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Thursday, 14 April 2011

YGE to produce Big Bang’s future albums in the same design as 4.5 repackaged album

The high quality of Big Bang’s newest 4.5 repackaged album has recently been garnering much interest, as the group raises a new standard in the design of collectible music albums.

Shaped in the form of a white, hard plastic case, the CD album measures at 15×18x3 centimeters, making it a thicker and bigger case than the standard CD case size.

Not only did the agency put in thought to the design, but also the organization of the album cover. If you slightly press on the area where it reads “BIG BANG“, a sturdy ‘click’ is heard and a separate plastic case pops out with the CD on top, just like how it would come out of an audio player. The repackaged album also contains a photobook and a family card for fans to enjoy.

YG Entertainment has not yet decided whether all artists of their agency will use this specific design for future albums, however they have planned for Big Bang’s album cases to be produced in this design from this album forward. According to a representative, the unit cost for one album is at least a whopping 30 times more than a standard selling album.

YG Entertainment are particularly well known for putting in extra investments in the quality of their album designs and music videos. This isn’t the only time Big Bang has received attention for the price of their case designs, as their 2nd full album gained interest in the past for having a cost production five times greater than the standard.

“We put in effort to keep alive Big Bang and YG’s unique specialty. We’re constantly putting in thought so that albums don’t stop at just being things to listen to and become things that fans can enjoy looking at and having. Not only that, but we’re always researching on how to raise the standards of album collectibles in our current music industry”, stated a YG representative.

Source: OSEN via Nate
Translation: AKP

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