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Monday, 21 November 2011

U-Kiss’s AJ is said to be a “mama’s boy” + other U-Kiss secrets revealed

U-Kiss travelled to Taiwan earlier this week in order to participate in a fan meeting held on November 19th. Shortly after getting off the plane, they participated in an interview for Channel V’s show about K-Pop and J-Pop, “Love JK.” As U-Kiss has already been to Taiwan three times, they expressed that they really missed Taiwan’s cuisine. The members became very happy when the production team gave them pearl milk tea, and were willing to answer all the questions posed to them by the host.

AJ revealed that even though this is the first time he travelled to Taiwan with U-Kiss, he actually toured around Taiwan with his family when he was little, and really misses the taste of hot pot. After this, the other members of U-Kiss revealed that no matter where AJ is, his mobile phone is always with him, but the person on the other side of the phone is not a girlfriend, but rather his mom. In order to show his love for his mom, AJ shyly made a heart shape with his hands and said “I love you” to his mom in Mandarin.

U-Kiss recently began their 3-month long stay in Japan and they have become increasingly close to each other during this time. Among the stories revealed, one in particular brought amusement. All of the members’ laundry is washed together, but without reason, there are always a few pairs of underwear missing after they are washed, and the members have failed to locate them. This has raised curiosities as to whether the members wear each other’s clothing.

Later on, the host of the show discovered that Eli’s body seemed to have changed, and in response to this, Eli honestly revealed that he has gained weight recently. He expressed that because he eats very fast, he continues eating when he sees that everyone else eating, even if he is full. It was also revealed that Eli's good cooking skills are recognized by the rest of the members, to which Eli responded, “I keep eating while I’m cooking.”

Source: Sina
via Koreaboo

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