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Thursday, 28 March 2013

G-Dragon and Daesung talk about keeping promises

G-Dragon and Daesung talked about making and keeping promises on that latest episode of ‘Incarnation‘.
The two were guests on the show with Kim Kyung Ho and Kahi. During the interview, they talked about the reasons on why breaking up was difficult. Daesung brought up the topic of promises that weren’t kept, saying, “I usually can’t break up with a girl first. The times when I’m the most sorry are from the small things. Like when you watch a movie, say something related to the Tokyo Tower, she’d say things like, ‘Next year, I wish we could go to the Tokyo Tower’. And of course I’d say, ‘Yeah, let’s do that’. I’d feel sorry that I couldn’t keep those promises.” He added, “I make a lot of promises, like, ‘I’ll always be next to you, or ‘I’ll be your last man’.

The topic then turned to G-Dragon, who said coolly, “I don’t make promises.” He explained, “You don’t know what will happen in the future. The reason why I haven’t made promises is because rather than making promises I can’t keep, I would rather do my best in the moment.

MC Yoon Jong Shin then wanted to know the promises Daesung had kept. He hesitated for a second and revealed, “Once I made a promise to be by her side whenever she was sick.” He then turned to G-Dragon and burst out laughing, who was confused as to why Daesung would laugh. Daesung explained, “One day, Big Bang was headed to Japan. But that day, my girlfriend was really sick. At that time, we had Japanese activities starting from the next day. It was okay for me to go to Japan a day after everyone. I pretended that I lost my passport so I could stay with my girlfriend for an extra day.
His confession surprised G-Dragon who had thought Daesung had actually lost his passport at the time. G-Dragon couldn’t shake off the surprise, and he stared into space for a while as the MCs poked fun at their awkward situation.


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