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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Miryo smiles with her birthday cake

Rapper Miryo of the Brown Eyed Girls made fans smile with her cheerful birthday photos.

Fellow member Narsha tweeted, “Congrats Miryo on [her] date of birth. She told us to call it her ‘birthday’ and not her date of birth because it makes her sound old, but everyone keeps saying date of birth [to tease her]. Please tell me ‘happy birthday’ for my birthday. You must!”

She then posted a photo of Miryo holding onto her birthday cake with a big smile on her face. Since fans are used to seeing a more fierce image from Miryo, they were pleasantly surprised to see this sweet side to her.
Netizens commented, “Congratulations on your date of birth! Sorry..” “It’s okay because Miryo looks young for her age,” “You must be happy to receive so many congratulations from people,” and “It’s good to see a happy Miryo.”

Source + Photo: MT Star News via Nate

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