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Friday, 10 February 2012

IU’s teacher talks about the singer as a high school student

Singer IU (19, birth name Lee Ji Eungraduated from Dongduk Girls’ High School, which now makes her an official adult.
Despite her busy schedule, IU spared the time to attend her graduation with her peers on February 9th.
The singer spent her last day as a student by taking pictures with her friends and wishing them future success.
After the ceremony, MyDaily caught up with IU’s homeroom teacher Lim Sung Woo to ask about the kind of student IU was over these past few years.
Lim remarked, “Ji Eun was a really sweet girl, and was always a sincere student. She got along with her peers extremely well.”
In regards to IU postponing college to focus on her singing career, Lim admitted, “I had really hoped that she would go to school.”
I think some of the elite universities had made offers to her, and Ji Eun did say she wanted to continue studying,” Lim continued. “Personally, I would like her to begin her college career maybe next year.”
And when asked what kind of singer she expects IU to become, Lim said in closing, “I would like her to become a national gem, a singer that represents our country. She will also be extremely successful in Japan.”
Source & Image: MyDaily
credit: allkpop

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