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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kim Janghoon discharged from hospital + continues promotion for Dokdo Festival

Recently hospitalized after suffering from a panic attack, veteran singer Kim Janghoon is set to be discharged tomorrow to continue promoting the Dokdo islets. Last week, Kim Janghoon suffered a panic attack and had to cancel all of his scheduled events in order to receive treatment.

However, over the weekend, Kim Janghoon's agency announced that although he isn't a hundred percent well to be discharged, he will be released to continue his schedules for Dokdo Day tomorrow.
Kim Janghoon will introduce his photograph collection of the Dokdo Islets at Boda, a visual Art center in Seoul, South Korea tomorrow. He is also set to celebrate Dokdo Festival in the Art center in order to promote rare video clips and art pieces related to Dokdo.

Kim Janghoon has always been a strong supporter for South Korea in the Dokdo and East Sea controversy and has made contributions such as sending ad placements about Dokdo Islets in major American newspapers and electronic billboard in Times Square, New York. He also recently contributed in the launching of an English edition of the Dokdo website.

Aside from that, Kim Janghoon recently made a comeback with the single "Breakups Are So Like Me" featuring Super Junior's Heechul.

Source: JoongAngDaily

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