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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winter Padded Vests Can Be Flattering… Well, They Are on SNSD

Winter Padded Vests Can Be Flattering… Well, They Are on SNSD

Winter is here, and we all have our share of padded jackets stashed away in our closets somewhere. For fashion conscious women, rarely do we let these bulky jackets that are unflattering on our figures see the light of day…That is, unless it’s really really cold. However, fashion trendsetters Tiffany and Yuri of SNSD have proved that padded outerwear can be as cute and attractive as any other piece of clothing in our closets.
On Saturday’s episode of MBC’s “Music Core,” the two ladies of SNSD snatched away both female and male viewers with their adorable winter outfits. Both wore a down-padded vests by Juicy Couture with stripped knits.
Tiffany donned a grey and light pink stripped knit, matched with a pink padded vest and knitted mittens, and gave off a lovely, girlish charm. Yuri, on the other hand, wore a navy colored striped tee with a white vest for a more refined and stylish look.
So there you have it! Padded vests can be attractive, if layered and styled with the right accessories and top.
What are your thoughts? What's your favorite/least favorite piece of winter clothing?
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