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Friday, 15 April 2011

All My Love’s Doojoon has an infatuation with Ga In from beginning to end

On the 12th April broadcast of MBC’s daily sitcom All My Love, there was a situation where Doojoon spoiled Geum Ji’s blind date.

Geum Ji felt a sense of loneliness when she saw how good Doojoon and Soondeok’s relationship was, making her decide to go on a blind date. But when she received the application form of her date, Doojoon appeared suddenly to tell her that she had not returned the Beast CD that she had borrowed from him previously, thus starting a battle to prevent the date.

Doojoon who whole-heartedly tried to prevent Geum Ji from going on her date fell down and pretended to be sick. Geum Ji had no choice but to send him to the hospital. In order to postpone the date time, she called up the dating agency and found out that her date had cancelled his slot with her a long time ago as he was not satisfied with her.

Doojoon who found out the truth continued pretending to be sick in order to preserve Geum Ji’s self-esteem, giving her an excuse to miss the date. Geum Ji who saw through Doojoon’s pretence was touched by his sincerity. As to whether he will win her heart again, please wait and see.

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