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Thursday, 1 December 2011

JYJ sells out 70,000 special edition copies of ‘In Heaven’

On November 30th, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that JYJ has sold out 70,000 copies of their special edition ‘In Heaven‘ album.
A representative stated, “Back in September, JYJ’s album sold 250,000 copies, even though they were still restricted from broadcast. After releasing their special edition of the album earlier this week, all 70,000 copies have been sold out.
C-JeS Entertainment stated that this special edition album included remixes of “Get Out” and “Heaven“, which were two of the most popular songs on JYJ’s latest world tour.
JYJ expressed, “We feel that the remix versions are more meaningful because they are all self-composed songs. For those who want an emotional winter at the end of this year, these songs have been revived so that they can be comfortably listened to in a close party setting with friends.
The remix versions of “Get Out” and “Heaven” were released on December 1st through various music websites such as MelonDosirakBugs, and Cyworld.
In related news, JYJ recently unveiled a special pictorial through ELLE magazine, aiming to help raise awareness on a charity project for children in Sudan. The group now plans to take a break from working.
Source: Star News via Naver
credit: allkpop

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