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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Thelma Aoyama and 4Minute's Collab Released!

The reason of the contract renewal between BIGBANG and YG Entertainment

BIGBANG is the top idol band nowadays and we expect to see them to remain on top for some more time. The average lifespan of the idol groups is 5 years. When the members grow into top singers, then problems between them and their companies will emerge, so the idol group would usually be disbanded by that time.

However, BIGBANG is not going on the same way with them. Recently, the 5 year-contract between BIGBANG and YGE has come to an end but they have decided to renew another 5-year contract with YG Entertainment.

Against the background that most of the idol groups seem to have endless conflicts with their companies, the renewal of the contract of the top idol group BIGBANG is regarded as a special ‘case’.

"We have not thought too much about renewing the contract but there were a lot of surrounding people trying to give us opinion on this issue. Because I have been a trainee at YG Entertainment ever since I was small, I have not thought of joining other companies. We have discussed the issue among ourselves. We have no knowledge about other companies. At YG Entertainment, we can create songs with the system there which other companies cannot provide us with. I am more comfortable when I work with YG." (G-Dragon)

"We are guided byYG Entertainment and they understand what kind of music that we want to create best. Neither the company nor we can keep on working well unless we know that we are going to renew the contract. I did not worry about it much. However, it is not nice that the contract renewal has become the focus of the news rather than producing good music. There are problems emerged from the renewal of contracts among many idol groups and their companies due to people talk about the issue too much." (T.O.P)

Taeyang said he has been leading trainee life with G-Dragon since they were young until they grew into teenagers.

"The company listens to our opinion, no matter what we do, we can do it comfortably because our company is supportive of us. They know us well." (Taeyang)

YG Entertainment is also well known for having a good system that each artist can enjoy, respect and utilize their individual potential. Therefore, it is understandable that the members of BIGBANG can show us their amazing talent continuously.

"YG Entertainment is more like a family than a company to us. We have comfortable communication with each other. We have been working with the staff for a long time so we do not want to leave each other." (G-Dragon, Daesung)

In the free atmosphere of YG, the five members of the group can show their own colors and abilities as musicians, and active performers on television. It is rare that the idol groups can write their own lyrics and excel in it. Labeling them as ‘Model Idol’ made them laughed since they thought they are over praised.

"I want to show that idol group can also produce good music." (T.O.P)

"Sometimes, only within such system that an idol group can be created. Inside the group, we are like a company which criticizes the music we make and share. As a singer, of course, we have to produce music." (G-Dragon)

"Each of the 5 of us have different strengths. We have learnt a lot from each other." (Taeyang)

"It is important to grow after we have debuted. We have to develop constantly." (Daesung)

We have grown stronger after experiencing the pain

They are staying on top right now but the process of rising to such a position is not easy. They are doing so well now because they have gone through the stage of trial and error and have been committing mistakes too.

"We made mistakes but I think that the comments that we received from the public are true. When we were young, we did not have much experience so we had to go through the stage of trial and error. It is what we called ‘the pain of growing’. Now, I think a lot about it too. I think we are able to reduce the mistakes that we commit in the future. When I was young, every single word of criticism hurts but I am fine now." (G-Dragon)

It arouses curiosity when they are talking about ‘the pain of growing’. When there are challenges, there are pains too. If you ask the members, they would say, ‘Now, it is okay.’ They really care about criticisms.

"The pain that you are suffering now will finally become the nutrients of your life. It is especially true for Jiyong (G-Dragon), It is probably the pains that he experienced when he was young make him a very different Jiyong now. It has taken a lot of polishing for Jiyong to transform into the one we see now." (Taeyang)

The member who is now a successful actor, T.O.P also told us that the path of rising to this rank is not smooth at all.

"I had to fight with myself a lot. It was tough both mentally and physically. When I was working alone, I also felt lonely. Ever since we have debuted, we have never taken a rest. I am lucky because I enjoy what I am doing. When I am acting, I am no longer the T.O.P of BIGBANG but I will immerse myself in the character. That is why I have confusion about my identity. However, when I am with the members, it is comfortable and better." (T.O.P)

Due to their hectic schedule, Seungri who could not hide his sleepiness also had to answer our questions. Therefore, the maknae of the team, Seungri gave us the following answers.

"I am still growing, all of these are hard for me." (Seungri)

In the meantime, the growing process that BIGBANG has undergone is difficult to be described by words but they are constantly supported by the love of their fans. They did not forget to say thanks to their fans.

"It is lucky that the fans that we have been facing until now are all good givers so I did not know the words hard or tough. We like producing music which is popular and loved by the public. What we want to achieve has been able to achieve until now. I want to say thanks to the fans." (G-Dragon)

BIGBANG have showed up as a top idol group, they were asked about their future objectives. "We will try to show you music of a wider variety." They answered with a hint that they are going to have an unusual plan to start.

"When the team releases songs and starts their activities under the name 'BIGBANG', everything would become very big. They will not happen if not for the many staff who are working together with us. We make comfortable music regardless whether they will be popular or not. I want to do it because it is fun and there are no restrictions. Therefore, we are not restricted within certain framework. I am worried about how we can play with the music. Music makes people to communicate easier." (G-Dragon, Taeyang)

According to G-Dragon, BIGBANG is trying to utilize the internet for the fans to have direct contact with their music. It is a song which can be completed by singing and if there is only sound alone, it will be meaningless. Anyway, they want to create music which is comfortable to ears and is enjoyable.

After talking about music, we also talked about other interests that every other young men in their 20’s would like. The members said, "There is no time" and shooked their heads.

"Recording studio, Music Room, Practice room are all the places that we go inside the company. We play, produce our music, practice and do all the things there. We also traveled to look for restaurants when we weren't famous then but we cannot do it now so we eat at the canteen of the company. I am doing everything inside the company." (G-Dragon)

"There is even a foldable bed inside the company, so you do not want to go home at all." (Daesung)

BIGBANG has been together from when they were in their 10’s to their 20’s. They have also renewed their contract, maybe they would still remain as the members of BIGBANG when they are in their 30’s. BIGBANG keeps letting us have another 5 years of wonder.

Source: Enews + Enews via bbvipz
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates

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