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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SECRET to cancel all promotional activities until December 28th

Following their unfortunate car accident on the morning of December 11th, SECRET has announced that they will be canceling all promotional activities until the year-end ceremonies.

TS Entertainment revealed that the girls will be on hiatus until the 27th to give them time for ample rest until the ‘2012 KBS Gayo Festival‘ on the 28th.

Having made their “Talk That” comeback, things were looking up for the girls in terms of digital chart placement and the ecstatic response from fans. Their round of comebacks on the weekly music programs only amplified the excitement for their return.

Unfortunately, the excitement was short lived, as the girls suffered a car accident while driving down an icy road, which resulted in the car slipping off road and flipping over. Hyosung, Jieun, and Sunhwa were able to be discharged from the hospital for minor injuries while Zinger is still hospitalized due to some more severe injuries involving a crack on her rib cage and bruising on her lungs.

TS Entertainment stated, “Doctors said that Zinger’s rib cage crack will fully heal in about two to three weeks. Hyosung is wearing a cast for her injured knee but we suspect that it will fully heal in time for the KBS festival. For now, we are working around the girls’ first comeback schedule being the KBS Gayo Festival.” 

Industry representatives are also expressing their concerns for the girls, stating, “We’re all glad that the members weren’t gravely hurt. We’re sure that there isn’t anybody more disappointed with this accident than the girls themselves. They’ve made a successful transformation with ‘Talk That’, which was obviously the result of strenuous days of practice and work. We hope that all of them will recover fast and show us another great stage again.”

Fans also left supportive comments like, “We pray for the fast recovery of SECRET” and “We hope that Zinger is okay“.

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

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