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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Daesung almost didn’t become a Big Bang member because of his fashion style

Big Bang’s Daesung revealed that he was once in danger of getting cut from the group.

Daesung and Seungri recently guested on Mnet’s “Beatles Code” and talked about their fashion styles. Daesung also talked about the time when he met Seungri for the first time, saying, “Seungri likes clothes like denim jackets, and he was wearing one when we met for the first time. If you had seen him back then, you would’ve also thought that he couldn’t wear clothes well.”

Seungri countered by saying, “When I saw Daesung for the first time, he was carrying a big tank of purified water. I didn’t think he was an idol trainee, but a water delivery man instead.”

Daesung elaborated about his lacking sense of fashion, and said, “Before our debut, I was practicing very hard in our practice room and our stylist came at 2AM and asked me go to shopping for clothes with her. I asked her why we were going shopping in the middle of the night and she told me that our CEO was going to cut me from the team if she couldn’t fix my fashion style in a week. I almost didn’t become a Big Bang member because I couldn’t wear clothes well.”

He showed his thanks for his stylist by saying, “My stylist worked really hard at that time. She continued to work really hard and so I’m here now.”

Seungri got his moment of spotlight when he revealed, “When I was carrying out my solo promotions, I found my own style. After that, my poses [for photoshoots] became more varied.”

Credits: Nate
Translation via Allkpop

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