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Friday, 15 April 2011

Kim Gap Soo warns Doojoon ‘If you continue being like this you will be out’, what does his warning mean?Kim Gap Soo warns Doojoon ‘If you continue being like this you will be out’

Kim Gap Soo gave Yoon Doojoon a warning message.

On the 12 April broadcast of KBS2TV’s Win Win, actor Kim Gap Soo appeared as a guest along with Beast’s Doojoon and 2AM’s Jokwon, showing off their wit. Jokwon said,” Because I film the daily sitcom together with Kim Gap Soo sunbaenim, I can feel him giving off young vibes. He wore a baseball outfit here today. When I film, sometimes I also wear baseball outfits. After filming was completed, I was asked to give it to him as a gift twice and so I did, ” making the audience laugh.

Doojoon continued Jokwon’s statement by saying, “I was asked to give it 4 times but I still didn’t see the young vibes so I didn’t give anything, I also did not attend his performances due to my schedule,”. Kim Gap Soo responded, ” If you continue being like this, you will be out!”. His words made the MC laugh.

After that he explained, “In the sitcom, Jokwon’s character is part of my family so he can see it, Doojoon’s character is not part of my family, so he can’t see it.”

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