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Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Pink says that they’re hiding their ‘sexy and strong’ sides for later

In a market where only the most powerful of performances catches the eye, A Pink decided to blaze their own path by going the exact opposite route, opting instead to charm with their aegyo-filled performances of “I Don’t Know“, and more recently, “My My“.
But that doesn’t mean that they’ll stick to that concept forever. In a recent interview, the girls revealed,“We rehearse to 4minute‘s songs and enjoy dancing to them. We’d love to show something sexy and strong some day. It’s not that we can’t, it’s just that we’re hiding it. There’s a time and place for everything, and for now, we want to be innocent.”
Commenting on the topic of winning the ‘Rookie Award’ at the 2011 MAMA, the group said, “We were so excited! We’re still lacking in so much, but we’re so grateful that we were able to win such an award. We’ll take the award as a message for us to work harder.”
When asked what their goals for 2012 were, A Pink replied, “We want to win the ‘Artist of the Year’ award. You have to dream big.”
Concluding with a message for their fans, they stated, “Please give much, much, much, much love to our title track, ‘My My’!♡”
Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver
credit: allkpop

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