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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Park Yoochun to become the next ‘Lee Seung Gi’ of endorsements

Actor and member of idol group JYJPark Yoochun, is being coined the ‘second Lee Seung Gi‘.
Park Yoochun recently filmed a TV commercial for a new ramen product produced by a famous company. The highlight of the commercial is when Yoochun captivates his lady fans with his killer smile and whispers, ‘kiss myun‘, playing on the name of the product. Netizens who saw the CF remarked, “How can I not buy that ramen“, “He’s so sweet. Going to buy ramen right now“, and more.
Yoochun has also endorsed popular game consoles as well as pharmaceuticals brands with his fellow JYJ members. The fact that he has been endorsing a wide variety of products proves that the advertisement industry has taken notice of him.
The reasons why he was able to be successful as a sole advertising model separate from his JYJ members is due to his healthy and sweet image. A representative from an advertisement agency informed OSEN on the 20th, “Yoochun does not have a unique face that necessarily stands out, but his face looks natural and healthy. He is an effective model because he is highly popular as a member of JYJ and he appeals to the young consumers in their teens and 20′s.”
Another advertisement source remarked, “He broadened his fan base after he started acting, appealing to not only teens but viewers in their 30′s and 40′s. There are a lot of cases where large corporations select him as their first choice when it comes to a CF model. It seems like he has been continuously receiving a lot of proposals.”
Yoochun seems to be second to only singer Lee Seung Gi who is the current ‘king of CF’s with his wholesome, likeable image. Just like Seung Gi is endorsing a wide range of products from clothing to food, the advertisement industry reportedly sees the same potential in Yoochun to be well-received by consumers of all ages.
Source & Image: OSEN
credit: allkpop

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