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Saturday, 21 May 2011

4minute talks about their relationship with BEAST

4minute recently shared some stories during an interview about their close relationship with their fellow Cube Entertainment group, BEAST.

As BEAST prepared for their comeback stage on Music Bank, 4minute was asked about their relationship with their label mates and revealed, "We treat them like our real brothers." During the interview, 4minute confessed, "As BEAST's popularity continues to grow, and with lots of female fans around, we would often be worried about them being noticed by fans for being too close with us and then have us involved in scandals."

"However, the problem is that their fans would view us not like any other girl groups but as BEAST's sibling group. We were just surprised when some of their fans would say things like, 'If ever you'll be involved in any scandal, we'd prefer you doing it with the 4minute unnies (older sisters)," the girls continued while laughing.
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4minute and BEAST are from the same agency, Cube Entertainment. Although 4minute debuted a little earlier than BEAST, the fact is undeniable to fans that they have such a tight friendship.

4minute continued, "BEAST's fans have this easy mindset about us. Our fans would even pressure us that if ever we will ever have joint-stages like what we do for Gayo Daejuns or year-end specials, we should do it with no other boy group other than BEAST."

Meanwhile, 4minute has finished promoting their youthful and cute title-track track “Heart To Heart” and has passed the baton to BEAST, who are making their comeback this week with their title track “Fiction."
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Source: 4-Minute and Seoul NTN News

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