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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Scary growth of B1A4’s fandom, “We are super rookies"

Rookie group B1A4’s fandom is growing quiet rapidly

B1A4’s official fancafe members totals up to around 40,000 and not to mention the nearly 80,000 people visting the cafe daily. In particular the number of new subscribers is growing rapidly.

Recently Daum sponsered a Daum special fancafe stage at M Countdown and instead of 1st place winner sunbae Kim Hyun Joong it was B1A4 who performed.

Only by the power of the fans can they have the Daum special fancafe stage at M countdown, so its obvious that they need the active foreign fans to participate in the voting.

B1A4’s first mini-album sold 25,000 copies while their second mini-album sold over 30,000 copies and having only debuted around 6 months they already have sold around 60,000 copies. B1A4 is actively promoting ‘Beautiful Target’ and actively promoting in overseas Thailand as well.

Source: Sports World
Translations cr: Jasmin @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

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