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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Boyfriend "Our fans tell us we're men"

[TVReport by Journalist Lee WooIn] 6 members idol group, Boyfriend {Donghyun (22), Hyunseong (18), Jeongmin (17), Youngmin (16), Kwangmin (16), Minwoo (16)} appear with their 2nd single album "Don't Touch My Girl". The song, along with KARA and Infinite, hitted music industry with some sweet music.

According to ‘the-eye-catchy’ lyric, Boyfriend, who was debuted as cartoon-look-alike image, returning as mature boy. The days of working as a first single, they came as ‘little-brother-type-to-dream-about’, but this time with the new song, they come as a great guy to cuddle.

Now come 6 boys of Boyfriend on our latest TVReport. Be ready for the polite as a prince charm boys. People starting to stand up to see a big smile and cute eyes of a young boys.

Interview moment with Boyfriend was informal like talking with a friend.

- First of all, how’s the album?

“A sweet composition of music was produced. A fast – beat song with a sad and emotional meaning. With only Boyfriend’s clear feeling only.” (Donghyun)

- The concept is really way different with the first single, right?

“The first single’s concept is cute and that one is really strong, in this single the cute concept is no more exist. A costume dance, song title, has been turned into a masculine concept.” (Jeongmin)

- What’s the reaction so far?

“We think about, there’s nothing to be react about, but when we see fans are shocked, then we realize something. (Donghyun)”

“Turning my hair cut into this short also make fans shocked.” (Kwangmin)

- Don’t you think the lyric so catchy?

“Rather than that, if the lyric appeal to the point, that’s a good thing. Especially, when ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ came up, it doesn’t seem like a cute song, right?” (Donghyun)

- How did you built your body?
“We traine twice a week for 2 hours per day and also exercise personally in other time.” (Donghyun)

“Make a mature look body.” (Youngmin)

- Who’s body do you think built properly?
“For now, the leader is.” (Jeongmin)

“I just focus on how to make a fine muscle, than just raise it. Because raising it is causing a imbalance of my body.” (Donghyun)

- The key is not much in between I think I might have. Now, who get grew a lot?
“ Me! Me. Feeling much better than before. Hehehe.” (Minwoo)

“I think the most is the twin. On first single, they were smaller than me, then now they are taller than me. Hyuuuu.” (Donghyun)

“At first (Youngmin), Hyung, we are still in the middle of growing age and I think I more like Nana or something.” (Kwangmin)

- Who’s your competitor?
“We are a competitive group.” (Minwoo)

“We have to keep evaluating ourselves, so that we can gain success.” (Jeongmin)

- Many people can’t see difference between Boyfriend’s music and Teentop’s. What do you think?
“Really? Is the tone similar enough?” (Jeongmin)

- A group that you wanted to be there?
“There’s a role model since I was trainee, SHINee. I really adore path of their footstep.” (Minwoo)

“I really want to be like DBSK.” (Youngmin)

“I put Shinhwa as my role model for a long time.” (Donghyun)

- Who’s the atmosphere maker of the group?
“When the atmosphere down, Jeongmin and Minwoo will come cutely when playing a lot of shaking trembling style.” (Donghyun)

- In the past, at the music program there is when Ok Taecyeon holding you shoulder on the stage. How was it?
“I really don’t know much about him, but when I saw him on the stage, I feel like I really wanted to be a leader in the future, but in a real life, it is a little bit frightening.” (Donghyun)

“(Ok Taecyeon hyung) I’m so happy for only mentioning his name. We were same a trainee in the past. But I was really surprised with the story about us on the stage.” (Youngmin)

- Is 2PM scared for you?
“Not at all. First I think we can’t be more friended like the past, but everytime we met, they are really nice, personally to us.” (Kwangmin)

- Soon, SNSD would come up and with their shake, right?
“Eumm... Those seonbae-deul would come and fired up the moment for sure.” (Minwoo)

- Who is your favorite member of SNSD?
“We (Boyfriend) like each (all) of the members. Hehe.” (Minwoo)

- Of the member of the group (SNSD, I think), who you think are the best?
“We are not really close. If there was a chance to get through to it, we really hope it is so approachable.” (Donghyun)

“No way to get close. Not even a phone number.” (Youngmin)

- How is the relationship with Sistar members?
“Really good and we have a good supporter, Bora noona.” (Minwoo)

“Bora noona is really nice. They are all a good person, so it’s really nice being around them.” (Donghyun)

- Who is looking forward for the group (SISTAR)?
“They said to see us on the 1st list. We are really look straight for that.” (Donghyun)

- Is there dating ban from the agency?
“Not for now and we are all. We all need to take a rest after show, so we don’t have time to think about that.” (Donghyun)

- Do you have a passion to act?
“I really want to, but only if we have a time in the future.” (Youngmin)

- How about an art? Who is most excellent sense of the members for the arts?
“Jeongmin has a bright personality and had a lot of fun to confirm it, so he would be good about this kind of thing.” (Donghyun)

“Can give some ‘open up’. I really want to make an appearance on a variety show, especially ‘1 Night, 2 Days’ or ‘Infinite Challenge’.” (Jeongmin)

- If there’s an invitation to join MBC TV’s ‘We Got Married’, what do you think?
“Nowadays, an idol really busy to do as a couple. But, for having a pair on ‘WGM’, I have a wishes about it (fisting hand).” (Donghyun)

- Really many idols wanted to join ‘Immortal Song 2’. Could one of you will join too?
“If I given a chance, I will give a shoot. I really want it to.” (Hyunseong)

“Hyunseong really hard in practice his singing skill.” (Donghyun)

- When you can get your school activity?
“Finally the question is out. Tomorrow I have a test and today is the time for me to study. Thank to our headmaster that gave us a package of our subjects.” (Kwangmin)

- So, how about your future wish?
“I wanna enjoying my appearance on the stage and be more communicate with our fans, since they wanted to.” (Kwangmin)

“At our 1st album, we can’t get enough time to communicate with our fans. So, This time I want to reach out to fans through the album, fans will be meeting a bunch of fan-signing event.” (Jeongmin)

“Lucky Disc Limited Edition 700 pages! The buyer only gonna be a fan meeting event. You will wait for it, right?” (Donghyun)

Photos: StarshipENT
A journalist, Lee Wooin >>

Please take out with full credits!

Translated by: supernupa @B-NATION
Full credits to: supernupa @B-NATION

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