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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hangeng advises fans to focus on studying: Don’t use your parent’s money to buy my stuff

After Super Junior-M participated in the recording of 《快乐蓝天下•中国梦想秀》 (Happiness Under the Blue Sky – China Dreams Show) to help their fans achieve their dreams last Sunday, former SJ-M captain Hangeng also participated in the recording of the same episode of the show yesterday. This is the first time after Hangeng broke away from SJ-M where both parties performed on the “same stage”. On the same day of his recording, Hangeng , with the identity of YISHION’s spokesmen, also partook in YISHION TEEBOX Ribbon-cutting ceremony at YISHION’s flag store titled “Fashionable YISHION, More Trend-Setting Faster”, where he interacted with a thousand ecstatic fans. However, Hangeng said some words from the heart to those fans, “In the future, don’t use your parents’ money to buy my stuff, don’t skip class to welcome me at the airport, there’s no need for that, I hope all of you can focus on your studies!”

Earlier, when SJ-M participated in the recording of 《中国梦想秀》, the topic of “Hangeng” is still taboo even though SJ-M performed 《Super Girl》, which was sung when Hangeng was still in SJ-M; and before the media interview, SJ-M’s manager expressed that any questions related to Hangeng must be filtered beforehand. Yesterday Hangeng expressed that he did not wish to dwell of the subject of himself becoming taboo to SJ-M, he lightly said: “Maybe every company have a different way of dealing with problems, even though I broke away from the team, we still keep in contact in private!” Regarding the rumor that some fans will carry out some aggressive actions, Hangeng expressed that he does not know the details but believes his fans would not do something like that because they are all very rational! Talking about the recording of the same episode of《中国梦想秀》as SJ-M, outsiders view this as Hangeng and SJ-M’s first reunion, Hangeng, however, expressed that the only intention was to help fans realize their dream, and asks that outsiders not complicate things.
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