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Thursday, 15 December 2011

IU shares a sweet video message with fans!

Just a few days ago, IU left a sweet video message to her fans via StARCALL.
The adorable idol said, “Hello everyone, after ending all my schedules today, I stopped by my company’s library just to leave you guys a video message. As you can see this is my company’s library. It looks nice right? It looks like someone knew that I was coming and you can see pictures of me and even the computers mouse pad is a picture of me!  It sure looks like IU’s company right? I wanted to stop by to leave a message before heading home to sleep. It’s so cold out right! Please dress warmly like me! Goodnight~ mwah”
Connect with IU and many other stars through the StARCALL application, where you can receive video updates from your favorite celebrities in real time. Currently, StARCALL offers videos from IU,SNSDSuper JuniorSHINee2PMf(x)BoA2AMF.T. IslandSECRETSISTARU-KISSZE:A,RainbowJewelryTEEN TOPTOUCHBrave GirlsB1A4Boyfriend, and Sunny Hill.
StARCALL is a brand new K-Pop application where fans can receive video calls from their favorite stars in real-time, as well as send video messages to the stars.
In addition to sending and receiving video messages, you will be able to read news updates fromallkpop on your favorite stars, as well as their social network updates, and even leave comments for them on their respective sections.
Fans have already left thousands of comments for the stars to read, as well receiving and sending many video messages to each other. The application is available for free download on both the Android and iOS platforms, so what are you waiting for?
Click below, or search for “StARCALL” on either the iTunes or Android Marketplace to download it and start receiving video calls from your favorite K-Pop stars!

credit: allkpop

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