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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SECRET to cancel all promotional activities until December 28th

Following their unfortunate car accident on the morning of December 11th, SECRET has announced that they will be canceling all promotional activities until the year-end ceremonies.

TS Entertainment revealed that the girls will be on hiatus until the 27th to give them time for ample rest until the ‘2012 KBS Gayo Festival‘ on the 28th.

Having made their “Talk That” comeback, things were looking up for the girls in terms of digital chart placement and the ecstatic response from fans. Their round of comebacks on the weekly music programs only amplified the excitement for their return.

Unfortunately, the excitement was short lived, as the girls suffered a car accident while driving down an icy road, which resulted in the car slipping off road and flipping over. Hyosung, Jieun, and Sunhwa were able to be discharged from the hospital for minor injuries while Zinger is still hospitalized due to some more severe injuries involving a crack on her rib cage and bruising on her lungs.

TS Entertainment stated, “Doctors said that Zinger’s rib cage crack will fully heal in about two to three weeks. Hyosung is wearing a cast for her injured knee but we suspect that it will fully heal in time for the KBS festival. For now, we are working around the girls’ first comeback schedule being the KBS Gayo Festival.” 

Industry representatives are also expressing their concerns for the girls, stating, “We’re all glad that the members weren’t gravely hurt. We’re sure that there isn’t anybody more disappointed with this accident than the girls themselves. They’ve made a successful transformation with ‘Talk That’, which was obviously the result of strenuous days of practice and work. We hope that all of them will recover fast and show us another great stage again.”

Fans also left supportive comments like, “We pray for the fast recovery of SECRET” and “We hope that Zinger is okay“.

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

2AM’s Seulong and Block B’s Jaehyo wish SECRET a speedy recovery

Following the news of SECRET‘s car accident, 2AM‘s Seulong and Block B‘s Jaehyo were two celebrities among those who sent their sincere wishes for SECRET’s speedy recovery.

Seulong shared on his Twitter on the 10th, “SECRET’s car accident.. I was shocked since reading the news in the morning. Although they are not close friends of mine, as colleagues, I wish for them to have a speedy recovery.. !”

Jaehyo also showed his concern as he tweeted, “When I hear celebrities getting into a car accident, I don’t feel at ease. I wish for a speedy recovery!!”, sending good vibes to the girls who have just gone through a rough ordeal.

We wish all the members a speedy and complete recovery!

Big Bang takes Hong Kong by storm for their ‘Alive Galaxy Tour’

Even with Big Bang‘s ‘Alive Galaxy Tour‘ about to come to an end, fans are showing unceasing interest and support.

From December 8th through the 10th, the boys performed for a total of 30,000 fans at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong. Although they had only originally planned to make it a two day concert, tickets had sold out the moment they had gone on sale, prompting Big Bang to add another date. Tickets for that date sold out just as fast, demonstrating the boys’ popularity.

For all three days, fans were seen camping outside the concert hall in hopes of getting the best seats in the house. Hong Kong celebrities took notice of the commotion, sharing on Weibo what they thought of the performances.

Hong Kong went through Big Bang fever this week, with Big Bang flash mobs happening all over the city. The buzz carried on as industry representatives talked nonstop about the concert, taking memorable pictures of every happening going on.

Having wrapped up in Hong Kong, Big Bang will be at the Wembley Arena on December 14th and 15th for their first European concert. As expected, tickets for this stop sold out in just two hours, leading to an additional concert date on the 15th.

‘Alive Galaxy Tour’ will hold its grand finale in Seoul on January 25th through the 27th.


B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR to hold special themed performances at the’2012 Melon Music Awards’

B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR have confirmed their attendances for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards‘ along with a special stage!

The three groups will be collaborating for a special stage on the upcoming music ceremony on December 14th. According to concert directors, the two part ceremony will be a festival to heal the hearts of fans, aptly titled ‘Music is Healing’. B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR have been chosen as the stars of the concept, which will be divided into three themes titled ‘Girl is Healing’, ‘Dance is Healing’, and ‘Star is Healing’.

SISTAR will be making transformations as Catwomen breaking into a casino with a 60 member dance team while INFINITE is expected to flip the tables on the expectations of the audience with a dance stage never seen before. As for B2ST, they’ll be coming up with a whimsical concept as ‘little princes’ to put on a dream-like stage.

MMA representatives stated, “As this is the first and the last music festival made entirely for domestic fans, we’ve created a lot of stage concepts different from anything ever seen before. You’ll only be able to see them at the MMA so please look forward to their special stage.” 

Check back with allkpop for the ceremony on December 14th.

Source + Photo: bnt News

Gary ‘logs out’ from Song Ji Hyo for Han Hyo Joo?

Gary brought laughter as he dismissed Song Ji Hyo claiming that he will now ‘log out’ from her.

Actors Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo were guests on ‘Running Man‘s latest episode, and showed off their hidden variety skills. Han Hyo Joo was on the same team with Gary and Yoo Jae Suk, and when she first came out, she greeted Gary by sneaking up to him from the back and covering his eyes.

When Gary realized who the mysterious guest was, he froze at first, but couldn’t help but express his joy, shouting and cheering once he got over his shock. When Ji Suk Jin told Gary, “You look more even like a worker next to Han Hyo Joo“, Gary replied, “I’m a long-time fan.

His ‘Monday Couple’ partner Song Ji Hyo added, “You’re really ugly today.” However, Gary dismissed her comment as he replied, “I’m going to log out from you now“. The captions below his words read, “You’re going to just log out instead of retracting your membership?“, bringing laughter to viewers even more as it suggested that Gary will probably return to Ji Hyo again later on as he has only ‘logged out’ rather than resigning as a member.

Source: SBS E!