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Thursday, 22 December 2011

IU reveals her experiences with ghosts

Singer IU shocked the guests on the set of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ by revealing she had seen ghosts in the past.
On the episode that aired on December 20th, IU remarked that she had seen a ghost while recording her new song, “You & I“.
There was a small argument with the song composer, so we temporarily put the recording session on hold. I saw that my manager headed into the recording booth, but when I checked, there was no one in there. He came out of a completely different room,” she said, shocking everyone on set.
And when I was sleeping at the dorms while recording “Good Day“, I experienced a ghost that would whisper “I love you” and blow into my ear. I saw the ghost in my dream later on, and he was very handsome,” she continued.
She especially scared everyone on set when she described another ghost she saw. “I had a dream in which Seo In Young unni kept walking towards me laughing in her high pitched tone. I suddenly had a feeling that this wasn’t a dream. I opened my eyes and saw a girl sitting next to my bed. Her hair was disheveled and wore baggy old clothes. She was looking down, but at that moment, she lifted her head… and she was me. I was so scared and told the CEO that I really couldn’t stand living there anymore and that I even saw myself. So, he allowed me to go live at home.”
IU revealed that her labelmates Sunny Hill, is currently using her dorm, but they too also experienced the same ghost that whispers “I love you”.
Check out the episode below! (IU segment starts around 49:45)

Photo : XportsNews via Nate
credit: allkpop

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