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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yang Hyunsuk talks about the promotion plans for Lonely

2NE1 will not but performing their new song on cable broadcasting music programs this time around as well. Instead, they will be revealing several different versions of 'Lonely' through their internet broadcast, YG ON AIR.

On the 12th at 12AM, shortly after 2NE1 released their emotional song, Lonely, and even until now, it has swept up top positions on several representative music charts including Melon, Dosirak, Soribada,, Monkey3, etc. It is the next contender for the number one spot conquest after Park Bom's solo song that was released at the end of April, 'Don't Cry'.

However just like Park Bom, 2NE1 will not be making an appearance with 'Lonely' on existing music programs.

YG's head, Yang Hyun Suk, had told Star News this afternoon, "These are my personal thoughts but I think it's a shame that for over ten years, talented artists continuously have the same performances, the same camera angles, etc. on formal music programs that are almost all identical. ", "This is because they cannot properly show individual artists' talents and their music."

Moreover, "These days, if you look at how a lot of people are obsessed and interested with 'I'm a Singer', you would know where to find the answer.", "'I'm a Singer' is different from other music programs in the respect that artists are able to sing with top-quality sound systems and unique stage set-ups. The fans also focus on the music and like it even more."

"With this in mind, 2NE1, like with Park Bom's Don't Cry, will not perform 'Lonely' on music programs.", "Instead, every Friday, starting next week, they will show several different versions of Lonely to fans through YG on Air."

Yang Hyunsuk continued, "On YG ON AIR, they will be able to do stages that are created only for 2NE1, and the ones that 2NE1 wants to do.", "Fans who want to see 2NE1's performances can do so by watching YG ON AIR, and be able to concentrate on the musical aspect." 

Meanwhile, Yang Hyunsuk emphasized, "In the situation where they have a song that is really emphasized on performances, 2NE1 will also realistically have to appear on music programs as well, however I think that this will be restricted to one show every week."

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