭐든 당신들 맘에 들지 않았기 때문에 욕을 했겠지. 하지만 그 손가락으로 죄 없는 가족까지 들먹이며 상처주는 당신들.. 제발 생각 좀 하고 글 쓰시길 바란다…

TRANS: I can stand insults to me, because regarding my actions, if there is anything that you don’t like, (you) criticise me. But using fingers to attack the innocent family, you guys that given hurt.. hope you can please think before you start writing

Via @shfly3424 내일은 스팸어랏 제작발표회 … 어서 자야지이이잉 ~

TRANS: Tomorrow’s SPAMALOT Press Conference… Have to quickly sleep ~
Credit: @ryeong9, @shfly3424

Translated by: minoko2440 @
Kyaa... our oppa..keopta.......

U-Kiss's 2nd Anniversary, "We haven't gotten 1st yet, but we will repay everyone with 1st place"

Seven-member male idol group U-Kiss celebrated their second anniversary on the 28th.

Entering the entertainment industry on August 28th, 2008 with their single album 'New Generation', U-Kiss has received a lot of love for their single 'ManManHaNi' from November of 2009 and for 'What', which was released in April. U-Kiss, composed of seven members (Kiseop, Kibum, Dongho, Soohyun, Alexander, Eli, and Kevin), left greetings and congratulatory messages on their individual Twitters and Me2Days on the afternoon of the 30th.

Alexander stated, "U-Kiss, congratulations for being two years old. Everyone, thank you for always supporting us", "We haven't gotten 1st place yet, but this time we'll work really hard and repay you guys with 1st place. Alexander will work hard". Kevin said, "It's already been 2 years since we've been together. Thank you for always supporting and loving us", "I can't live without Kiss Me (U-Kiss's fanclub). Let's be together forever. I love you", sending his love to fans.

Eli said, "Everyone, I thank you sincerely for continuously supporting us for two years. From now on, I'll work harder", and Kibum stated, "It's already been 2 years. We'll spend even more years together from now on. Aja! I love you".

Soohyun said, "'Kiss me', my loves! I'll just say two things. Thank you always and I love you", and Dongho stated, "It's already the 2nd anniversary. Thank you for loving us for two years, and please keep loving us", and Kiseop stated, "Kiss me! Fans! Thank you for always being supportive. I love you".

Meanwhile, U-Kiss is preparing for the release of their fourth album and have been busy with overseas promotions, including their first concert in the Philippines.

SOURCE: Nate News + ilovepocky @

Chukahamnida U-Kiss for the 2nd Annversary !!! KISS ME love you..

Kim Hyung Jun don't want to be labelled as cute. Disclose Hyun Joong did not give him a birthday present.

SS501's maknae Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore alone, stated that he did not want to be called 'cute' in future. His birthday just ended in early August and disclosed that leader Hyun Joong never give him a birthday present, and complained that he is a "bad boy".

Kim Hyung Jun is one of the members in korea band SS501. Since June when their contract with their previous company ended, each member has gradually take turns to signed with other companies. Recently, he also signed with S-Plus entertainment company, starting his "solo" activities.

Yesterday, Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore for the first time as an individual and help a showcase at Republic Poly. About 80% of the tickets are sold by the organisers.

Apart from performing , and together with his korean dancers, he also played games with 20 lucky fans. Being articulate, he kept showcasing his English by throwing praising words to the fans, making everyone super elated.

Pic: Kim Hyung Jun is very nice to fans, warmly gave them a hug.

Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that if able to have the opportunity to work with female artiste like Shin Min Ah(model) and Kim Tae Hee(actress), he will be very honoured.

As for what role he wanted to act, Kim Hyung Jun said that due to the fact that he watched Lee Byeong Heon acted in , thus he hope to act as someone with a strong character, one which is able to leave a deep impression in people, eg. killer.

Disclosed leader Kim Hyun Joong has poor memory, forgets about his birthday.

Actually, ever since Ss501 gradually started on their individual activities, fans are most concerned about when they will gathered together again.

As per mentioned by the other members before, Kim Hyung Jun reassured that signing contract with new management company and kicked start solo activities, does not mean that SS501 is disband.

"We are still together, our relationship is also very good. If possible, we hope to stand on stage together as soon as possible. While focusing on our individual careers now, we are still planning and preparing for our future concert and performance".

Pic: Showcase his artistic talents and did a sketch for fans. Kim Hyung Jun smiled and said that he is an artist, and want to charged fans for the drawing.

Early August, Kim Hyung Jun had a fanmeeting in Korea to celebrate his birthday. Every members appeared apart fr leader Hyun Joong due to busy filming schedules. Baby is touched to tears seeing them, protrayed Ss501 great relationship.

Will Kim Hyun Joong make up the present in future? Hyung Jun happily disclosed that "Hyun Joong is quite forgetful, cannot remember important stuffs, but i believe that even though he is away busy with filming, but deep in his heart, he will congratulate me".

Speaking of presents, Hyung Jun sighed:"No present. This is not the first time, i am not surprised".

Hyung Jun even took the chance to "scold" leader, "Bad boy, Leader bad!". Seems like he is really used to Hyun Joong's forgetfulness, and did not put it to heart.

Next, Hyung Jun is expected to participate in a musical, and will released his solo album next year, plus involvement in dramas. In addition, he also plan to start a business with his brother Kim Ki Bum(U-Kiss member) and become his own boss.

credits Chinese news @ + English translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS
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Oppa.. that second page make me jealous..

Jaejoong – Junsu Participate in Yoochun Debut Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, Showing Their Loyalty

Conducted recently in a studio in Gangnam, Jaejoong and Junsu worked together for ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ OST at which each of them had recorded a solo song, before Yoochun who just finished his all night shooting joined the team to sing ‘Chajada (read: Chajatta)’ where the three men’s beautiful voices combined in a sweet wishful harmony.

After finished the recording Jaejoong stated, “Looking at Yoochun in acting scenes wearing Korean traditional costume and used different tone of speaking like saying ‘Come here!’, I feel it’s weird but am amazed at the same time.” and “I think after watching some of the drama scenes, it will be an interesting drama to watch and I feel that it’s going to become a hit.”

Jaejoong also added, “Furthermore, since there is this opportunity to participate in performing a song that will become part of the drama’s OST, which I think it’s a really good song, hopefully the OST is going to be a hit just like the drama itself.”

Xiah Junsu who had a surprise visit to the filming set sometime ago while bringing some food said, “The same as Jaejoong hyung, when I saw the trailer of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, I think Yoochun fits well in his Korean costume and his acting was so good that makes me naturally feeling proud.” he continued, “Yoochun ordered me to sing the song in much heart pouding feeling (?), but it’s been a while since I listened to Korean song lyrics, so naturally I feel the heart pounding while singing anyway. If there’s anything that could be Yoochun’s accompanying power, then I’d like to help.” expressed strong friendship between them.

Meanwhile Yoochun, “Despite their busy schedule, Jaejoong hyung and Junsu still do the recording to cheer me up, I’m really impressed. Especially Junsu who’s actually in bad condition, but still forced himself to continue participating. I’m going to work even harder to repay them.” said whole heartedly.

‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ official Lee Hyun Wook PD who’s in charge of recording area said, “The three members supervised each other, they finished the recording well in a bright and pleasant atmosphere. The song itself will be able to express the heart fluttered of the young men and woman in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal. The song deserves the same love as the drama, please look forward to the birth of great heart pounding love song.”

credit: newsen

JAECHUNSU always charm!!

SNSD's Taiwan Concert Tickets Sold Out After 1½ Hours

SNSD’s popularity in Taiwan is overheating.

SNSD began an advance sale of their tickets on the 28th to their October 16th concert in Taiwan. On the same day online sales also began and people who wanted to buy tickets flooded in causing the homepage server to go down. The server could not be restored, so the tickets were only sold offline. However, even though people could only buy the tickets in person, 11,000 out of the 12,000 tickets were sold and their popularity could really be felt.

Taiwan’s TVBS Newspaper reported, “Fans of the Korean idol group SNSD flooded in because they wanted to go see their concert and this caused our homepage server to go down. We couldn’t expect that so many people would flood in. We quickly dealt with the offline sales and all of our prepared tickets became sold out after one and a half hours.”

SNSD already finished up a solo concert in Shanghai, China on April 17th. Their Japanese debut showcase was also received explosive interest, at first one 1 performance was planned and they changed it to 3 performances. From now on we wonder if SNSD can cross from Asia and grow into world stars. We will pay attention to future developments.

Translated by:
Source: [LINK]

WOW...Sones at Taiwan .. Really amazing...

Nichkhun & Victoria chosen as the #1 couple viewers want to be real

The Nichkhun-Victoria couple of MBC's We Got Married 2 has been chosen as the #1 couple that viewers would like to 'become a real couple.'

In a survey by the movie 'Letters to Juliet,' Nichkhun and Victoria earned 53% of the votes and ranked in at 1st with the reason of giving joy to the viewers with their cute newlywed life.

Adam Couple Jo Kwon and GaIn took #2 and Yongseo Couple Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun took 3rd.

Omitted summary of movie 'Letters to Juliet.'


Yay ,...Khutoria <3

SM Town Live 10 coming to Singapore?

This is probably the sentence that got people all hyped up for the past an hour or so. Singapore’s U-Weekly magazine published an article that garnered much attention from fans of SM Town artists (SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), BoA, Trax, SHINee,etc). Here it is:

The article basically says this:

Besides confirming Super Junior’s Super Show 3 which will take place in January next year, local (Singapore) concert organizer, R.I.T.S are in talks with SM Entertainment to bring the SM Town Live 10 Concert to Singapore.

Interesting? It sure is, but do keep in mind that it’s not confirmed yet. At least there’s something to hope for. If it happens, then it will be another good news for South East Asian fans.

Credits: ngmin@Twitter (image of the article)
Source :


SS501 Heo Young Saeng with A’st1 member Han Byul at Monday Kiz Concert

Credit: styleSS @SS601+
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Monday, 30 August 2010

Publisher Talks about Minho & SHINee

Living in Korea doesn’t mean that your world revolves around KPOP only. I am Korean, but little people know that some Kpop acts are fake. It is sad, but that is the truth. At one point, I even stayed away from the Kpop scene and opted to listen and follow the underground acts only.

But working in the publishing filed, directly involving with Kpop.. I have to be neutral. I have to keep reminding myself not to be too skeptical but it was hard when the thing you do not wish to see, do not want to hear are in front of your eyes. But it all changed in one day. It is all because of SHINee.

We anticipated that day very much, because we finally got our chance to do the interview of this group that we admire so much. I am not a big fan myself, but I respect them as they work very hard to accomplish what they have today, being in this cruel industry where the competition is very fierce.

That day, we couldn’t wait to meet SHINee.

As soon as we were done with talking and interviewing Key, Onew, Taemin and Jonghyun, it was finally Minho’s turn. He was very quiet and thoughtful the whole time questions were being asked to the rest of the boys. He talked occasionally, and smiled most of the time. At other times he simply looked down, and laughed a bit at the jokes Onew was telling. He threw glances at the boys and there was no mistake the strong brotherhood that these boys have. He would pat Taemin’s back sometimes and squeezed the tense muscles out of Jonghyun’s shoulders.

The sessions continued for more than two hours, and at one point he even went to get the drinks for the members instead of waiting for our staff to bring them to them.

Jonghyun and Taemin went out of the room for a while, and we started to ask Minho our 1st question to him. “Minho is known as a very competitive person. Some people say it is very disturbing to see that streak in you because you are young and you are supposed to enjoy your life or not taking anything too seriously. What do you have to say to that?”

He looked very much lost in thought for a while before calmly stating:

“When I was very young.. I wanted to become a professional soccer player. I love sports very much to a point where I learned everything there is to it about football, and entered every football match around. My thirst in winning was unquenchable that I worry my family off. One day, my dad told me he opposed of me of pursuing that one thing I ever wanted at the time and I was crushed. He didn’t want me to become a football player. He said having sports as a career is very tough, he knows it because he is a professional football coach himself. I was lost and didn’t know what to do and when I came to my senses, I decided that I would never quit to fight in everything I do. If I do one thing, I do it wholeheartedly, even if people keep telling me it’s impossible, I would never want to believe them and I would have faith in myself instead. Fight something as if it is your last fight.. as if there would be no more chance to do that later. That’s what triggers the competitiveness in me.. If I lose, I would be very disappointed with myself, keep blaming myself of the loss. Keep telling myself I would do even better in the future.”

At this point, Onew kept nodding at what Minho was saying. We were surprised when Onew added, “Minho does what he does best, doing at his very best ability like there’s no tomorrow. Be it in performing, or playing or sports. Even I cannot do that as a leader.”

Q: You were seen as the quietest out of the five. Is there any reason to it?

A: I am the youngest in my family. I have an elder brother. I was raised to listen and then talk. Not to talk and then listen. Meaning that, I was taught by my mother to be an observer and a listener. Because my hyung is the first son in my father’s side of family line in 30 years, he was the center of attention, while I enjoy being by his side – to be a good friend for him in an oppressed situation, to always be there for my mother and my father when they need me… even if I do not do good as their son. That’s why I am quiet most of the time. I tend to listen rather than do the talking.

By this, Key said to us, “If he is loud…. he is toooo loud,” which aroused laughter in the room and having Minho chuckled, looking slightly blushed.

The interview session went about for another 30 minutes. Bu this time, he looked very comfortable, and was able to talk more freely.

Q: What’s the name of SHINee’s fan club? What do your fans mean to you?

A: [smiled widely before continuing] It’s SHINee World or SHAWOL in short. Where I am today, where we are today… It would be impossible without the love and support by our fans, we went to see SM Youtube page sometimes and were very, very surprised to see the warm, encouraging comments left by the fans on our videos. I hope I’ll be able to understand English more. I want to be able to understand what they were saying. We worked on this new album for 9 months… having sleepless nights of choosing songs.. writing lyrics.. singing rehearsals… recording songs… dancing training.. discussing the concept etc.. all for our fans. We are glad that we finally get to do what we love most which is to entertain.

Q: Any last words to your fans?

A: Thousand of apologies on my bended knees to our beloved fans because I cannot perform on the stage with other members. We just finished recording our MV and just waited for the comeback stage when that accident happened. My ruptured muscle would take a very long time to recuperate but as for now I am taking the medicine which enables me to resume my stage performance in the near future. I am still in pain but will endure it for the fans. Please forgive me for my recklessness. SHINee World is our world. Our world revolves around them. We appreciate your love very much. If I could bow to each and very one of you, I would. ‘Thank you very much’ would not be sufficient enough but please know in your heart that we really appreciate all of you. And for that, I THANK YOU. WE THANK YOU.

As the session wrapped up, we came to realize that these shining boys are very special. Minho is such a good conversationalist. We would never expect that from him. He is very humble and down-to-earth.. when he went out of the room, the rest of the 4 boys waited restlessly for him to come back.

Taemin selected food from each tray and put them on a plate. “This is for Minho hyung,” he said. Key kept bothering him at the side, “Minho doesn’t eat this one. Let’s take more Kimbap rolls for him. He loves that.”

SHINee won’t be SHINee without Choi Min Ho. SHINee won’t be SHINee without Key, Onew, Jonghyun and Taemin. They complete each other up.

Before the day ended, I realized that I am proud of these young men who work very hard in accomplishing what they have today. Surviving in Kpop is tough and I hope they will stay humble and stay the way they are, to keep their feet on the ground always and not forgetting their roots.

That day I realized I wanted to become a SHAWOL too. That I day I realized, Kpop is not such a bad wave after all. Thanks to Minho & SHINee, I have more faith in Kpop nowadays.

Credit: +
Source: SHINee’s ETN -C&D interview July 2010 and MYShawols
Source Finder: anh. ☆

Xiah Junsu Musical Concert To Be Held

Xiah Junsu will hold the 'Kim Jun Soo Musical Concert' at the Olympic Sports Stadium for four days, starting from October 7th.

With a special request from Grammy Award winning, world renowned composer Sylvester Levay, the concert has been planned with Kim Junsu as the main character to show the highlights of 'Mozart!' as well as the Austrian musical 'Elizabeth', which will debut in Korea in 2012.

Composer Levay will fly in to Korea in September for the concert and will bring with him a song composed especially for Xiah Junsu to perform at this concert.

Levay is planning to join Kim Junsu on stage for this piece and it was found that Levay holds great affection for the singer as he even found and watched all of Kim Junsu's past performances as part of the group TVXQ.

Kim Junsu, who is preparing for his first musical concert, stated, "I was able to play a special role in Mozart, and found myself falling for the charm of the new genre of music I encountered," and "We will be introducing Composer Levay's famous production 'Elizabeth' for the first time in Korea along with highlights of the musical 'Mozart!' I hope that this will be a special time for the fans of the musical to experience a new side of the musical."

Representative Um Hong Hyun of EMK Musical Company showed great confidence in the concert and stated, "The staff will be comprised of skilled people from Europe, Japan and Korea in order to create a memorable stage for the concert," and "Kim Junsu will present himself as an artiste like never before to his fans and is working hard to produce a concert that will move the audience with music alone. Please anticipate it."

Kim Junsu, who played the lead role of 'Wolfang Mozart' in January, broke the controversy regarding idols performing in musicals without verification of their capabilities.

He completed his successful debut in the musical industry by receiving the 'Best Male Newcomer Award' and 'Popularity Award' at The 4th Musical Awards for his explosive vocal skills and detailed delivery of emotions.

40 of the best musical actors will perform at the concert including Seo Bum Seok, Min Young Gi, Shin Young Suk, Bae Hae Sun and Jung Seon Ah. Kim Junsu is planning on performing in 'Elizabeth' with Park Eun Tae and Jeon Dong Seok.

Tickets will be on sale from September 1st for four days and will be available at Interpark and Yes24.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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The best actor in musical.. its Junsu .. really want him to acted in a Drama soon like the others... Cassi ..!! dont miss it..!

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng will move into new agency too

Group SS501's members Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun has had left their previous agency DSP Media ever since their contract with them expired. Admist which, remaining members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are said to be moving into new agencies as well.

A related personnel from DSP Media mentioned in a phone interview with TV Report, "Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will be moving into new agencies as well. As to when and which agency they will be moving into, there are no concrete decisions made for now".

In addition, "All the members do not want SS501 to break up, despite each moving into various agencies, they will still maintain activities together. Though there are no official and confirmed decisions yet, in future when SS501 release albums or have concerts/events, DSP Media will be directly and indirectly participating in them".

-2nd last paragraphs omit, talks about expiry of contract- On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong is shooting for his new MBC drama Playful Kiss, whilst Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun are preparing for their acting career and overseas venturing.

Credit: + Eng Trans by Ode@blogspot


TaeYeon has an eye infection!

As reported earlier, TaeYeon was at a press conference for dubbing the animated movie "super bad".

Unfortunately, Tae Yeon has an eye infection and turned up with one eye slightly swollen and gained attention. Some were mistaken that she wore glasses to imitate her character which she dubbed, but Tae Yeon explained that it was due to her eye infection.

Hope she gets well soon!

Source : Nate

Poor our leader Taeyeon ... hope unnie get well soon ..!!

SHINee Onew updates his me2DAY sweetly

It's been long since the boys updated their me2DAY as they're all busy with their "Lucifer" promotions.
Onew just updated his me2DAY today with a huge lollipop.
It's so cute that you really need to check it out~! :

오랜만에 등장한 온유입니다.ㅎㅎ 여러분의 사랑을 이만큼이나 먹었어요…!^^ 이제 가을 오나요?

This is onew appearing in a long time. hehe I ate everyone's love this much...!^^ Is autumn coming now?

translation: lala_land@soompi

Cute Dubu Onew !!!

2PM's Taecyeon dreeses up as a woman!

2PM’s Taecyeon challenged himself into dressing himself as a woman.

Taecyeon posted a photo of himself at the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert waiting room, dressed up as a woman, along with a message saying “when it comes to long hair, it’s gotta be Ok Taecyeon!” on his Twitter on the 28th. In the photo, he is posing cutely with a long wavy wig on, and with his index finger on his cheek. Taecyeon also told the situation back then, saying “As soon as the dry rehearsal was started, the introduction of ‘Without U’ was started, and it was lightening, thundering and raining unbelievably. If it was a main broadcast, it would have felt like filming our music videos again for real?”

The fans’ responses after seeing the photo were all different. While some fans complimented him saying, “pretty”, “it matches you”, some fans persuaded him not to dress up as a women saying “I don’t think dressing as as women is for you”, “your masculine images fit you much better”

2PM is striving for preparing their encore concert in September.

Source: Sportschosun


Big Bang SeungRi meets with big embarrassment on his first blind date, "I like CL", “I like GDragon more”

Big Bang SeungRi meets with an embarrassment on his first blind date.
On MBC ‘Enjoy Today’ on ‘Sunday Night’ corner aired on 29th August, SeungRi was featured for his first blind date ever. On the show that day, SeungRi had told Jung HyungDon and Seo JiSeok that he wants to get a girlfriend.
And the 2 had driven around in a convertible in KangNam asking for female’s phone numbers. SeungRi also revealed that his ideal is someone who is cute. However, the females whom Seo JiSeok brought along for the blind date are not locals but foreigners like Singaporean. And SeungRi was not able to communicate well on his first ever blind date.
Luckily the Singaporean female said, “My younger sibling is a fan of Big Bang and I heard about Big Bang through her,” and she had brought along her younger sister.
SeungRi was excited at first to meet a fan, however he was disappointed again when the fan said, “I like GDragon better”. The fan also stated that she is a fan of 2NE1 CL.
In the end, SeungRi gave up on the blind date and set up a phone conversation between the fan and GDragon. But GDragon did not pick up his call. SeungRi then tried calling CL who also did not pick up his call which are all embarrassing for SeungRi during his first blind date.

S: MoneyTodayStarNews + kbites + erobroms@YT
C: chrizzycrazy @dkpopnews


2NE1 is now filming for their comeback MV

With girl group 2NE1’s title track confirmed and having started the filming for its music video, preparations for their comeback are well underway.
2NE1 is set to reveal their first full album this coming September 9th. where there will be a total of 12 songs for this album. The release of 2NE1’s first full album will mark their first comeback after a year and 2 months. Their last promotional activities were for their follow-up track ‘I Don’t Care’ from their debut album during July of 2009.
It has been said that on the afternoon of the 30th, 2NE1 commenced the shooting for the music video for their first full album’s title track called Go Away‘ somewhere in Gangwon-Do province. The track ‘Go Away’ will be one of three title tracks for their upcoming album.
2NE1’s entertainment company YG Entertainment revealed during an interview with MoneyToday Star News, “This is the first time we are announcing one of 2NE1’s title tracks being ‘Go Away. They are currently in the middle of filming for the music video of ‘Go Away’ with the famous director, Cha Eun Taek. They should be finished with filming by tomorrow (31st)”.
They continued, “Leader CL will change into a female car racer for the music video ‘Go Away’. We believe CL’s change in image will be a different kind of enjoyment for the fans.”
Lastly YG’s side. added, “2NE1’s first full album will have three title tracks, but the music videos for the two remaining songs will be directed by another famous director, Seo Hyun Seung.

S: Nate

C: allkpop


[Info] Kim Hyun Joong signed T-shirt sold in, high price @ Charity Auction of 24hours

There is an auction of 24hours TV 2010 on the 29th at Nissan’s Global Headquarters Gallery Yokohama

Sales are all donated to 24 hours to help the world

Auction goods including many celebrities

Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon are both in the list

At the end of the auction, Hyun Joong’s T-shirt sold for 90000 yen (around 1100 Us dollars)

Bae Yong Joon’s one is even higher end up with 330,000 yen (around 3800 US dollars) 

neylis@quainte501 + chrizzycrazy


Onew of SHINee’s cute image was captured.

A photo of SHINee, who recently appeared on MBC FM4U radio show, “HyunYeong’s Music Party”, taken with DJ HyunYeong, has been uploaded on the show’s official site.

SHINee in the photo looks all happy around the DJ. Especially, the cute image of Onew, who is peeking out from Taemin’s back, is drawing the eyes of fans.

Onew is posing like a little kid behind Taemin, closing his eyes, poking his tongue out, and so on.

The fans who saw this photo has shown responses like “he’s so cute”, “the maknae is onew not taemin”, “I wanna bite his cute face”, etc.

Source: TvDaily


Jung-min’s first date with CNR Media

The sexy charisma of SS501 has scheduled his first public appearance as a CNR Media family member.

Park Jung-min will step out as the newest member of the CNR Media family on August 30th. This will be the singer’s first public appearance since signing with the newly merged agency.He will be attending the official launching ceremony of his new company.The location of the event is not known,but it’s still good to know that Jung-min is busy preparing to make his return to fans soon.

So, if you are near Seoul and happen to attend the launch party,make sure you greet Park Jung-min.

Don’t forget to tell him,POPSEOUL says hi!



Nickhun in the corner, "the reason I should work even harder"

2PM’s Nichkhun was “humiliated”.

Nichkhun uploaded a photo of him having a meal with Park Jin Young (JYP) via twitter on 30 August.

Nichkhun in the photo was in the same restaurant with JYP. But unlike JYP, who was surrounded by children and was busy signing for them, Nichkhun was quietly eating in the corner.

Nichkhun, who was looking aside at JYP busy signing, has drawn eyes of interest by posting a message saying “Another reminder of why I should work even harder! Yes Jin Young Hyoung! I’ll work even harder kekekeke”.

The netizens who saw this photo showed their responses by saying, “is this Nichkhun’s humiliation?”, “you are working hard enough right now too”, “Khun, your popularity is lower than the CEO’s… Work harder!”, “Khun hwaiting!”, etc.



BoA Return To Twitter After 3 Days!!

BoA posted a message to fans through her Twitter, just 3 days after announcing her hiatus from the social networking site.

On the 29th, she wrote, "Thank you for giving me an award until the last broadcast of Hurricane Venus. I will meet you all with my repackaged album next month. Thank you again."

She tweeted once more, "I can't not post... I have over 100,000 followers... For the month of August 2010.. I was very happy and felt much pride in my profession.. I will show a better me in the future."

BoA wrote this message not too long after he performance on SBS Inkiyago.

Source: Kwon Soo Bin
Translation: ch0sshi


Shawol Fan Account - SMTown Live '10

This is a fan account by a SHINee fan, but it's completely relevant because it's mainly about HoMin and Cassiopeia.

After everything that happened yesterday, the shock of being at the live concert, the heartache, the wonderful heartwarming moments, and then seeing all the photos and videos, there are so many emotions that I honestly dont' know how to express. I wanted to start writing something last night, but I really didn't know how to start. That night, I was in awe, not only by our kids, but also Yunho and Changm and the wonderful Cassiopeia and Shawols. Looking back on the videos from 2 years ago, I suddenly realized that our kids have really grown up. They used to run after their hyungs like their beloved dongsaengs, or perhaps they were a source of motivation...

I've always really admired Yunho, the past few years in Korea, everything about him, from his personality to his reputation, everything about him made people who loved him proud. That is why, when I saw the 8 whole banners dedicated to him at the stadium, I wasn't surprised at all. Even when the entire stadium erupted with screams of 'JUNG YUNHO', I wasn't surprised. Someone like him is totally deserving of that kind of love. I really like him as well, because I know that Yunho loves our SHINee, he buys them food and goes to watch their performances to give them support and encouragement, and he and Changmin always play basketball and go bowling with Minho. He brought Jonghyun and Key to dinner to watch the World Cup together, and went to Taemin's dance training sessions despite having to work on his own CFs, magazine shoots and rehearsals. He helped our kids make the perfect 2nd album. He was even their for their comeback stage, going to the venue with them and staying with them backstage...

Knowing that the kids have a hyung like that makes me really happy and completely content. Everything that Yunho endured as the leader of TVXQ, he's spoken to Onew about. He's taught him so much, yes, he's always trying his best to help Onew become an even greater leader than he is. At the same time, he also knows about the burdens and responsibilities he has to shoulder as a leader, and that is why, compared to the 4 other members, he is especially kind to Onew. Only because he knows too well how difficult it is to be in that position and how important it is to show him love and support. Onew, being younger and softer than Yunho needs extra love and protection. This hyung has put so much effort into protection our kids, in the hope that his personal experience will help get them further and make them a better group. This is why, last night, when I saw a tired, quiet and expressionless Yunho exchanging glances with the 5 members; when I saw Onew by his side, Taemin putting his arm around his waist, Minho tugging him along and Jonghyun and Key walking past him over and over again to help cheer him up, I felt content and proud. Huuhuu, I don't know whether it's because I'm too much like a mother, everytime I see the SHINee members showing love for their hyung, I feel a rush of pride. They're kids who really know the meaning of being grateful. Hyung's time and love hadn't been wasted, it's no wonder he likes you all so much.

Yesterday, in the hearts of Cassiopeia who had been waiting for over a year by now, there was bitterness and pain, but more than that, they were proud. Anyone who sees them would be in awe by the love and devotion they've shown towards their idols. Of course, this is because their idols really have made themselves worthwhile of their sacrifices, yet what amazed me most was that whether it be this year's Dream Concert or last night's SMTown concert, Cassiopeia gave TVXQ the same red ocean. Last night, when the big screen started to pay the VCR of HoMin, most of the fanlights had been switched off and I was almost a little shocked. However, in less than a minute, when HoMin descended from above, the stadium which had previously been a sea of various different colours completely transformed in to a red ocean. This kind of scene, whether you're a Cassiopeia or not, it really leaves people completely awestruck or even in tears. I saw lots of Cassiopeia unnies holding onto each other as tears poured out of their eyes. So many of them continued to wave their glow sticks and fan signs even as they were overcome with emotion.

That night, I should've been really happy because SHINee really delivered an amazing performance, they were so adorable and they had such a great time. Yet as I sat amidst the Cassiopeia unnies, I really couldn't help myself from screaming and crying with them. When HoMin's performance ended, they really lost control. If the tears from before had been the result of a year's worth of waiting, of pain, of controversy and of happiness over HoMin's return, then this time, it was simply because they'd lost it. They were in so much pain that they had all completely broken down. We've never heard the two talk about the pain and torment they've endured over the past year, yet we all understand, and that is why so many fans from all over the world have come to support them. In the end, the Yunho fans who were sitting next to me were still mumbling 'what to do what to do, (we) really want to go to the US, to China, to Japan, even if it's only for 6 minutes, 6 minutes is better than nothing, (we) have to go with him.' Some also said that seeing the fans with Bigeast towels who'd come all the way from Japan really hurt them more than anything. At the end of the concert, some of the Yunho fans came over to us Shawols and ELFs and bowed as they thanked us. Eventually, we all started crying with them, aish.

When I got home, I really wanted to see how the fans from China had reacted, of course, everyone was shocked and angry at first, but people slowly started to comfort one another, and I saw lots of words of encouragement from the fans. I was so touched! 'We'll treat it as though the purpose of their appearance was not to dance or to sing, but simply to see those who've missed them and to tell us that they're still protecting TVXQ, it's completely worthwhile.' 'Even though it only lasted 6 minutes and we waited 7 long hours, as long as we're able to catch a glimpse of them and see that they're well, it's enough.' There were lots of messages like that, and each and every single one of them touched me. All of a sudden, I remembered a conversation I'd had with a Yunho fan last night. I asked her why she loved Yunho so much and whether it was hard or tiresome for her. She replied 'I do get tired, of course I get tired, I get tired, bitter and angry. He really is a a fool, but there's really nothing we can do, we'll stay by his side and help him through the hard times because compared to everything he's been through, our suffering and our exhaustion is nothing.' After last night, I suddenly had a newfound love for these unnie fans, I really really like them, they're definitely the most lovable fans I've ever seen.

Thinking about how good the oppas are to our SHINee and how nice the Cassiopeia unnies are to us, I really hope that one day, SHINee World will become just like Cassiopeia, so that our boys will be proud of us as well.

'Hello everyone, we are Dong Bang Shin Ki'
'Hello everyone, we are Cassiopeia'

This was the first time I've personally heard the exchange between TVXQ and their Cassiopeia and I was truly touched. I hope SHINee World and our boys will be able to achieve the same kind of perfect connection one day. I know we're not far from it…

Credits: TVXQBaidu + SHINeeBar
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Whoaa... SHAWOLS ... U must know that Cassi love HOMIN so much .. most of all .. we miss all DBSK ... so dont think that we dont love SHINee...

a-nation Tokyo Part 3

This is by a Chinese fan who went to a-nation.

I went to a-nation yesterday. Since I live pretty far away and I had to go to a meeting at my University beforehand, I left home at around 8 in the morning. After I attended my meeting, I took a bus to Shinjuku from Shibuya and then took the Keio line to the venue. The stadium was around 10 minutes walk away and it was 1:30 by the time I finally arrived. This was my first time there and it felt a lot like Tokyo dome. Since my friend and I arrived pretty late, we were worried that all the merchandise might have sold out so we quickly hurried over to the stand. There was a really long line and up ahead we saw a sign that said "JYJ T-SHIRT SOLD OUT'. Apparently only the JYJ shirts had sold out, tshirts for other artists were still in stock. As we were waiting to get to the front of the line, I scanned the rest of the crowd. I was in such a hurry on my way in that I didn't really take a good look around, when I did, I realized that almost everyone around me had an orange towel around their necks with 'JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN' in big bold print. I felt really happy then because no matter where I went, I'd bump into people with orange towels, even fan boys. Because I was so late, the t-shirts, bows and totes had all sold out and I only managed to buy a towel and a fan. The fan had a cartoon version of JYJ, kawaii.

When I was done buying merchandise, it was 2. My friend and I hurried into the stadium, found seats and sat down. A sudden loud noise shocked us both and we saw that Koda Kumi was first up on stage. People started to get excited as she walked on. Koda Kumi's singing is absolutely amazing, the studio and live versions are exactly the same. The Bigeasts/Cassiopeia that were there cheered really loudly for her, probably because she takes good care of our Dong Bang boys. She sat on a vehicle and went around the stadium once, waving to people along the way. A few singers that I didn't know the name of followed after that. Since it was right in the afternoon, the heat really was quite unbearable so my friend and I decided to go out and wander around for a bit because we were both only here for JYJ anyway, it didn't really matter whether or not we saw the other performances. We bought shaved ice but were still really hot afterwards. We agreed to go back in after the sun set and so we went back in at about 4. More artists we didn't know the names of performed… We waited… and waited… During the break, the cameraman panned the camera on the audience. We saw a few cute kids but then the camera suddenly focused on a few JYJ light boards, they wrote 'JYJ We Love You'. At that moment, a thunderous round of applause sounded throughout the stadium and everyone enthusiastically cheered for the girl holding the board. Then the cameraman zoomed in on even more fans with JYJ signs and merchandise, and everytime he did, the audience would applaud. Looking around, the entire venue seemed to be covered in orange. My friend is a new fan and didn't really know how legit us Cassiopeia/Bigeasts are so she was completely awestruck. DBSK has so many fans it's kind of scary.

People started to get restless at 6:30 and many started taking out their red glowsticks. There even seemed to be more members of staff all of a sudden. One held up a sign which said 'No video/audio recording or photography, even mobile phone photography'. There were lots of staff around us watching our every move so we couldn't take any photos or film anything even if we wanted to. In front of me, a girl took a photo, but then got her camera confiscated and was told that it'd be returned after the concert. Despite this, I still managed to sneak in a few shots.

After a while, JYJ appeared on the big screen. All the red glow sticks came on around the stadium and the screams hit peak. Cassiopeia/Bigeast completely took over the concert. Even though you weren't the focal point of the concert and even though your performance wasn't particularly long, we gave you your red ocean. I wanted to take a photo of the red ocean, but couldn't because the security was so tight.

Then Jaejoong appeared followed by Yoochun and Junsu. My immediate thought was that Junsu had lost some weight and then I noted how cute he looked with his new blonde hair. I'd thought that Yoochun would've cut his hair short by now since filming for his drama was already over. In the end, he still brandished the same long hair and his wide forehead. Jaejoong ah, he was still as handsome as ever.

After the first song was over, it was time for Junsu's solo. His amazing singing and sexy dancing had the audience screaming incessantly throughout his performance. Then it was time for soulmate's 'Colors'. Jaejoong and Yoochun stood on opposite sides of the stage and then swapped positions. In the middle when they were singing "lalala', the sound was completely phenomenal. On the last line, Jaejoong playfully stopped singing and just as Yoochun got ready to sing, he said 'hold on a moment' and then started laughing….

They then performed some songs from their new album. When they were singing 'Get Ready', the fans sang along with them at the 'OK'. When they got to 'W', I really couldn't hold my tears in anymore, the lyrics really brought tears to my eyes, but since I had a friend beside me, I tried to contain myself. Shockingly, my friend started to cry before I did and I burst into tears with her. When their performance was finally over, nearly all of Cassiopeia/Bigeast was in tears. The stadium was completely covered in red. I'm grateful to the Japanese fans, thank you for your unconditional love for them.

As Junsu walked off stage, he turned back longingly to look at the red ocean. His eyes seemed to brim with tears….

My friend and I left after JYJ's performance was over. Even though we felt slightly apologetic to the artists who performed afterwards, I had to leave because I live so far away and I was afraid I wouldnt be able to catch the bus.
Being able to see JYJ had me completely content.

Even though I'm really tired, seeing JYJ made me really happy. My only regret is that I went in heels and now I'm so tired that I'm afraid to walk.

A-nation really moved me. Those of you who haven't seem them live really should go and take a look for yourselves. Seeing fan videos is nothing compared to seeing them live.

Credits: 神起5Always@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Kyaa ... Cassi must be so jealous right?

a-nation Tokyo Part 2

A lot of details were omitted when this was translated from Japanese to Chinese so this is only a rough summary.

Lots of the fan glow sticks had already been switched on by the time Jaejoong started singing 'いつだって君'

At the beginning he looked like he was going to cry.
Actually, he didn't look too well. Jaejoong are you okay? I'm a little worried.

Yoochun asked 'Ready OK?' twice when he was MCing.
The first time he said it, he said 'Compared to when we were in Osaka, I'm not feeling too well.' And then he said it again.
Jaejoong said that he realy wanted to try doing Yoochun's 'Ready OK?' 'How are those of you sitting above?' 'How about the people on the left, good?' things like that.

Junsu had to prepare for Intoxication, so he didn't say much.

Jaejoong is so cute
Everyone sang together lalala~~~

Credits: RockJJ
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

if HOMIN are there... it must be really fun! right Bigeast?

a-nation Tokyo Part 1

Around 50% of those in the stadium were in orange at the beginning, by the end, there was 70-80%.

The time JYJ came out was around the same as when they were in Osaka, as we approached the moment of their appearance, the guards became more strict.
Even as I took out my phone to check the time, I'd feel scared.
The songs they sang were pretty much the same as those in Osaka.
At around 18:40, when the sky was slowly darkening, the three of them finally walked out.
All the red lights suddenly came on.

They sang six songs in total, and this pretty much sums up how I felt:
Jaejoong is really cute
Jaejoong is absolutely stunning
I felt electrified by Jaejoong's voice
I could hear Jaejoong's voice echoing in my head
Jaejoong was hilarious during the MC section
I was kind of entranced by his dancing

Yoochun looked really happy and he was especially talkative during the MC secton. 'Junsu's introduction was so boring, don't you guys think? It was seriously boring (^W^), I'm Yoochun~ (He said this with a cute voice).' He yelled 'OK' more than once and said that 'That wasn't as powerful as when we were in Osaka' and did it again. Yoochun was smiling and laughing from the beginning to the end, it was absolutely adorable. He was also the only person who threw a towel. (Jaejoong threw a towel at the end)

When Jaejoong was MCing he said 'I want to yell OK like Yoochun too' And then he walked to centre stage and yelled 'Are you all awake~~??' twice.

I don't remember much about Junsu, but he was very charismatic.

Yoochun's rap in 'Colors' was cut and towards the end, Jaejoong stopped the song. Yoochun asked 'What are you doing?' and then the two of them started bickering like an old couple.

Then they ended with 'W'

When they were singing the official a-nation song, Yuki got on stage and started calling her friends on stage to sing together. 'AMI SUZUKI, KODA KUMI, AAA~~' etc. lots of her friends came up. Just as I thought she was done, I heard 'JUNSU~~!' Of course, Junsu was going to be singing as well, I was shocked for a moment but didn't think much of it until I heard' JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN~!' She shouted all three of their names! The three of them walked on in orange t-shirts~! Even though they only had one line each, I was glad I didn't leave half way through the concert.

Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Kyaa.. Its so much fun ... miss their gag ..!! and smile..!!

Why – U-Know Yunho’s Solo

Why – U-Know Yunho

keep your head down U-know time
U know what time is it? This is U-know time !

keep your head down keep your head down

왜 날 그렇게 쉽게 떠났니

내가 쉬워보였던거니

내가슴은 찢어지잖아 오오

그렇게 너 사랑갖고 장난장난치지마라

내앞에선 요리조리 거짓말만 늘어놓고

두고봐도 지켜봐도 넌 좀 이기적이야

왜왜왜 너를 그렇게 감싸안았는가


keep your head down U-know time
U know what time it it? Thit it U-know time !

keep your head down keep your head down

wae nal geureohge swipge deonani

naega swiwoboyeo deongeoni

nae gaseumeun chijeojijanha

geureohge neo sarang gago jangnan jangnan chijimara

nae apeseon yorijori geojimalman neureonohgo

dugobwado jikyeobwado neon jom igi jeogiya

wae wae wae neoreul geureohge gamssa ananeunga


Keep your head down U-know time
U know what time is it? This is U-know time!

Keep your head down keep your head down

Why did you dissappear from me like that easily

Did you see me as an easy person

My heart is going to rip apart

Don’t play around with love like that

Infront of me all you did was lie about this and that

Anyone who sees you, even when I see you you’re so selfish greedy [as in, anyone can see/understand that she's selfish]

Why did I hold on to you like that

credit: DCinside
trans: rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights

Cant wait to hear..!!

Toshiyuki Fukuo Twitter Update

Summer a-nation is over! Everyone cheer for the good work! And thank you m(_ _)m

(T/N: the fireworks of a-nation closing which Yoochun mentioned in his thank you mail today)

The red and purple sea during ‘W’ performance:

credit: toshiyuki fukuo twitter


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Red and Purple light? hey .. Cassi you guys saw something... it was HOMIN colour.. Red and Purple.. Gahh ..  I want to cry ..!! They cant celebrate summer together.. T_T