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Thursday, 15 December 2011

TVXQ reveal the secret to their success in Japan

In the December edition of Japanese magazine, ‘PRESIDENT‘, TVXQ revealed the secret to their big success in Japan.
They especially focused on succeeding in a different country with a different language. Changminstated, “We’re no exception, but there are cases where Korean men tend to be intensely self-concious between their true selves in reality, and also their self-confidence in an ideal situation. The charm of TVXQ is that, we worked with the colors and characteristics that are so unique to Koreans and while working so hard to learn and adapt to Japanese culture, it naturally became a positive characteristic.”
Yunho also stated, “In order to gain love from the people, we couldn’t do anything else but work really hard to the point where you feel like you’re dying.
In related news, TVXQ will be performing at the 62nd annual ‘Red White Team Concert’, a concert in which only the top stars make an appearance.
Source + Image: Newsen
credit: allkpop

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