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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tablo solves IQ quiz in 11 seconds

An IQ quiz that Tablo (31) took has entered the spotlight once again. Recently, a netizen posted the quiz on an online community under the title: "The IQ test that Tablo solved in 11 seconds." The quiz consists of five pictures, and greatly aroused netizens' curiosity.

The quiz requires a rearrangement of the pictures into a logical order. According to the netizen who posted it, "People who solve this in twenty seconds have an IQ of above 170. Tablo solved it in 11 seconds; most Seoul University students take more than a minute."

Previously, a Y-STAR program that was shooting behind-the-scenes footage caught Tablo solving this quiz on the set of a music video for Epik High's sixth album. Back then he had commented, "Isn't this too obvious?", startling television viewers.

The quiz has received hot response from netizens who are scrambling to break Tablo's record. One of them said, "It looks easy, but it's actually quite difficult. Only Tablo can solve it in 11 seconds."

Meanwhile, Tablo has released a new song after moving to a new agency, and will be performing his comeback stage on SBS's Inkigayo on October 30th.

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Source: Sports Seoul

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