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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Taeyang assures fans that Big Bang is doing fine

Big Bang member Taeyang recently reached out to fans with a message that revealed his feelings. In the face of the controversies that groupmates Daesung and G-Dragon are embroiled in, Taeyang's words come across as assurance that the "Big Bang crisis", as it has come to be known, is not going to happen.

On October 25th, he tweeted: "I think all the hardships we went through this year were sent our way in order to make us stronger. Thank you once again for all your concern and love. Love ya." His succint statement caught the eyes of fans for its positivity.

It is particularly significant in that it is the first such statement since Daesung and G-Dragon were involved in their respective controversies. Taeyang had previously tweeted a cryptic message at the start of October, saying: "I know everything, even though I seem like I don't. I may seem like I'm being deceived, but I'm just keeping my eyes closed." Fans guessed then that it had something to do with G-Dragon's marijuana charge, but it remained as nothing more than mere speculation.

However, his message this time clearly alludes to the abovementioned controversies. The phrase "made us stronger" also informed fans that far from posing a problems to their future activities, Big Bang has become tougher instead.


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