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Friday, 15 April 2011

Daesung chosen as the celebrity netizens would like to celebrate Black Day with

On April 14th the celebration of “Black Day” began (Korean tradition where people who are single get together and eat jajangmyun/noodles with black bean sauce) and we’re interested in knowing who people want to spend it with.

Music portal “Bugs” conducted a survey in the theme of “Black Day” asking, “who’s the singer you’d like to eat noodles with alone?“.

From April 5th to April 11th a total of 881 persons voted and with the recently released special edition album with stylish music and fashion, Big Bang’s Daesung received 1st place with 37% of the people’s votes.

Netizens left comments such as, “For Black Day I want to eat noodles together with Daesung oppa“, bringing him to the top spot.

Meanwhile, Big Bang’s Special Edition album has swept various charts and is gaining a lot of popularity. “Love Song” is currently all the way at the top on Bugs TOP50 real-time music chart.

Source: Daum
Translation: Sammi@ibigbang

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