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Friday, 20 May 2011

Ryeowook’s Chinese is most fluent, Kyuhyun strives to be the number one male singer

SJ-M’s Chinese have improved tremendously, Ryeowook had started learning Chinese much earlier and therefore he speaks the language well. Kyuhyun was also in no way conceding to Ryeowook, as he managed to say an idiom which meant “2 people are able to communicate telepathically without the need for words”, and at the same time he also performed “If You Have Heard Before” without having the need to look at the song lyrics. The original singer A-mei also praised Kyuhyun for his accurate pronunciation, whereas a fan jokingly said that: “Kyuhyun’s ambition of wanting to secure the number one male singer position in the Chinese music industry is back.”
Ryeowook is good at using pinyin, and he often leaves messages on Twitter using Chinese pinyin, and he had also recounted his diary on the radio broadcast of <<I Like Radio>> entirely using Chinese, showing exceptional diligence. He said that when he was young, he had not had the chance to visit a zoo, and this time he took the opportunity to visit Muzha1, and the smell of that place is much fresher and cleaner than he had expected. He was almost moved to tears when he saw the giraffes, and he bought two souvenir toys to bring back to Korea.
CTS <<Golden Stage>> producer Liu An Hua said, there wasn’t any problems communicating with them, and SJM would even look for a member of staff to practice their Chinese, using gestures at times to communicate. But when they met their idol Zhang Huimei (A-Mei), Ryeowook and Sungmin’s thoughts became knotted, addressing her as “older sister”, and they repeatedly said: “You are beautiful!” but did not dare to look directly at her.
1- a district in Taipei City which has merged with Jingmei and is now called Wenshan, it is where the Taipei Zoo is located
Translated: KyU Is L♥Ve@SJ-WORLD.NET

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