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Monday, 31 January 2011

110131 Interview with 10Asia Part 1

“Our CEO said that if this album doesn’t do well, there’s not going to be another album”
An Intro After Staying Up All Night:

Infinite’s Dongwoo, Hoya, Sunggyu, L, Woohyun, Sungjong, Sungyeol. (From the left)

10: There was a recording for MBC’s ‘Idol Track and Field Competition’, right? How were your scores?

Sungjong: We failed. Hoya hyung could’ve done well, but he was eliminated at the preliminary round.
Hoya: When the person next to me fell, I also fell too.
Sungjong: But since we could still get our reactions caught [on camera], we stayed to cheer others on.

10: The recording probably finished near the morning, but what’s your schedule after this interview?
Woohyun: Pracitce.

10: Were there any breaks after promotions for the 1st album till comeback?

Infinite: Nope!
Hoya: We did events, practiced, recorded, and received vocal training. It wasn’t a break.

10: What did you do last Christmas?
Infinite: Practice!

A Final Determination - Evolution:

10: To start off, tell us about your album.

Sunggyu: Our album title is ‘Evolution’ and the meaning is to evolve. That’s why the participation amount is higher than the first mini album. Our vocals got more mature and you can see a more colorful group dance on stage. Dongwoo and Hoya also personally did the rap making. And for a song like ‘Can U Smile’, it’s a song that was supposed to go into our first album, but after adding more to it for completion, we recorded it again. All six songs are good songs, filled with our eagerness. And besides anything else, it’s an album that must! (Infinite: Euhahaha!) succeed.

10: But I think the reason that the second album must succeed is different from ‘wanting to receive popularity’.

Sunggyu: Our CEO said it in a serious tone. If this album doesn’t do well, he’s not going to release another album.

10: Will your CEO really not release another album? (Laughter)

Sunggyu: Ah, I don’t think he’ll really do that. Haha. But if we think like that and work harder, our next album will come out, and if that does well, we can do things like unit groups. Although there’s no set plan, Woohyun, for instance, can do a ballad solo or since Hoya and Dongwoo like hip-hop, they can go have promotions near that road. Truthfully, the problem isn’t that our company isn’t pushing us towards it, but if the results are not as great, we think that we’ll lose courage so we’re going to work hard to not have any regrets.

10: For the 1st album, Epik High’s Mithra had helped with the rap making, but since he enlisted into the
army, you probably did it all by yourselves for this album. How was it?

Dongwoo: Although I did it since I was a trainee, Mithra hyung had helped us to create a better quality for the 1st album. It was fun to do it all by ourselves this time.
Hoya: For those with a lot of experience, they just write it once and say okay, but we had to write five to six raps for it to pass. Even then, if the arrangement changes, we had to rewrite it. I learned a lot.

10: Infinite’s songs have that trendy 90’s pop feel. And although the songs’ colors are great now, I feel that everyone has a different style of music that they want to do.

Sunggyu: I honestly like R&B and African-American music, but our group songs can’t always be the same with the genres I like. And the dance songs we do now are fun.

Scorpion Transformation, Feel Released/Free!:

10: Infinite’s performance is the representative for perfectly fitting group dances, is there a tip to do BTD’s
point ‘scorpion dance’ well?

Woohyun: You need to always have a scorpion pose.
Infinite: …
Hoya: When I first taught the scorpion dance to Sunggyu hyung, he said ‘I don’t think I can do it’.
Sunggyu: Our CEO was watching from the sides at that time and said, “We probably won’t be able to do this dance because of Sunggyu”! Wow, it really gave a scar to my confidence, but the reason why I couldn’t help but agree, was because I really thought that we wouldn’t be able to do it because of me. But it seemed to work after practicing so hard. That’s why I think it’s important to have a faith and mind that you can do it.
Hoya: Truthfully, anyone can learn and do the move, but you need to have a relaxed look when you stand up, as if it were nothing. But there’s a moment where you’re released/feel free after doing the scorpion dance. It’s when everyone does their own freestyle dance after sweeping the floor.

10: What do you think of during that moment?

Dongwoo: Ah, freedom.
Sungjong: It’s my world~
Sunggyu: People like Hoya and Dongwoo, who like dancing, start dancing because they’re excited, but I look around for my original spot and go back to it. Since I need to do a high-pitched adlib, I straighten up my breathing, do hmhm, and go to the back.
Dongwoo: Everyone is thinking something different even though we’re on the same stage. Heuheuheu.

Become a traffic light:

Sunggyu “I truthfully like R&B and African-American music”

10: Because Dongwoo-sshi dyed his hair red [T/N: This was before his hair color changed] and Sungjong-sshi dyed his hair blonde, you guys really stand out. How was this chosen?

SungjongOur CEO said that he was going to dye my hair blue no matter what after ‘She’s Back’, but he saw how this hair color came out and said it was good, so I kept it like this.
Dongwoo: My hair color was normally wine-colored, then it turned into a cherry color, then a tomato color came out, and then it finally became red. They bleached my eyebrows and colored it together, so it changed every time. It was pink, yellow, red, lilac, and the eyeliner was always changed between blue and green.
Sungyeol: And together they became ‘the sun and dawn’, the beginning and end. I kept asking because I wanted to dye my hair too, but they said it wouldn’t match me…

10: If you could dye your hair, what color would you do it?  

Sungyeol: Green to be really unique!

Just What is Noir?:

10: I heard that the concept for the ‘BTD’ performances was ‘noir’. How did you prepare for it?

Sunggyu: Our CEO came to the dorms in the middle of the night and showed us a Hong Kong movie. Movies like ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and ‘To Love With No Regrets’. Our CEO watched it in middle school and was really impressed by it; he decided that he would do something similar to it one day. And then he made us do it.
Hoya: There was a similar scene in KBS’ ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’. Riding a motorcycle.
Sungyeol: Something that didn’t make sense from what our CEO said was, “The main character always dies in the end of a noir movie, a public pay phone always comes out, and since they smoke cigarettes in there, think of it and practice your expressions.” I mean, what is he telling us to do…
Dongwoo: We have cellphones, so why is a public pay phone really necessary…
Sunggyu: And what was worse was that a public pay phone didn’t even come out in the movie. Heuheuheu. When it came out once in the end, our CEO said, “There we go, the public pay phone came out!”. And there was a movie that was a noir, and the main character didn’t die? 

10: What did you feel after watching those movies?

Infinite: Mm…
Sungyeol: Is that kind of guy… cool?
Dongwoo: What is noir. That we have to.
Sunggyu: Movies that recently came out like ‘A Sweet Life [달콤한 인생]’, are really fun and cool, I’m not really sure about old movies… But I think we felt a somewhat bitter and a grim mood.
Woohyun: Then we went to the practice room and practiced expression in the middle of the night. It sometimes comes into my mind when I’m on stage.

10: If you had to choose, who was the coolest/handsomest?
Infinite: Yoo Dukhwa!

Hajime Mashite [[Nice to meet you]. Watashino Sunggyu Desu [I Am Sunggyu.]:

10: I heard you’re getting ready for your showcase in Japan.

Woohyun: It’s planned for April, but since it’s our first foreign showcase, I think it will be really meaningful. And besides Hoya, none of us have ever gone to Japan.
L: For me, I have this illusion about Japan.

10: …What illusion?

L: Wait, why are you looking at me oddly? Haha. Just, after I just heard things about the performance system like the camera rehearsals are done a day before, and the sounds systems are good, so I think we can show a good stage.

10: You probably will need to learn Japanese, are you prepared?

Woohyun: Probably… Sunggyu hyung is probably preparing.
Sunggyu: I received lessons awhile back. Hajime mashite [nice to meet you]. Watashino Sunggyu desu [I am Sunggyu]. 

10: But if you make only one person do the translating, there’s that negative point that you don’t know what
they’re saying about you…

Woohyun: We can do that much too.
Sungjong: We’ll just believe and entrust it to him. 
Woohyun: Hajime mashite. Watashino Woohyun desu. Arigatou gojaimasu [Thank you]~

7 Years Later, Diving Into the Audience at a 19+ Concert:

Dongwoo “It was fun to personally do the rap making”

10: The largest dream for rookie singers is to have a solo concert, what side of yourselves would you like to show if you could stand on a stage like that one day?

L: I’m learning how to play the guitar, although it’s still insufficient. If we were to do a concert, I would compose my own song and sing it.
Sunggyu: I believe that it will take about 7 years.
Sungjong: I want to sing a song that I’m confident in, then sing one measure of a trot and dance. And what I want to do more than anything is to jump into the audience! Then have the fans move me around.
Woohyun: You’ll die like that.
Infinite: Euhahaha!

10: If Sungjong-sshi jumped into the audience and was in danger, what would you do?

Sunggyu: I would jump in also.
Woohyun: He would already be dead by then.
Sungjong: (Doesn’t give into it) I want do that too. Going on a wife, no I mean, wire and coming down amazingly like in a musical. 
Woohyun: What? Wife [T/N: Said in English because Sungjong got confused about it.]? Wife?
Sungjong: Hanging my leg on the line and going shu~oong, backwards.
Sungyeol: I want to do a comic dance with Sungjong or a trot and give happiness to the audience.
Dongwoo: Euheuheuheu, I would do the…
Woohyun: Reaction.
Sungjong: We would have a VIP area for Dongwoo hyung and he can sit and watch what we’re doing.
Dongwoo: I just want to enjoy it together. Hahaha.
Woohyun: Well, since he does the work by just watching. There’s a rumor that if he goes as a panelist, he can do the reactions of 100 people because he laughs so often. 
Sunggyu: I want to sing a R&B song while playing the piano and do rock songs with a band.
Hoya: I want to do a special stage that I can’t on broadcast, and concerts have 19+ stages too. I want to show a heated performance like Usher does at his performances. 
Infinite: Ohohohoh~

article cr; 10asia

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥ (adding yourselves to the credits is not allowed.)
this honestly took long, so please don’t edit the credits. 

Super Junior wants the world to see Super Show 4

The Super Junior members were in Singapore this past weekend for the Singapore leg of their Super Show 3 concert tour and it finished off successfully with 20,000 fans going home delighted.
Before the second concert in Singapore yesterday, the members had a press conference with the local media where they expressed their desire to bring the next edition, Super Show 4, to cities outside of Asia. Since the beginning of their Super Show concert tour begun back in 2008, the extravaganza has been confined to mainly east and southeastern countries in Asia.
The prolific group has plans to bring a brand new Super Show 4 showcase to the rest of the world after the release of their fifth album this year“, so says band leader Leeteuk, 27, when asked to share the group’s plans and goals for 2011.

We won’t restrict it [Super Show 4] to only Asia“, he smilingly adds, during an interview with Xin MSN yesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Leeteuk and Heechul were also asked about the minor accident they got into. “As long as my fans are fine, we are fine,” Heechul coolly replied, grinning from ear to ear. Leeteuk chimed in, “In the future, for security reasons, we want fans to be careful and take care of themselves too.”

The Super Junior boys will regroup again next month for the Japan leg of their Super Show 3 concert tour from February 18 – 20th, and they will also head to the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia in the coming months before ending in Vietnam on May 7th.

Source: Xin MSN

Kim Jaejoong unveils his secret diet

On January 23rd, Kim jaejoong made a special interview to commerate his  26th birthday for fans.

Kim jaejoong whose thighs are perect and even slimmer than females told all his fans about his secret diet .

He said “Actually I eat a lot! But I go on diet two days before my shooting. I am slimmer below my waistline. Then I questioned why does this happen, most probably the reason is not moving around.”

He continued, “But please do not exercise too much. Many people said that if one does not exercise, he/she will gain weight. As I exercise more on the top half of my body, my thighs have become like this.”

“From now on, I will work hard to have “steel thighs” because I need to be married after all”, saying this he made the fans laugh.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Other than that he was asked whether he has the thought of trying Secret Garden’s kiss scenes.

In his own twitter he even posted a picture of ‘Cappuccino’s Kiss’ making fans think that he is a Secret Garden fan.

He replied, “I know the drama is about applying cream around the lips. But I like it even more better on chin? Although it is not romantic, but if I can apply cream on chin I don’t know why but I have the urge of kissing the chin. When I purposely wipe her chin, I will think of applying the cream on her forehead and nose too kiss her like this.”

While replying, he was in a dreamy state. Regarding his reply, fans said “Indeed is Jaejoong,” “I want to receive the three-level of kiss too.”

credit: tvdaily+baidu
trans by:

IU poses for Clothing Brand YS'B!

Honestly today is a day for IU,i have shared a total of 3 posts concerning IU modelling for various fashion brands.

Here are some new photos of IU for YS'B,she looks so innocent in these photos right?

cr ; dailypopnews

TaeYeon and Kim Bum Soo released Different!

The moment you have been waiting for,TaeYeon and Kim Bum Soo's duet song Different has been released,listen to it here,love it?

cr ; dailykpopnews

Interview with Kim Heechul on the Accident in Singapore

Super Junior's members Kim Heechul and Leeteuk were in a 7 cars accident. The management company SM Entertainment eased the fans' mind by saying, "the two people are fine. When they come back to Korea on the 31st, they will go to the hospital and receive an examination. "

When Super Junior successfully finished SM Town Live in Tokyo which was held at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, they visited Singapore on the 28th for their concert Super Show3 which was to be held on the 29th and 30th.

When Super Junior arrived at the airport, many fans were present. Some diehard fans rode on several cars and started to chase the stars' van which was heading to the hotel. A dangerous race ensued and finally, a car hit the van which Leeteuk and Heechul were riding on, creating the first accident. Afterward, 5 cars that were chasing the van continuously collided with each other making the collisions into a 7 cars accident. The accident was featured in Singapore newspapers.

Talking to Sportsworld over the phone, Kim Heechul expressed his discomfort saying, "my body's not feeling good because of my back pain." He added, "it was horrible because it reminded me of the past incident. Leeteuk and I experienced it before." In April 2007, Super Junior was involved a car accident when the van that the members rode on rolled over leaving Kyuhyun in a critical condition. In August of 2006, Heechul was in a car accident when he was on his way back from visiting the funeral of Donghae's father. Heechul had hip and ankle fractures and was hospitalized for 12 weeks. He received a surgery to put 7 metal pins in his left leg.

Heechul said, "because of the aftereffect of the accident I had before, I can't go to sleep in the car and I can't bend my legs well. I'm not going to happy complain about how I want to have a private life. But I don't want to risk my life to receive love."

Source: Sportsworld
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

MBLAQ Mir features as rapper for Gavy NJ

MBLAQ's Mir showed his support by featuring as a rapper. On January 29th's episode of MBC Music Core, Mir participated in Gavy NJ's 'A Cup of Latte' with a rap performance.

Mir showed off a different image from their current comeback promotions. Netizens commented, "Mir's rapping is good", "Who could this blonde-haired young man be? It's Mir", and more hot responses.

Mir has been actively promoting 'Stay' with MBLAQ lately. Their 'glitter dance' which resembles parking attendant hand signals has been gaining popularity.

Other performances on Music Core today were TVXQ, Secret, Seeya, Infinite, G.NA, Park Jungmin, Dal Shabet, Teen Tap, Mighty Mouth, Navi, Piggy Dolls, and more.

Check out their performance below!

chouchihching@youtube (VIDEO)

Taecyeon's ideal type, Ha Jiwon is a Dream High fan

Recently, Ha Jiwon was interviewed and was asked about Taecyeon.
Q: Say something to your big fan Taecyeon?
A: Thank you so much. I've been watching "Dream High" and supporting you. I'm worried that you'll change your favourite actress. However, I hope you won't change your heart. haha.


[RUMOR] 110131 Khuntoria Special Filming in Jeju Island?

May be taken out with full credits.

According to this tweet, Khuntoria will be traveling to Jeju Island with Twayair on Wednesday, February 2nd, for a special filming of WGM. But the thing is...the tweet was who knows....

Seungri VVIP and GD&TOP Album Sales from Hanteo (110130)

Total sales of Seungri's VVIP mini-album as of January 30 is 12,518:

Total sales of GD&TOP's album as of January 30 is 60,525:

C: bigbangupdates.

SoHyun spots a new look!

With their anticipated comeback any time between February and March, 4Minute and CUBE have been very tight lipped and very careful in releasing too much details about their new concept and music. However we can always count on our maknae, SoHyun. Recently she tweeted a photo of what seems to be a new look. Plus the caption read: I Feel Like Wearing A Baseball Jumper.

It is still, however, anyones guess as to what their new concept will be like. All we can do now is wait for their audio preview which may give a clue as to what they will unleash next into the Kpop scene.

Source:SoHyun's Twitter
Transalations + Reporting:

110118-110119 & 110129 MBC My Princess' Posts @B2stGK


110118-110119 & 110129 MBC My Princess' Posts on Me2Day

18 JAN 2011: At the Blue House, how was the National Exams organized for the exam papers to be taken? Was there even an order to ferret out the criminal by the general attorney? Would it be right for me to take the plane to Gimpo if I've suddenly been stamped as the criminal? Kikwang-ah, answer the questions tomorrow in the drama.

19 JAN 2011: While I look forward to Kikwang's hilarious act today.. I release another picture from the interview at 2AM.

29 JAN 2011: Our Kikwang's cookingdol (cooking+idol) force, why does the princess nuna not acknowledge it? A chef's genuine heart...keke Next week Wednesday look forward to episode 9!! The cameraman in front came all the way from Japan to film a BEAST special documentary!


Idol Special Magazine - 2PM Hanami Fanmeeting & MULA in Thailand

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.
Idol Special Magazine (SOURCE); Aupsorn@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

The full magazine scans can be found here!

‘2PM’ From ‘MNET’ Concert to ‘Fan Meeting’ and ‘Fan Sign’
It has been a very long time since the last time we saw each other. Now finally the 6 member group 2PM (NichKhun, JunHo, JunSu, TaecYeon, WooYoung, ChangSung) once again set foot in Thailand. This trip is most anticipated trip for both 2PM and Thai HOTTEST.

The purpose of this trip is to join together for ‘MNET Ultimate Live in Asia Thailand’ by HANAMI, ‘HANAMI Fan Meeting: Love 2PM’ and a bonus fansign to promote their latest mini album ‘Still 2:00PM’. Let’s get started…

At the press conference of ‘MNET Ultimate Live in Asia Thailand’ at Infinity Hall, 5th Floor of Siam Paragon, the boys came out in black suits (looking pretty sharp!). They each greeted the fans in Thai with NK (the Thai spoke person)
2PM: Hello. We are 2PM.
CS: Sawasdee krub (Hello). I’m ChangSung.
WY: Sawasdee krub. I’m WooYoung.
JH: Sawasdee krub. I’m JunHo.
JS: Sawasdee krub. I’m JunSu.
TY: Sawasdee krub. I’m TaecYeon.
NK: Sawasdee krub. I’m Khun, NichKhun.

After the greeting, the MC, VJ Aek asked the boys to say something Thai to the fans.
CS: (Thai) pork fried rice is delicious.
WY: Thai people are lovely.
JH: I love Thailand.
JS: It will not rain tomorrow! LOL (reference-because last time JS/JH was the chosen representative for a press conference, it rained a lot but fans still came out and waited…hence, the rain remark. Let’s hope that it will not rain this time.) This time we will be inside so no worries even if it rains.
TY: Do you want to marry me?

(Taecyeon, did you think HOTTEST will let this comment slide without a reply? HOTTEST answered with a loud YES! TY then motioned with his hands (c’mon) which caused Thai HOTTEST to scream even louder!
VJ: Let’s talk about your latest work…
TY: our latest album, a mini album, was just recently released in Korea. This album mostly consists of heartfelt songs to show our sensitive side.
VJ: How do you feel about performing a full concert here in Thailand for the 1st time?
WY: Right now I don’t know what to say because I am overjoyed.
VJ: Would 2PM like to formally invite Thai HOTTEST to the concert?
NK: I would like everyone to come and I promise that we will have a great time.
JS: Tomorrow we will have a special surprise for HOTTEST. If you want to know what it is you’ll have to come.

Today, 2PM didn’t just come to promote ‘MNET…’ but all idols involved also came with something special to be auctioned off to help with Thailand’s flood relief. Not only are the boys handsome, they are very compassionate too! 2PM will auction the only one signed ‘Still 2:00PM’ cd in Thailand starting bid is at 26,000 Baht (around $896 USD) After Q&A session, the bidding for the ‘Still 2:00PM’ started. The CD will go to the fan club with the highest offer. Immediately following the auction, each representative of each fan club was allowed to give their gifts to the boys (which were many!). Each member received many gifts (we were very envious of the boys).

When the conference was over, we ran down to the 2nd floor to join the crowd waiting for the ‘Fan Sign’. We were a little disappointed with the Korean bodyguards. They were overly strict with the media who were trying to take pictures of 2PM. We didn’t know if we had some kind of disease or something because they were trying to keep us as far away as possible. We were confused. We will over looks this situation today because of the wonderful 6 boys. This ‘Fan Sign’ is only for fans that purchased ‘Still 2:00PM’ cd. These lucky fans will get to have the boy’s autographs, handshakes, conversations and can give to the boys their gifts. We can see how hard the boys are trying to please HOTTESTs. Even with their tight schedule and traveling, the boys did not even show how tired they might be but kept smiling and talking comfortably with each fan.

As the ‘Fan Sign’ came to an end, 2PM are now on their way to get some rest and prepare for ‘HANAMI: Love 2PM and ‘MNET…’ These events will take place at Impact Arena in ThongThani, Bangkok Thailand.

As we waited for the HANAMI: Love 2PM to begin, we heard loud screams and thought that 2PM stepped out on to the stage. That was not the case. With HOTTEST’s continuous screaming and waving of their hands, we looked around to see what the cause was. It turns out that the Mothers of NK, CS, & JS were in the audience. (The Moms were there to show support for the boys.) The Moms encouraged the fans even more by waving in return. The Moms started showing their thumps up and sang ‘I’ll Be Back’. So that was the cause of the commotion on the 2nd floor, which was above us, is also where the Moms were seated. Many fans ran to get pictures with the Moms. (This in returns will help promote themselves as well as ‘Still 2:00PM’ album.) We were mesmerized with what was going on around us that the time for the ‘Fan Meeting’ started with Again & Again getting louder and louder…2PM then stepped onto the stage and performed the song ‘I’ll Be Back’ the boys latest single in Korea. DJ Aggy (?) and Yoo KonYong (?) came out and started the ‘Fan Meeting’ with a lot of excitement.
DJ: Can you please greet the fans in Thai?
CS: Sawasdee krub (Hello). My name is ChanSung.
JH: Sawasdee krub. My name is JunHo.
WY: Sawasdee krub. My name is WooYoung.
JS: Sawasdee krub. My name is JunSu.
TY: Sawasdee krub. My name is TaecYeon.
NK: Sawasdee krub. My name is NichKhun.
DJ: How does it feel to meet 5000+ Thai HOTTESTs today?
JH: Thank you for coming and showing us your support.
DJ: ‘MNET…’, you could say, is the 1st full concert in Thailand. What is going through your mind right now?
TY: First of all, we would like to thank HANAMI for choosing us as their representative. We already enjoy HANAMI and on top of that we get to meet our Thai HOTTESTS as well.
DJ: Now that you are HANAMI’s representative, can you show us how you enjoy eating it?
(From here 2PM acts out how they enjoy eating HANAMI)
CS: puts his head back and stretching his arm out above his head and drops one into his mouth.
(Our Mr. Ok couldn’t stand it and said “I’m going to show you an active way of eating.”)
TY: Jumps up and tosses one in his mouth.
(He's so hyper this one!)
(In seeing his friends doing it that way…WY said “Why must it be difficult?)
WY: Throws one and catches with his mouth.
(JH, not wanting to look bad, said “I normally eat it while watching TV.”)
JH: gets down on his stomach and starts to eat while watching TV.
(Moving to the next Jun, JS “I usually eat it before going to bed.”)
JS: drops down and lay on his side and starts eating.
(The most anticipated member, NK. Seeing how his friends are trying to top each other with their cuteness, says: “When I eat HANAMI, I eat a lot at one time.”)
NK: Grabs a hand full and shoves it into his mouth.
(This shows a piggy side of you, Nong  used when talking to or about someone who is younger).

After showing their own unparalleled style of eating HANAMI, they each received an orange shrimp as a prize. Now that I’ve seen their strange…Oh! I mean unique way of enjoying it; let’s move on with the show. The boys performed Again & Again and because HOTTESTs wanted to write down their feelings for the boys, HANAMI gave 6 giant balls with each member’s name on it so that fans can write down their messages. When staff let go of the balls, fans started to pass the balls hand by hand towards the stage for the boys. When 2PM got the balls, they were given a chance to read the messages.

The next event is games with fans. 12 lucky fans were picked out of the audience. They were then divided into 3 groups of 4. Each team will have a piece of paper with different colors. Each team will stand on the paper without any part of their bodies going over the edge. Round 1: no loser. The paper is then is folded in half but still has 4 members. Any team with larger members will have a harder time since there is less space to stand. This game continues until one team remains. The prize will be 6 life size HANAMI Standees of the boys. As that is still going on, 2PM wanted to play too. So the boys were put into 2 groups of three. Team 1: CS, JS, & JH. Team 2: NK, TY, & WY. Round 1: all passed. Round 2: team 1 got on top of each other, as for team 2: they tried hugging each other but they lost because they couldn’t stand still keep arms/legs within the paper. (I translated this event as I read the article so it may be a bit off since I didn’t see the event myself >_<) The second game starts. (This game is like musical chair) 6 fans were chosen to pair up with the 6 boys. They will be passing a bag of HANAMI and if a member of any pair is caught with the bag, that pair is eliminated. The third and last game is a dance off. 6 fans will get paired with the 6 boys and will dance together. The pair with the loudest cheer wins. You shouldn’t even have to guess which pair will win…NichKhun’s pair won!

The last part of ‘Fan Meeting’ is picking 60 lucky fans to receive ‘Still 2:00PM’ cd as well as signed bag of HANAMI. 2PM were pleasantly surprised by HOTTEST when an adorable VTR was played for the boys. As the boys watched, it made them laughed a lot. A cake was brought out to 2PM in celebrating their 2nd Anniversary since they debut. The boys were overwhelmed with joy! NichKhun was elected to thank Thai HOTTEST that came out today:
NK: “Thank you very much everyone for coming today and for the continuous show of support over the last 2 years. Let’s see each other again at the concert.”

You can say that we are very envious of 2PM’s Fan Club! The nature of this Fan Meeting was fun yet very intermit between 2PM and their fans. I would even go as far as to say that if you missed this event you would feel very disappointed.

Let’s jump right to the concert ‘MNET Ultimate Live in Asia Thailand’ Presented by HANAMI where the 6 member 2PM came out on stage to start their performance.

You could clearly and easily measure 2PM’s rating/popularity just from the opening of the show with the VTR. It was received with the deafening screams from Thai HOTTESTs. As 2PM came on stage with their intro ‘What Time Is It Now’, HOTTESTs managed to scream even louder (is that even possible?) to the point of almost bring down the Arena! The nonstop fun continues during the 3 songs ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’, ‘I Hate You’, and ‘Without You’. 2PM quickly changed the atmosphere while they sung the acoustic version of ‘Only You’ which they handed out roses and lollipops to the lucky fans in the Hall. Not only are 2PM very handsome, they are very considerate as well. That’s not all to their cuteness, during their ‘Angel’ performance, Nichkhun along with each members put on angel wings while they charmed HOTTESTs to the point where you can’t help but to fall even more in love with 2PM. Next song is “I’ll Be Back” from their latest album ‘Still 2:00PM’ which is currently doing very well in the KPOP charts. Following with ‘Tired of Waiting’, ‘I can’t’. The highlight of the performance was ’10 Out Of 10’ with the special surprise appearance from the Wonder Girls just for Thai HOTTESTs. 2PM wanted to give HOTTESTs a chance to rest from all the screaming and enjoy the VTR that 2PM had been working on for this trip to Thailand. As 2PM returns to the stage, they are now wearing white suites like white knights standing in front of us singing “Risk of My Life’ and ‘Gimme the Light’. 2PM concluded this HOT performance with their hits “Again & Again’ and ‘Heartbeat’.

We would like to say, without a doubt, 2PM had a very successful hour long performance!

MBLAQ Thunder Made a Broadcasting Accident on Purpose "I didn't dance for 2 seconds"

MBLAQ Thunder confessed that he made a small broadcasting accident during live before.

Thunder, who appeared on KBS 1TV 'Imaginative Arcade' at 29th, did a surprising
confess as he said "Because I get upset easily, I choose to disappear alone when
I get stressed. When I make an excuse that I was in the bathroom while I was actually
watching movie during the practice, even members get fooled instantly."

Thunder also confessed that he stopped dancing for two seconds during a broadcast.
However, guests said "Only you must have known the fact that you did not danced",
which made filming place full of laughter.

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BoA releases My Only One for Paradise Ranch OST!

Check out BoA's new song for drama Paradise Ranch here,love this song?

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Big Bang’s TOP Is Jealous of Sandara Park’s Confession for G-Dragon?

Sandara’s recent confession about G-Dragon has left Big Bang’s TOP in deep regret.
Aired last January 29 on KBSTV2 “Entertainment Tonight,” Sandara Park revealed that, “When I think about “Oh, this man would make a romantic boyfriend,” the man that comes to mind is G-Dragon.”
This confession came from the time when Sandara Park went on a ski trip and when she had trouble carrying her board, G-Dragon came and took it from her and carried it instead.
Sandara Park revealed, “I have that image in my mind when I think about men I’d like to date,” she explained.
When G-Dragon was told this, he said “Sandara Park was carrying this big board so it looked like there were two people and she had a hard time,” he continued, “Thank you for thinking well of me,” he finished.
TOP then revealed, “I didn’t go ski with them at that time,” he said, “If I did, I may have been chosen instead, I should have followed. It’s such a waste,” he expressed regretfully, with a jealous heart.

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IU and Kim Tae Woo's Way Back Into Love preview!

IU and Kim Tae Woo collaborate for SBS’s Lunar New Year special, “Star Blind Date – Fun Scandal.”

Check out IU and Tae Woo's version of Way Back Into Love!

Yesung released Waiting For You for Paradise Ranch OST!

Check out Yesung's latest OST song for Paradise Ranch,is it as good as It Can't Not Be You for Cinderella Sister?

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Luna practiced hard for Legally Blonde!

Some photos of Luna practicing for musical Legally Blonde have been revealed recently.

f(x) is rumoured to be making their comeback in this March,hope that Luna can cope with her busy schedule.Credits to Iheartfx for the photos!