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Monday, 21 November 2011

T-ara releases "Cry Cry" MV ballad version

T-ara releases their 3rd version of the music video for their current title song "Cry Cry." Following the release of Part 1 of their drama music video and the dance version, T-ara has release the ballad version of the music video.

The setting is the same from the dance version, except a more emotional side and solo shots are seen in the ballad version. The ballad version of "Cry Cry" was created to highlight the emotional and sadness of the lyrics.

Meanwhile, T-ara has just finished their comeback stage rounds and are set to continue their promotional activities for "Cry Cry" until the end of the month, before resuming activities with their follow up song "Lovey Dovey." They are also scheduled to begin promoting their 2nd Japanese single "Yayaya" in Japan starting this week.

Source: LOENENT via Koreaboo

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