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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Boss 'Lady' Live Performance Video, "Vocal-idol is different, as expected"


A popular idol group called The Boss stopped their activities in Japan for a while and back to the nation's stage. A live performance video of their 2nd single 'Lady' was revealed on 1st November, and became a hot topic.

'Lady' contains 5 colors of vocal in harmony of the members. They doesn't disappoint the viewers as a 'vocal-idol'. You can hear their tender vocal and Hyunmin's piano instrumental that completes the sweetness.

Hyunmin's climax part 'Don't leave me' has became a hot topic after their comeback stage as a 'Tiger Vocal'. He received some praises from netizens for his storm-like vocal and charisma.

Netizens who watched the video left some positive comments and encouragement like "So this was the 'tiger vocal'. It's so amazing." "The chord of each members suit each other." "Now I know why they are called the 'vocal-idol'" "Fighting, The Boss!" "The piano version of the song is better than the original."

The Boss demonstrated their very own power in vocal and receiving some explosion reaction, after the release of 'Lady' live performance video in portal site and video site.


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