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Thursday, 2 February 2012

[Spoiler] “Wild Romance” Airs SNSD Jessica’s “Wine Kiss” with Lee Dong Wook

[Spoiler] “Wild Romance” Airs SNSD Jessica’s “Wine Kiss” with Lee Dong Wook

As reported earlier, KBS drama “Wild Romance” aired the highly-anticipated kiss scene between SNSD’s Jessica and Lee Dong Wook on tonight’s episode.
It begins with Kang Jong Hee (Jessica) coming to Park Moo Yul’s (Lee Dong Wook) house with a bottle of wine. While sharing a glass of wine, Jong Hee notices the necklace around Moo Yul’s neck, and asks, “You still had it?” They talk about their past when they were forced to part ways. Moo Yul asks, “Why are you giving up art?” but Jong Hee asks back, “Did you ever want to quit baseball?”
Moo Yul responds, “There were times when I thought about it…when you told me you wanted to break up.” As Jong Hee asks how tough it was, Moo Yul says, “I thought I was going to die.”
Moo Yul asks again, “So how did you feel?” Jong Hee only says, “What do you think I felt like?” as they move closer to each other for an intimate kiss scene.
Because of the wine they were sharing before the kiss, Korean press has already dubbed this scene as the “Wine Kiss” moment. You can enjoy the scene below!

cr : soompi

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