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Thursday, 15 December 2011

IU & Suzy admit they had no interest in getting to know one another at first

Singer IU recently guested on the latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘, where she was surprised by a visit from miss A‘s Suzy and actress Yoo In Na.
The two stars came on to share stories about IU, since they were all close friends. Suzy was asked how she and IU got so close, to which she replied, “I filmed ‘Dream High‘ with Jieun unni [IU], but we weren’t close then. I awkwardly sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ once.” The two girls giggled as they related the story of how Suzy had called IU at 4 a.m. to sing her an awkward happy birthday song.
Suzy and IU were friends in the drama series, and so IU was asked why the two had been awkward with one another when they first began filming. IU laughed, “We had no interest in getting to know one another.” It turns out that both of them had been so focused on their acting roles that they didn’t take special interest in each other. However, the two became very close friends as time went on.
Check out their talk segment below!
Source & Image : Newsen via Nate
credit: allkpop 

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