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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fans all over the world trend cities in hopes of SMTOWN tour stops

SM Entertainment’s expansion into Europe with the first K-pop concert “SM Town Live in Paris” has triggered an enormous reaction from fans all over the world wanting their own “SM Town Live” concert in their own country and city. In mid-April, SM Entertainment announced ”SM Town Live in Paris” at Le Zenith in Paris, France, which holds approximately 6,000 seats in comparison to SM Town LA’s venue which held 20,000. Tickets for the Paris concert were sold out in 15 minutes and left many European fans ticketless for this historic concert.
European fans began to protest in attempt to get a chance and a second date to attend the concert. Over a thousand fans responded to Korean Connection’s call for the Louvre (Paris) protest on Sunday May 1st, and hundreds of K-pop fans attended to show their love for K-pop music. The Louvre protest attracted local French media, as well as Korean media including Yonhap News, SBS, MBC, and KBS reporters.
According to Korean Connection, additional protests have been planned by fans all across Europe including Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Lille, Marseille, Tour, Strasbourg, Metz, Poitiers, Nimes, Genève, Madrid, Barcelona, and Munich.
As a result of the successful Paris protest, SM Entertainment replied that they will be considering a second additional “SM Town Live in Paris” concert, but must check with their artists’ schedules first before confirming the second date.

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Earlier this week, SM Entertainment announced plans to enter the Latin America market with an SM Town concert in July. Fans located in South America gave fiery reactions with SM Entertainment revealing their plans and possibilities to visit South American countries such as Brazil and Chile.
The Mexican media has also opened itself up to the K-pop wave. TV Azteca has received lots of love ever since givingtheir first K-pop coverage on “Venga la Alegria” at the end of April. Because of the positive reaction from K-pop fans in Mexico, “Venga la Alegria” will be showing 90 seconds of K-pop every Wednesday.
A very well known K-pop mixer, DJ Masa (Carlos Brandão) is from Brazil himself. He has gained international fame for his top-notch remixes, including his famous “yearly mashups,” in which he takes the hottest songs of the year and mashes them together into one unique sounding song. Masa is known to be a very big fan of Korean K-pop Queen BoA Kwon, and it has been reported that many fans hope that he will someday become the opening act for an SM Town concert, preferably “SM Town Live in Brazil.”
K-pop fans all over the world have gotten into a frenzy to get SM Entertainment’s attention to get SM Town to perform in their country and city. Over 11,000 fans have “liked” the Facebook page for “SM Town Live in Mexico.”
If one were to look up “SM Town Live” on the Facebook’s search engine, fans all over the world are requesting for a concert in the following countries and cities: Canada, Toronto (Canada), Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Australia, Colombia,Los Angeles, Philippines, Washington D.C., Mexico, Montréal (Canada), Chile and more.
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In addition, K-pop fans have also started trending on Twitter. Koreaboo responded to a tip by fans earlier today that fans have trended #smtownperu. But this was not the only thing trending today! Fans in Mexico and Venezuela have also begun to trend their own hashtags, with some topping the Worldwide trending list: #SMTOWNMEXICO, SMTOWNVENEZUELA, #smtownbrazil, #SMTOWNCHILE, #SMTown11Australia, #SMTownArgentina, SMTOWNPANAMA, SMTOWNMALAYSIA, SMTownInSpain, #SMTOWNinSydney
Spain Flashmob dancing to BoA’s “Hurricane Venus,” SNSD’s “Gee,” SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong,” TVXQ’s “Mirotic,” Super Junior’s, “Sorry Sorry,” f(x)’s “Nu ABO,” SNSD’s “Run Devil Run,” SHINee’s “Hello,” Super Junior M “Super Girl,” Super Junior’s “Bonamana”

Source: @SNSD_Arg@nabellalucia@derpyeonOrient-ExtremeLicaba7 and HatoBrazil, koreaboo
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