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Monday, 2 May 2011

Get to know the current trend in South Korean men through Big Bang

Note: This is an article from Kan Fun, a newly-launched newspaper published weekly in Japan about Korean entertainment. The person who wrote this article is Moon Eun Sil, a writer for Mnet M!Countdown. This isn't exactly news but more of a feature article meant to entertain.

For 2011, there are 3 types of men who are currently in the trend in South Korea. Let's get to know them through the members of BIGBANG, who have been topping music charts since their comeback.

Type #1 : "Kka-do-nam"
This term comes from "kkachildan dosi namja" which means "rough urban men". Hyun Bin, who acted as a rich man in the drama, Secret Garden, can be described as such. In the music scene, BIGBANG's G-Dragon clearly personifies this type.

"Oppa, look at me just once!" G-Dragon rarely responds to this kind of request and usually doesn't make eye contact. This is especially true when he's not in a good condition. But still, no one can get mad at his character because when fans say, "Oppa is the coolest!", he gets shy, can't close his mouth and just smiles. Everyone knows he has a pure heart.

If you want to attract G-Dragon's "kka-do-nam" style, you have to have a rough attitude 9 times more than him. Maybe after that, you can make him smile even just once.

Type #2: "Cha-do-nam"
Short for "chagaun dosi namja" or "cold/cool urban men". Kim Hyun Joong, who starred in Playful Kiss, exemplifies this type the best. BIGBANG's T.O.P can also be classified under this type because he has shown an image of someone who's reserved and likes being alone. With his somber look, he clearly epitomizes this type of man.

However, T.O.P can also do gags in front of the camera. "I got atopy so I can change my name now from T.O.P to Atopy" Generally, T.O.P looks cool but he can also be funny especially to people that he can open himself up to. This is the fascination of a "cha-do-nam".

If you attract a "cha-do-nam" style like T.O.P, you should always be on the watch for his sudden jokes.

Type #3 "Tta-do-nam"
This term is short for "ttatteushan dosi namja" or "warm urban men". Won Bin, who treats a child actress kindly in the movie, Ahjussi, is under this type. Among the members of BIGBANG, it can be said that Seungri falls under this category. He is  the opposite of his two older brothers who were described earlier as "rough" and "cold" men.

Seungri has a rap version of "Thank you, staff!" which he uses to cheer up people he works with when they're having a difficult time. He's the friendly cute boy type who can create a cheerful atmosphere in the studio with his antics. Because of this, he has a lot fans especially older women.

If you want to attract a guy with a "tta-do-nam" style, you should always be with him and laugh together.

Having all these 3 types in their group, BIGBANG is surely part of this trend right now. When they came back in the music scene, they swept various music charts. We look forward to seeing what other trends they will show us in the future.

Source: Kan-Fan 5/4 Issue
Translations by Noriko @

Only 3 types were listed and they didn't classify which type Daesung and Taeyang fall under. What do you think?^^

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