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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Take a Closer Look: YG On Air Episode 2, the Meeting, the MV, and the Fashion

Last week's premiere of YG on Air featured Bom's live performances of 'You and I' and an acoustic version of her newest single 'Don't Cry'. Blackjacks were also treated to CL's quick preview of their upcoming single 'Lonely' as well as the return of our girls' dorkiness. YG on Air, became instantly successful, not only was it viewed by a lot of Korean fans, but overseas fans were also able to enjoy the show through YG's promised English subtitles. In fact, so many people attempted to watch the show that Naver suffered a severe strain to their servers even causing me2day to crash. Even the constant slowdowns couldn't damper the mood as many people praised the show and its unique format.

YGLife made a lot of fans excited, teasing the upcoming show, fans wondered what was in store for Episode 2. Luckily, right on time, at 6:05PM KST, we were treated with the second installment of YG On Air. Check it out below:

credit: 2NE1 @youtube

Take a Closer Look: the Meeting

The show starts off with the infamous Black Eyed Peas leader, who is currently producing for 2NE1's upcoming US album, paying a visit to the girls.

Even though the girls are very shy, giving out that awkward aura, Will.I.Am's enthusiasm was shown throughout his visit. His adoration for the girls' 'Can't Nobody' performance on last MAMA and the tapping of his feet during Park Bom's 'Don't Cry' MV shows how much he monitors and anticipates the quartet. After a little tour in the YGE building, Will.I.Am bid farewell to the girls while he jokingly kicked Dara's feet because of their coincidental same shoes.

Take a Closer Look: the Music

After Will left, Minzy, the resident BEP stan, gushed "I'm a fan, a fan! He said he'll let us hear a lot of good songs, songs that make you want to dance. In the future, when the songs come out, I want to dance while listening." CL also discussed Will's visit, "he originally came for some work in Korea, but since we were here too, he came to see us, and Teddy-oppa, and he let us hear a lot of music. Tomorrow he'd be working on music as well." Finally, Dara adds, "I don't know when we'll be able to show you but right now good songs keep coming out, so sooner or later, we'll be able to let you hear it right?"

No matter how long it takes, we Blackjacks will wait patiently for the US album, right?
Take a Closer Look: the Music Video

After a segment on Bigbang's Japanese tour preparations, the much anticipated 'LONELY' MV's BTS were revealed. From the outfits, to the song, to the sets everything looks poised for another fantastic 2NE1 MV.

During the shoot, Minzy, ever the dutiful maknae, notes that she was "a bit late" for the first day of MV filming. Dara revealed that this music video is very unique compared to their past MVs. This time, they won't have a scene with all of them together, rather its a shoot where all members would act as a single person. She concludes that, "it seems like a really different new video will come out."

In contrast to Dara's excitement, Minzy is somewhat unsure of the MV concept, "it's a bit awkward, the scene of the set is a bit weird. Coming out after so long, it feels weird." Her apprehension doesn't keep her from showing us some of the cool new choreography. We also didn't miss Dara's tease of some of the new "hand movements" either. Leave it to 8D Bom to end on a cute note, "today, how do you find our new hair styles?"

Given the wonderful level of their previous videos, we can only imagine how awesome Lonely will be. May 12th can't get here fast enough.

Dara also reminds everyone to anticipate the upcoming episodes of YG on Air each week, "we'll supply you with many interesting and funny videos so please watch a lot!"

Take a Closer Look: the Fashion

No article about a 2NE1 MV would be complete without talking about their clothes. Even before the Lonely MV scenes, everyone should have noticed the bonding moment between Dara and Will as these two style icons literally became sole mates.

Thanks to zeelicious @ygladies for the cap

Both the men and the women of YG Family have recently showcased a love affair with Christian Louboutin shoes. It seems Will is also a fan. He and Dara share a cute moment playing footsies as they show off their matching sneakers.

The LOUIS MEN'S FLAT SPIKES in light metallic bronze color is the newest addition to Louboutin's growing line of flats. Despite the $995 pricetag the shoes seem to be sold out EVERYWHERE. These are such a hot commodity that they are being sold for HIGHER than their original sale price on auction sites such as Ebay. Luckily Will and Dara got their pairs early.

Thankfully, we were also given a glimpse of 2NE1's lovely outfits for the Lonely music video. Aside from Balmain's collection, the stylist added a few more lovely brands to emphasize the girls individual style. Most notably, the girls are wearing Burberry Prorsum, Mary Katrantzou, Balenciaga, and Christopher Kane.

We know how diverse the leader is with her style choices, this time CL opts for the rocker-chic look, reminiscent of the girls' Japan promotions photo.

In the indoor scene, CL is seen wearing a black top and a Balmain red leather jacket embellished with safety pins.

As for the outdoor scene, CL is again in Balmain Spring/Summer 2011 Collection -- a cutout cotton tee embellished with safety pins, studded leather vest, and a scarf used as a headband.

No matter what length her hair is, the stylist still manage to put some uniqueness in Dara's hairtyles. From straight to curly she pulls off both looks with aplomb; Dara truly is a hair chameleon.

The fresh vocals outfit in the indoor scenes are also worthy of mention. Dara was seen in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2011 collection -- a hand-printed curve shirt with collar tips and a red quilted shoulder leather gilet (in black/blue above). Balenciaga's Spring-Summer 2011 Collection has been described as "a clashing of masculine and feminine, real and faux, old and new. Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere is giving us a new kind of sensuality." how fitting then that 2NE1 would be wearing their outfits.

While in the outdoor scene, Dara is seen wearing a lime green studded top from Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-wear collection and a rubber-look black jacket from Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer Collection. It's nice to see the girls going back to their more fun, less tailored looks for the new promotions.

Of course no video would be complete without a SPECTACULAR dress worn by Bom. Last time we saw the main vocal, she was sporting a gorgeous dress from Alexander McQueen's last collection in her Dont Cry MV.

This time around she's still in a dress, but now it's from Mary Katranzou's Spring/Summer collection.

This stunning Mary Katrantzou creation is a wonderful digital print dress that compliments Bom's personality. Mary Katranzou is from Athens, Greece, but studied design in the United States. She has previously worked for Sophia Kokosalaki and freelanced for Bill Blass, amongst other designers. For her Spring/Summer 2011 collection, she made waves with her creative lampshade skirt.

Bom's "Gateway printed silk and cotton-blend dress" can be yours for the low-low price of $2,020 at couture retailer you can wait for a more affordable version to be made available at Topshop zz-num-01.gif.

In the outdoor scene, though there were only glimpses of Bommie, it looks like she was wearing the white on black version of Balenciaga's leather houndstooth print skirt. This modern take on a classic patter has been a hot topic all over the globe.

Lastly, the triple threat of 2NE1, the wonderful maknae -- Minzy seems to be really blooming nowadays. In the indoor scene Minji was seen wearing a bird print tee from Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2011 collection and a lovely silver jacket from Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer Collection. Christopher Kane is a Scottish fashion designer based in London who is known for merging music and fashion as he has collaborated on styling for a number of well-known rockstars. What a fitting designer chosen to clothe our girls, isn't it?

At just under $400.00, Minzy's shirt is a steal, unfortunately whatever savings you gain from the relatively low-priced tank is lost on the Burberry jacket which is whopping $3,950.00, if you can even find it. Our girls just love expensive clothes... In the outdoor scene, we caught her in what looks like another Balmain creation -- a great looking biker jacket. We are looking forward to the full mv to see if our suspicious about Minzy's outdoor look are correct.

With these teasers, the anticipation continues to mount. We can hardly wait for the full version of this MV and to hear the entire song.

Source: 2NE1 Youtube, London Fashions, Louboutin USA, Olyafirst Fashion Blog,, and eiffelinseoul@twitter
Translated by GEE
Caps and collages by WILLA★, zeelicious, and Prisha
Article by viscount, tazanya, WILLA★, hellocatty and Gee

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