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Happy Fasting to all Muslims around the world. We will SEMI-HIATUS about a few months from now. Moreover, some of us will take SPM (Malaysian National Examinations) this year. Wish us the best!


Hello everybody ! 
First of all, we want to say , WELCOME TO OUR BLOG! 
and so much Thank You to those who visit us, *bowed* 
There are a lot of informantion and news about kpops and also jpops here, 
hope you guys like it :) 
but, currently , we are on our hiatus moment.. >.<
Sorry for that, but still.. hope you guys will visit us back after we active our blog again ! 

from the main admin - minnie 

Meet our ADMIN !


Lee Ya Na

She is the oldest one here and the main advisor of Cassipeasworld..
Ultimate biased is Baekhyun from EXO and a hardcore fan of EXO now..


:) her korean name is Han Min Su ,
main admin , news and layouts editor...
Ultimate biased is Changmin, Hyesung and Howon,
and hardcore fans of DBSK , SHINHWA and INFINITE..


:) her korean name is Shin Min Ra,
main editor, editing news, layouts and more...
Ultimate biased G-Dragon , and hardcore fans of BIG BANG and 2NE1


:) her korean name is Lee Sun Ha...
The main admin that post news, co-editor layout , etc.
Ultimate bias is Yoseob , and hardcore fans of BEAST, 
knows Jpop a lot too ~


:) her korean name is Park Ha Ra...
position as the helper of the story , giving idea and etc.
Ultimate bias is HimChan, and hardcore fans of BAP, 100% and SHINHWA..


:) her korean name is Kang Sung Young..
position as the news editor, 
Ultimate bias Chunji and hardcore fans of BEAST and TEEN TOP


:) her korean name is So Min-Ah ...
position as the news editor ... and giving ideas..