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Sunday, 15 May 2011

2NE1's album's successes are ''Walking on Top of the Roof''

Girl group 2NE1 has started off what it looks to be another hit with their comeback.

2NE1’s new track “Lonely” got into the number 1 spot in 9 music websites the moment it was released and is still holding onto that spot.

Whenever songs are popular on Melon, people use the phrase “the song’s popularity is through the roof” since the graph shows the popularity going to the top in no time, but since 2NE1 is still holding onto their ranking, some are saying “the popularity of 2NE1 has gone through the roof and is walking on the roof.” Not only that, “Lonely” was the most searched keyword in various search engines and the MV even got to the most watched video on Youtube’s kpop section.

This successful comeback can be seen as the success of YG’s marathon comeback strategy. This strategy is basically releasing a new tract every 3 weeks, and the track before Lonely was Park Bom’s Don’t Cry.

Riding on the success of Don’t Cry, 2NE1 was able to get to the top spot after 3 weeks. This will, in turn, turn the attention to the song that will be released 3 weeks from now.

Another reason for this success is 2NE1’s sudden change in music style. 2NE1, who stood out amongst other girl groups with the charismatic music, changed their style to be more soft and smooth. 

Source Via : News Naver
Credits: askactor

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