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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Supernova's Kwangsu hints at possible Korean comeback and official Korean fanclub

After having just recently returned to Korea for another fanmeeting and Yoonhak's enlistment on October 25th, Supernova's Kwangsu has revealed a long message to his fans through the group's official fancafe.

In the long text the rapper relays about his feelings after the Korean fanmeeting last weekend, saying that he didn't expect so many people to show up as they haven't been as active in Korea. He also said sorry to the Korean fans who have been neglected during the past years, and was grateful for their continued support.

He also insists on trying to get the group's official Korean fanclub going, and even jokingly asked fans to pressure their company's president into making them one.

Aside from that, Kwangsu also hinted at a Korean comeback for the group early next year in either February or March, saying that they will do their best to keep the promise this time. Next to the album, various individual schedules for the members will also be revealed. Rumors of them being casted in Korean, as well as Japanese drama series have already been going around.

Supernova has been actively working on their Japanese career for the past years. With their leader's enlisting, the group returned to Korea to spend time with their families and Korean fans.

The group will continue to promote as a 5 member group until their leader Yoonhak returns.



A fanmeeting after so long…………
More people than I expected came…
I was surprised… And I was happy.
It was short but well spent time..To think that it was an hour and a half.. I didn’t know it would be such a good time..
It’s been such a long time that you have been neglected….
Really… our fans who have remained until the end… Today I saw you one by one…..
From now on, I will never forget your faces, I decided this….

From the nicknames I see in Spland a lot…
To those fans I’m not very familar with..
I think there’s nothing I can do but have an extremely thankful heart….
Actually..right now there are still many fans waiting outside our office
Hurry and go back home safely!! kekekeke
Before the public transport stops running..
Especially.. there were a lot of fans that came from far cities and districts..
You came a long way..
Go back well too…

What I said earlier..
Around february-march… the album is planned to come out..
It would be good if it really did come out, right..??
We will do our best to keep that promise..

And also..the members are preparing individual activities too..
So I think aside from the album, there will be many different sides of us showing in the future…
So please… just hang on.. and wait a little bit!! Okay??

Always sorrowful and thankful… our 6 members..
Yunhak hyung is leaving for 2 years..
The 5 of us will work even harder..
I hope you all believe in us and follow us..

And also next year… Let’s make our official fanclub, really!!
I will insist about it with our president…
So if you guys see him..
Pressure him ! Okay??

Today.. Really.. More than anything..Warm time..Warm heart..
I will treasure it and be even better from now on!!

Everyone, I love you…


Source: Starlight and Supernova Fancafe Spland

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