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Friday, 10 February 2012

Father of A-Pink’s Yookyung owns company worth $90 million

A Pink‘s Yookyung is the daughter of a businessman that is worth 100 billion won or approximately $90 million USD.
Yookyung’s father, Hong Ha Jong, is the CEO of DSR Corporation, a company that specializes in steel wire, rope and sling products.
Her house was also recently revealed through a television program. The house showed off a luxurious high class interior design and large open spaces.
A Pink’s company A Cube Entertainment stated on the 9th to OSEN, “Hong Yookyung’s father does run a successful business. However, like all other artists, she went through the trainee process to become a singer. Beyond that, the company does not know much about her personal life details.”
Source + Image: OSEN

credit: allkpop

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